25 Apr 2017

The #1 Way to Become a Wild Motherfu**er

I am a wild motherfucker and I’m proud of it. I just never could fall into a straight line like everybody else. If you ask anybody who has known me throughout the years, they would call me crazy. “He was always a little crazy.” “He’s fucking nuts.” “He’s a wild child.” But the

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15 Mar 2017

Grades and Girls: What Your Parents Never Told You About College [BOOK REVIEW]

This is a review of Seth Rose’s book, Grades and Girls: What Your Parents Never Told You About College. What’s up Monsters? It’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a book on here so I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about an interesting piece of work that found

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06 Sep 2016

Slashing Serpents

Slashing Serpents is a term I came up with that means cutting people off or eliminating people from your life. Slashing serpents is essential to growing as a person. Cutting people off is inevitable if you’re on the road to winning. It’s sucks but you have to be selfish. You have to

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06 Jun 2016

Dr. Anthony Napoleon Shadow Men Book Review

Shadow Men is one of those once in a lifetime books. There’s no other way to put. Once you read it, your whole reality and perception of truth will change. It did for me. There’s a reason why you have not seen or heard from me in a while. The

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31 Mar 2016

What D’Angelo Russell Secretly Videotaping Nick Young Teaches Us About Masculinity Today

I try to stay away from gossip but this is a story that needs to be explained. D’Angelo Russell is a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Coming out of Ohio State, he was the #2 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. For the past few years, the Los

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21 Mar 2016

Sonny Sees a Clairvoyant

Click play or go to iTunes to download. Right after the New Year, I saw a clairvoyant. This is different from a psychic: A psychic is able to see in to the past or future. They also have the ability to draw on another person’s thoughts. Psychics have the ability

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17 Feb 2016

How to Defend Yourself in The Land of the Free

This is the story of how I got a free massage. It relates to my overall message on how to defend yourself in the land of the free. Today, I finished my work early so I decided to get a massage in Chinatown. When I walked in the place I pointed

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28 Aug 2015

Louis CK Capitalism Bit

Louis CK is one of my favorite comedians of all time (close call between him and Bernie Mac). For those of you struggling with the “how to be funny” aspect of social skills, start conditioning yourself by watching some of his stand up. I’ve watched all of his stand up

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24 Jul 2015

Sonny’s Guide to Post-College Social Life: (Part IV- The 4 Ways to Meet Girls)

Does dating get easier or harder after college? It’s an interesting question to think about. In my opinion, it gets harder. It gets harder because in most instances college is a closed system. A closed system is good because that means options are limited (for both sexes). In most college

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21 Jul 2015

Sonny’s Guide to Post-College Social Life: (Part III- The Importance of Small Talk)

A little while back I started a series on the ins and outs of developing a social life (or network) after college. Check out Part I and Part II if you have not already. This part is particularly important because it emphasizes the importance of small talk. Enjoy! What is

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