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11 Jul 2016

5 Conversation Starters to Get the Ball Rolling

We all agree that value is everything. I’ve already proved that and outlined how you can improve that. You already know the answer… Value Value Value That’s not the question. Most of you do not struggle with that all encompassing question… What do women want? I’ve found that guys tend to

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27 Jun 2016

10 Years Later… (10 Big Picture Ideas From 10 years in the Iron Game)

Today is a special day for me. 10 years ago my father signed me up for my very first gym membership. It was the day I entered the Iron Game. It was an exciting time for me because I knew I was beginning a journey. I wasn’t quite sure where

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08 Jun 2016

Strength By Sonny Update (June 2016)

What’s up guys? I’ve been very busy over the past few months. I’ve been working on a lot of different things (personal, health/mindset, new business). I have my hand in more than one cookie jar now. As far the book is concerned, it is nearly complete. However, it will not

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06 Jun 2016

Dr. Anthony Napoleon Shadow Men Book Review

Shadow Men is one of those once in a lifetime books. There’s no other way to put. Once you read it, your whole reality and perception of truth will change. It did for me. There’s a reason why you have not seen or heard from me in a while. The

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17 May 2016

The East Hampton Note

My new favorite phrase is: SECRET ADVANTAGE. It’s been on my mind for some time. I love it because it implies that you have something that no one else has. On top of that, no one knows what it is. It could be anything. The power often lies in keeping it

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17 May 2016

How to Bring Joy to Mudville (And Avoid The Disease of Chronic Losing)

There is a famous poem called “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Thayer. It reads: “The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville Nine that day; the score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play. And then when Cooney died at first, and Barrows did the same,

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11 May 2016

The Best Game Plan is to be YOUR BEST

Here is a testimonial from one of our longtime readers and active contributors within the SBS Private Community, Milun. Milun is one of those guys that already has all of the tools to succeed in numerous areas of life. For him, “getting it” is not so much a transformation but

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10 May 2016

The Rise of the Soft Incompetent, Hormones, and Trump

June 16, 1956 was a beautiful day for America. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. A mother was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. The son was using a bucket of soap and water to scrub the sides of his father’s car, a shiny red Chevy Bel Air. The father was hosing it

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09 May 2016


One of the worst things you can do for your game is to specifically move somewhere to “work on your game.” This is especially the case when you are young. Here’s why: When you pick up and move your entire life to a foreign country, you’re not solving the problem. You are

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24 Apr 2016

Thank You Las Vegas

I can’t believe I’m saying this so soon… Three years ago, I fell in love with you. I remember it so vividly. I was on a flight from Charlotte, NC. I had just finished school and had some free time before graduation. I had heard so much about you. I

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