25 Oct 2016

Text Screenshot Open to Close Breakdown [Screencast]

This is a text screenshot screencast where we break down everything that takes place from open to close via text. It might help to take notes when you watch the videos. Good luck! I’ve posted text screenshots before. Read those too: Summer of Sexts Gym Milf It’s one thing to

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24 Oct 2016

How to Text a Girl You Like- 30 Things To Know About Text Game

This article is for all of you who want to know how to text a girl. “30 Things To Know About Text Game” is a summarized guide based off of my experiences and insights I have developed over the years. Enjoy! 1. There is no such thing as “text game.” The whole concept

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06 Oct 2015

A Summer of Sexts [Contains Over 50 Real Life Text Examples]

This is more of an entertaining post versus an instructional “how to post” where I explain how to do everything step by step. Instead, I’ve decided to open up and give you guys an insight in to my personal dating life. Rather than divide it in to sections/situations, I’ve decided

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