06 Jun 2016

Dr. Anthony Napoleon Shadow Men Book Review

Shadow Men is one of those once in a lifetime books. There’s no other way to put. Once you read it, your whole reality and perception of truth will change. It did for me. There’s a reason why you have not seen or heard from me in a while. The

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12 Apr 2016

16 Fishing Lessons I Learned From My Uncle (And How They Help Me Get Chicks)

Women and fishing are one in the same. After all, what’s the number one thing friends say to a guy when he’s having trouble moving on from a relationship? “Hey cheer up bro.” “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” We’ve all heard that expression before. What many guys don’t

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31 Mar 2016

What D’Angelo Russell Secretly Videotaping Nick Young Teaches Us About Masculinity Today

I try to stay away from gossip but this is a story that needs to be explained. D’Angelo Russell is a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Coming out of Ohio State, he was the #2 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. For the past few years, the Los

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17 Feb 2016

How to Defend Yourself in The Land of the Free

This is the story of how I got a free massage. It relates to my overall message on how to defend yourself in the land of the free. Today, I finished my work early so I decided to get a massage in Chinatown. When I walked in the place I pointed

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18 Jan 2016

Improve Your Social Skills Working These Jobs (As a Young Adult)

I have emphasized the importance of social skills since the beginning of Strength By Sonny. Why have I done this? I have done this because communication makes the world go round. You must have social awareness and you must how to interact with people. That is the bare minimum to

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04 Jan 2016

Greek Business Owners and The Art of Precision

Why are Greek Business Owners so successful in America? It’s something I’ve always noticed. Growing up on Long Island, there were several occasions when I came in to contact with rich Greek kids who’s parents were very successful. They were usually in the restaurant (or food and beverage) business. I recently

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16 Oct 2015

Howard Stern’s Keys to Success

Howard Stern is the world’s most successful broadcaster and the undisputed King of All Media. He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has done shit his way since Day 1. Obviously, this guy knows something about success. He’s been living it for over three decades. I was browsing around

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24 Jul 2015

Sonny’s Guide to Post-College Social Life: (Part IV- The 4 Ways to Meet Girls)

Does dating get easier or harder after college? It’s an interesting question to think about. In my opinion, it gets harder. It gets harder because in most instances college is a closed system. A closed system is good because that means options are limited (for both sexes). In most college

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06 Jul 2015

Confidence: The Three-Headed Beast [And How to Truly Tame It]

Confidence is one of those vague topics that is covered in self-improvement 101. Everyone who is involved in self-improvement addresses confidence early on because they claim that it’s one of the most importance aspects of your mindset or “inner game.” They are correct. Confidence is key. The game becomes a

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07 Jun 2015

The Importance of Becoming a Man of Many Looks [Picture Examples Included]

Looks matter… and they matter all the time. It is often the case that people win/lose in the business of people before they even begin playing. The reason for this is because we live in a judgmental world. This is not me being a pain body. This is not me

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