12 Feb 2018

100 Night Game/Party Scene Situations (And How to Deal With Them)

These are in no particular order. I wrote these out rapid fire style. These 100 night game/party scene situations are based off of my observations (and experiences) over the years. My goal in writing this is that it will serve as a reference for those of you who want to know what

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05 Feb 2018

Awakening Beauty: An Illustrated Look at Mankind’s Love and Hatred of Beauty (Book Review)

Awakening Beauty is the first book written by Dr. Anthony Napoleon but arguably his best. It covers everything you could possibly know about the unconditional love and seething hatred mankind has for beauty. By now, you know that Dr. Anthony Napoleon is one of my favorite authors of all time.

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29 Jan 2018

12 Signs a woman will get back with her ex

We still live in an age when relationships, “things”, or whatever you want to call them are as transient as night and the day. It’s fleeting. New “flings” start before the old ones start. Men have come to accept their role as replaceable. Women are deluded into believing that they are

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18 Dec 2017

How to Stop Being a Pushover Forever

The purpose of this article is to give you the actionable advice you need to stop being a pushover forever. But first, I want you to answer a few questions. Do you go with the flow even when you don’t want to? Do you reluctantly say “yes” when you really want to say

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06 Dec 2017

Last Minute Resistance | How to Close “On-the-Fencers” with 9 magical questions

Last minute resistance. We’ve all been there before. You bring a chick back to your place. You like her. She likes you. You are all alone, just the two of you. Everything is perfect. Maybe you have made out. You may have already began to pleasure each other in other

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16 Oct 2017

Think and Go Hustle Review

– From the mind of Sonny Arvado (November 11, 2013) “I don’t know what to do. I’m lost. What the fuck happened? It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. I feel trapped because I have no money and no options. I can’t even get a job. Why can’t I get

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10 Oct 2017

Dearcatcallers Instagram Exposes the War on Men

This article is a case study on the Dearcatcallers Instagram account. What is Dearcatcallers? #dearcatcallers #catcalling #catcallers #feminism A post shared by dearcatcallers (@dearcatcallers) on Aug 29, 2017 at 6:29am PDT Dearcatcallers (@dearcatcallers) is an Instagram account that was started in August 2017 by a 20-year old student from Amsterdam

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25 Sep 2017

How to Be a Charisma King in a World of Personality Peasants

Charisma… We’ve all heard that the key to getting girls and friends is to have charisma. But charisma is a rather vague term. Most people don’t really know what it is other than it’s that magic “something” about someone that you can’t quite put your finger on. Spoiler: When someone

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19 Sep 2017

The Strength By Sonny Shop is Now Open

The Strength By Sonny Shop is now open! The Strength By Sonny Shop is an opportunity for you to purchase digital products that are not readily available on the site. As of now these products are specifically focused on bodybuilding but in time, they will include products in every realm of men’s

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18 Sep 2017

The Of Tyrants & Tellers Diet is now available for purchase!

The Of Tyrants & Tellers Diet is now available for purchase. The process of writing Of Tyrants & Tellers changed me in many different ways. However, the biggest change for me was truly being able to get in touch with my creative spirit. I was so inspired that in addition

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