17 Aug 2017

The 3 Best Arm Exercises According to Of Tyrants & Tellers

These are the 3 best arm exercises for me at the moment because they “work” for me right now. This could change next week. This could change months from now as explained by the #1 rule for bodybuilding success. Triceps Not only is this my all-time favorite tricep exercise, but

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14 Aug 2017

21 ways to bring up a lagging body part

One of the most frustrating things you will ever experience in the gym is when you realize that nothing is working. You’ve tried everything (or so you think) and nothing seems to click. You do all sorts of pressing movements but your chest remains flat. You do curls for the girls but

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30 May 2017

23 Health Tweaks I Have Made Since 2014

The path from stoppable to unstoppable is not a matter of life defining changes. It’s really all about skillfully implemented tweaks you make here and there along your journey. Nowhere is this more applicable than in the world of health and fitness. Many have looked to me as an expert since I

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07 Feb 2017

My Current Money Movements For Building Muscle Efficiently

I’ve explained money movements before. Money movements are the optimal movements you use for each body part. These rarely stay the same because bodybuilding is a journey. This journey is one of constant self-discovery. You’re always finding out something new about how your body works. I’ve been at this over

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08 Feb 2016

HIT Training Explained: Interview with Mr. High Intensity Markus Reinhardt

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview (and train with) one of the best personal trainers on the planet: Markus Reinhardt aka Mr. High Intensity. I had first learned about Markus from an interview he did two years ago. Luckily, Markus lives right down the road from me in Las

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03 Feb 2016

Invest in Yourself (Your Youth)

Invest in yourself. The most important investment you will make in life is in yourself. That’s right. There is no question about it. Your health (youth) is the single most important thing in the world. I have always been mindful of this. My father has always preached this message to

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06 Jan 2016

Rocky 4 Training Montage: The Most Inspirational Movie Scene For Beginners in the Gym

The Rocky 4 Training Montage Was My Early Inspiration. This article is about one my favorite movie scenes of all time, the Rocky 4 training montage. The Rocky 4 training montage inspired me to train and improve myself even before I started lifting weights. This competitive drive was mostly applied towards bettering myself

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04 Aug 2015

Find Your Wills Gym

Last night I saw the movie Southpaw, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhall as Billy Hope, the Light Heavyweight champion of the world. The plot begins with Billy on top of the world after

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The #1 Rule for Long-Term Bodybuilding Success

What is bodybuilding success? In the interest of keeping things simple, I’ll start off by telling you the most important rule you must learn early on if you are going to have consistent success in the gym. If you want know how continually makes gains and achieve your health/fitness goals

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