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My Current Money Movements For Building Muscle Efficiently

I’ve explained money movements before.

Money movements are the optimal movements you use for each body part.

These rarely stay the same because bodybuilding is a journey.

This journey is one of constant self-discovery.

You’re always finding out something new about how your body works.

I’ve been at this over 10 years and I’m still figuring things out.

Here are my current money movements for each body part along with an explanation of each.

1. Chest

Money Movement: Heavy Incline Bench Press

Heavy incline presses will never go out of style. Big presses (at the right angle) will always build big chests.

2. Back

Money Movement: 1-Arm Hammer Strength Row Machine

This off-season I really wanted to wanted to implement as many unilateral rowing movements as possible. This movement is awesome for heavy weight and strict form. You can really emphasize leading with the elbows.

3. Quads

Money Movement: Slow, Heavy Back Squats

Squats are king. I’ve actually really improved my form on squats.

4. Hamstrings

Money Movement: Sumo/Squat Deadlift

This is a weird movement I started doing. It’s almost like a sumo deadlift except you’re empahsizing the squat downward. You contract the glutes and hams at the top of the movement.

5. Calves

Money Movement: Standing Calf Raises on the Cybex Machine

I don’t go all the way down on these; only to parallel.  emphasize the very top of the movement where I contract the calves. This is the first time I’ve done them like this.

6. Traps

Money Movement: Dumbbell Shrugs

I got away from doing these for a while. It feels good to do them again.

7. Abs

Money Movement: Ab Roller

I used the ab roller back in 2014. That’s when my abs looked their best. This is a superior movement because it works the entire abdominal region whereas crunches and other ab machines usually don’t do that.

The one I use is appropriately called the Sunny Health & Fitness Roller Slide.

8. Shoulders

Money Movement: Slow Dumbbell Laterals

Dumbbell Laterals hit all three heads. When you do this movement slow, it helps build those 3D delts. 

9. Biceps

Money Movement: Heavy 1-Arm Concentration Curls

Slow, heavy concentration curls are a great overall movement for the biceps. They also really help build those peaks.

10. Triceps

money movements

Focus on the green circle. Normally, you would put you feet on that to help lighten the load on pull-ups.
I stand up and push down on it with my hands to use it as a tricep movement (the best one ever).

Money Movement: 1-Arm Pushdowns on the Cybex Pull-Up Machine

This is a movement I invented myself. This is my favorite exercise of all time for any body part.

When you push down, you all 3 heads of the tricep immediately feel the movement. Honestly, you could do 5-6 slow, controlled sets of this movement and be completely done with triceps.

11. Forearms

Money Movement:  1-Arm Cable wrist curls

Do this movement with your palms face upward. Feel the entire forearm working this movement. This is a great movement for building thick, strong forearms.

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  1. Safy
    February 7, 2017 at 3:46 pm — Reply

    Heavy Dips and hammer strength incline press = a Gorilla mindset Chest

    • February 8, 2017 at 8:11 am — Reply

      For now… It will probably change in a few months.

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