18 Aug 2017

“Liberation” in One Picture

The Devil comes in many forms. In this case, he appeared in the form of “liberation.” You’re finally free from the oppression of the patriarchy. Life is so much better now that you are free, independent woman. Don’t you want to be just like your heroes on the MTV and

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13 Mar 2017

Of Tyrants & Tellers Explains the media’s war on testosterone and TRT | Here’s the real truth about testosterone.

Of Tyrants & Tellers will be the first book to detail the media’s all out war on masculinity as well as provide a laundry list of viable solutions for readers across the globe. Let’s make men men again. This book will offer the complete story on culture because it will

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02 Dec 2015

The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual Review

I’ve been working out and have been a student of bodybuilding for nearly 10 years. Since June 2006, I have tried every split and muscle building routine you can imagine. I’ve also read countless websites and magazine articles that supposedly give expert advice on bodybuilding. Most of these sources are redundant because

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09 Nov 2015

Fab Fit Over 40 Explains The Testosterone Deficiency Epidemic

What’s up everyone. My friend Jay’s long awaited book on testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy will finally be released within the next few weeks. More to come on that at a later time. For now, take a look at his awesome write up where he explains the realities of the

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17 Nov 2014

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Podcast with Jay of Fab Fit Over 40

Are you ready? My good friend Jay from Fab Fit Over 40 has been absolutely slugging away at an important project on the topic of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In fact, in our recent conversations, he has repeatedly referred to it as his life’s work. It’s that important. I can

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29 Aug 2014

Zinc: The Most Important Mineral for Men

Make sure your diet is chock full o’ zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that is naturally present in some foods and can be added to others. It is also available as a dietary supplement. It is essential for growth and development at all stages of life. It supports a healthy

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