11 Jul 2016

5 Conversation Starters to Get the Ball Rolling

We all agree that value is everything. I’ve already proved that and outlined how you can improve that. You already know the answer… Value Value Value That’s not the question. Most of you do not struggle with that all encompassing question… What do women want? I’ve found that guys tend to

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14 Apr 2015

20 Little Truths (Brought to You by Sonny & Eddie)

20 Little Truths is a father/son collaboration article. My father and I put a lot of thought and effort in to this. It’s the result of us sitting down together and talking for hours. 20 Blue Pill Lies was a solid start. 20 Red Pill Lies really made you wonder.

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09 Mar 2015

Building Your Personal Brand: You are a brand competing in the business of people.

Building your personal brand is everything. How valuable is it? I am not in the “self-help” or “self-improvement” business. I thought I was. Most self-help gurus on the Internet are posers and wannabe alpha males. They peddle cookie cutter motivational advice that is nothing more than pure mental masturbation. They

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27 Feb 2015

Becoming a Man with Pocket Treasures

Becoming a man is about one thing… RESPONSIBILITY. I know what you guys really want. In fact, I know what most readers within this realm really want deep down. You want to learn how to get girls. You want to learn how to improve your body. You want to learn

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21 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part V (Social Freedom)

So we have come to the final part of our “How to Become Good With People” series. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these up and I hope that you will find them helpful if you are currently struggling in the social aspect of your life. Even if you

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21 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part IV (The Ultimate Goal… Multi-dimensionality)

Why am I emphasizing getting good with people first? Why didn’t I just get into the thick of it by whole-heartedly focusing on the dating advice or even my own personal bodybuilding advice? It’s because I pride myself on doing things the right way and truly wanting to help people.

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13 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part III (Greasing the Wheels)

Ok fellas hopefully by now you see the importance of building a strong foundation… a strong foundation of people skills and social awareness. Because this is where that foundation really comes into play. Part I talked about using CliffsNotes to profile people so that you can have idea of what

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07 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part II (Conversations and Situational Awareness)

Part I laid the foundation for my series on “How to Become Good With People.” Remember, it is imperative that you judge a book by its cover and visually assess the person (or persons) you are speaking with. You cannot go into a conversation cold and just wing it without

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30 Mar 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part I (Use Your CliffsNotes)

Welcome to Part I of my “How to Get Good with People” series. This is my introductory article on the topic and it will cover my explanation on “using CliffNotes” when you are interacting with people, especially in the initial interaction. I keep emphasizing that guys must learn how to

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08 Mar 2014

Turn Back the Clock and BECOME A SOCIAL PERSON

What’s up guys? Hope everything is going well. Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site and read both Part I and Part II of my first article on game. I put a lot of effort into those and it truly was the best

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