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16 Jan 2018

Put in the work. Shock the world.

“Put in the work. Shock the world.” Every year right around this time, the health and fitness world begins to return to a state of normalcy. On January 1st (the beginning of the New Year), everyone makes the commitment to a new beginning. They have big plans for the New Year!

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15 Jan 2018

Always Bet on Yourself

“Always bet on yourself.” People love to gamble but they HATE to bet on themselves. Both men and women are guilty of this. When people think of FREEDOM, they often think about financial freedom where they never have to work another day again. However, this is not real freedom because many of

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08 Jan 2018

What’s stopping you from getting big and strong in 2018?

The time for excuses is OVER!!! There are zero reasons why you are not on your way to becoming a big, strong motherf*cker. It’s the New Year. It’s time to take responsibility for your health and fitness once and for all. Don’t be like everyone else living in MAYBETOWN. You

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03 Jan 2018

How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet With 2 Simple Words

I’ll save you all the trouble of reading a bunch of sappy B.S. New Year’s woo-hoo garbage. I don’t have any inspirational quotes to artificially make you feel special. I don’t have “10 secret steps” that you can follow for the next year that will insure you health, wealth, and happiness. What I

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18 Dec 2017

How to Stop Being a Pushover Forever

The purpose of this article is to give you the actionable advice you need to stop being a pushover forever. But first, I want you to answer a few questions. Do you go with the flow even when you don’t want to? Do you reluctantly say “yes” when you really want to say

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13 Dec 2017

The Truth About STD Risk, Prevention, and Management

**This article is geared towards MEN. Females will have similar presentations but are prone to other STDS that are not discussed here. Refer to your physician for clinical judgment and the appropriate medications. Nevertheless, this article is geared towards all individuals who want to learn the truth about STD risk,

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11 Dec 2017

How to Write Out Your Destiny and Crown Yourself King (Featuring a Letter From February 05, 2014)

The title speaks for itself. You can do anything you want and you can have anything you want. This world is yours for the taking. Crown yourself king. Get out a piece of paper and start writing. The format does not matter. You can write a full-on letter to yourself.

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06 Dec 2017

Last Minute Resistance | How to Close “On-the-Fencers” with 9 magical questions

Last minute resistance. We’ve all been there before. You bring a chick back to your place. You like her. She likes you. You are all alone, just the two of you. Everything is perfect. Maybe you have made out. You may have already began to pleasure each other in other

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04 Dec 2017

99 Words For Living a Successful Life

I’m back baby. Better than ever before. It’s weird putting pen to paper for the first time in nearly 2 months. But that’s the secret. That’s how you stay fresh in this game. I want to tell you about all of the wonderful things I have been up to. In

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16 Oct 2017

Think and Go Hustle Review

– From the mind of Sonny Arvado (November 11, 2013) “I don’t know what to do. I’m lost. What the fuck happened? It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. I feel trapped because I have no money and no options. I can’t even get a job. Why can’t I get

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