16 Jan 2018

Put in the work. Shock the world.

“Put in the work. Shock the world.” Every year right around this time, the health and fitness world begins to return to a state of normalcy. On January 1st (the beginning of the New Year), everyone makes the commitment to a new beginning. They have big plans for the New Year!

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20 Dec 2016

Strength By Sonny Private Group Recommendation

I think we can all agree that 2017 is going to be the best year yet. For all of us… You can just feel it. 2016 was great but this was really a year about loading up and developing a winning mindset. 2017 is all about action. The action will

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11 May 2016

The Best Game Plan is to be YOUR BEST

Here is a testimonial from one of our longtime readers and active contributors within the SBS Private Community, Milun. Milun is one of those guys that already has all of the tools to succeed in numerous areas of life. For him, “getting it” is not so much a transformation but

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08 Mar 2016

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- Change Your Mindset. Change Your Identity.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with an awesome guy from Germany named Andreas. Andreas hit me up during the holidays to work with me over Skype. I really enjoyed working with him because he did a lot of preparation prior to our sessions. He was very specific with what

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24 Nov 2015

Holiday Special: 50% Off All Skype Consultation Packages

The holidays are upon us and now more than ever is the time to start slowing down. Relax. Take it easy. It’s the end of the year. Just rest. You deserve it. Or maybe… now is the time to start silently planning. Maybe now is your time to start creating an

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08 Oct 2015

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- Versatility is the Name of the Game

There are many things that differentiate Strength By Sonny from all others. However, there is one special element that truly highlights the Strength By Sonny brand and that is… VERSATILITY. Strength By Sonny is a very versatile resource. We have a wide range of advice that no one else (no

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05 Oct 2015

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- Does less mean more?

People are quick to label me an “anti-PUA” guy… In reality, I’m just a guy who likes to keep things simple. I know what works. I know what has worked for me. I know what has worked for my mentors. I know what has worked for my peers. I know

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02 Aug 2015

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- How Sonny Got Me Shredded to the Bone

This Strength By Sonny Testimonial has been a long time in the making. It’s Cam’s story on how he got shredded to the bone after working with me on/off for the past 2 years. The Cliff’s on Cam I first came in to contact with Cam over 2 years ago.

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23 Jul 2015

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- Getting Back to Basics

My consulting programs are one of a kind. Everyone talks about taking a bootcamp. Pick-up bootcamps are a ripoff. They are inefficient. Going out 3 nights a week and doing nothing but spam approaching will do nothing for you. You want a better lifestyle (including more quality in your dating

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09 Jul 2015

Strength By Sonny Testimonial- Getting It Done in College

This Strength By Sonny Testimonial is from my very first client that I worked with. His name is Bryce and I have been in contact with him for a little over a year now. Bryce and I have talked many times over Skype/phone with one goal in mind: ensuring that

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