06 Oct 2015

A Summer of Sexts [Contains Over 50 Real Life Text Examples]

This is more of an entertaining post versus an instructional “how to post” where I explain how to do everything step by step. Instead, I’ve decided to open up and give you guys an insight in to my personal dating life. Rather than divide it in to sections/situations, I’ve decided

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08 Apr 2015

Gym Milf Text Screenshots

Here’s some old texts with a gym milf. Eventually, I’ll get to the whole how to text girls or “text game” concept. *** HINT: There is no such thing as “text game”. Below are some screenshots of my text exchange with a gym milf I hung out with a few times

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03 Jun 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VII (Minorities)

DO NOT LET YOUR RACE DISCOURAGE YOU. In this article, I will talk about the other non-white races. It will not be as in depth as the article on white chicks because white chicks are where I have my most experience. Have no fear. I still have a lot of

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26 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VI (White Girls)

Race ABSOLUTELY Matters. Race plays a big role in the dating realm. A chick’s racial background can heavily impact the amount of time it will take for you to bang her. YOUR race also plays a big factor on whether or not you even have a chance. I break it

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