09 Aug 2017

Bryce Harper Illuminati Tribute

Is Bryce Harper in the Illuminati? Bryce Harper has been a MLB superstar since he first came into the league in 2012. When he was 16, Sports Illustrated had already tagged him as the Lebron James of baseball. Like Lebron, expectations were always high and like Lebron, he has lived up

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08 Aug 2017

What is CNN Hiding?

This is a cartoon that was created by Ben Garrison. In typical Ben Garrison fashion, it shows the truth. As you can see, the image depicts McMaster and Petraeus as puppets who are controlled by George Soros. In turn, George Soros is depcited as a puppet who is controlled by

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09 May 2017

The Fear Economy is BOOMING

Crime! Disease! Disorder! Rape! Murder! Pedophilia! Terrorism! World War 3! These are the headlines that dominate the news. These are are the stories that the media has shoved down your throat for your entire life because there is a war on your mind. There always has been and there always will

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31 Jan 2017

The World is one big lie. Stop whining! | How do you move forward?

One day you wake up and realize that the world is one big lie. For some guys this happens at 18. Some truly “wake up” after college once they try to enter the work force. Others wake up when they’re a working stiff and their wife cheats on them. The majority

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11 Jan 2017

The Truman Show is the Realest Movie Ever Made. | Are we living in a matrix?

The Truman Show is a 1998 movie starring Jim Carey as Truman Burbank. (full plot summary) Truman is your average, happy-go-lucky, working professional. He’s just an ordinary guy… or so he thinks. Slowly but surely Truman begins to put the pieces together and realize that life is not what it seems.

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10 Jan 2017

Barbara Bush Mind Control

Barbara Bush is using hypnosis and mind control techniques in this video. Notice the crazy eyes that barely blink and the use of repetition to deliver a message. The Barbara Bush mind control techniques are an example of basic programming 101. The fastest way to control someone’s mind is by repetition.

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03 Jan 2017

Why are the Kardashians famous? (Decoding the Kardashian Psyop)

Why are the Kardashians famous? They are the among biggest stars in Hollywood and yet no one knows exactly why they are famous. They have no actual talent and yet they are dubbed as “America’s Royal Family.” But why? Most mainstream sources attribute Kardashian fame to them being so great or

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07 Dec 2016

Chemtrails Proof? Look to the Heavens! What are they dropping on us?

This is a video I recorded over the summer while I was driving. What are chemtrails are why are they important? For those of you unfamiliar with the term, chemtrails or chemtrail conspiracy theory this refers to the belief that long-lasting trails, so-called “chemtrails”, are left in the sky by high-flying

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05 Dec 2016

Think Like a Master. What would be your end goal? Here are 6 Hidden Agendas of the Secret Elite.

Imagine if humanity were contained inside a glass jar or a giant dome. You are the master. You are on the outside looking in. What would be your end goal? You would want control, enslavement really. You rule this realm. The masses have no idea who you are. Most of them

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