17 Aug 2016

Winning Mental Culture

If culture is everything, then what kind of culture do you need to reach new heights? You must have a WINNING MENTAL CULTURE. A winning mental culture is everything. That is the key to all of this. Very few people have a sense of cultural awareness. Ask them to talk about

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09 Mar 2015

Building Your Personal Brand: You are a brand competing in the business of people.

Building your personal brand is everything. How valuable is it? I am not in the “self-help” or “self-improvement” business. I thought I was. Most self-help gurus on the Internet are posers and wannabe alpha males. They peddle cookie cutter motivational advice that is nothing more than pure mental masturbation. They

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02 Sep 2014

La Cosa Nostra: The 10 Laws of the Sicilian Mafia (and how they apply to you)

La Cosa Nostra’s foundation is built upon a law code of honor. What’s up guys? Hope you’re all doing well. I have previously written about the importance of establishing your own law code. Today, I just wanted to briefly show you the code that governs one of the most idolized

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14 Jul 2014

The Odessa Tapes: Part I (Create Your Own Law Code)

Standards… Do you have any? For the next 3 weeks, I am staying in Odessa, Texas. Odessa is a completely different world (especially for a native New Yorker). It’s way out in the Wild Wild West (about 6 hours west of Austin)… this is real Texas. I’m really at peace

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