22 Aug 2017

King’s Code: How to Build a Harem and Live the Life of a King [Review of Kyle Trouble’s Book]

What’s up fellas? You know me by now and you know that I have a general dislike of all dating products. Most of them are a complete scam because they are written by total frauds. I would never in a million years steer you guys towards a PUA or dating

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07 Mar 2016

Squattincassanova Las Vegas PUA Interview

Click play or go to iTunes to download. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Squattincassanova, one of the more popular pickup artists on YouTube. That’s one of the cool things about living in Las Vegas. You run in to people all the time. Since I moved to Vegas, I

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06 Sep 2015

The PUA Industry Revealed: Part IV (What the PUA Industry Knows About You)

Don’t get offended when I use the word “you.” “You” does not apply to every single person that reads this article. “You” simply refers to the typical guy that seeks out information from the PUA authorities/companies. “You” is the stereotypical guy who is susceptible to becoming so immersed in the

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06 Sep 2015

The PUA Industry Revealed: Part III (The Motivating Factors of PUA Gurus and Companies)

In the PUA Industry, you are the potential consumer. If you’re going to sink your time and money (and faith) into a particular industry, it is imperative that you look at things from the other side of table… those who provide you with the content (the actual PUA Industry itself).

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06 Sep 2015

The PUA Industry Revealed: Part II (The Main Concepts PUA Gets Wrong)

Part I and Part II of my original how to get girls write ups were a huge hit. In fact, they were largely responsible for me establishing my legitimacy early on. A poser could not have written those articles. They were too detailed. They were too realistic. They made too

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03 Jun 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VII (Minorities)

DO NOT LET YOUR RACE DISCOURAGE YOU. In this article, I will talk about the other non-white races. It will not be as in depth as the article on white chicks because white chicks are where I have my most experience. Have no fear. I still have a lot of

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26 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VI (White Girls)

Race ABSOLUTELY Matters. Race plays a big role in the dating realm. A chick’s racial background can heavily impact the amount of time it will take for you to bang her. YOUR race also plays a big factor on whether or not you even have a chance. I break it

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21 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part V (Blatant Physical Screening)

Chicks will either freak out or be VERY TURNED ON. It can be argued that blatant physical screening is the most difficult. Not really… you just gotta have the balls to do what you want and express your sexuality. I understand this might be difficult. I get it. Society seems

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14 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part IV (Playful Physical Screening)

Physical Screening should be PLAYFUL. It should not be mechanical. You should not be going through some sort of checklist in your head. Remember, logic does not carry much value at the table of attraction anyway (insert law link). Playfulness does though. When you touch chicks in a playful/fun way,

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12 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part III (Basic Physical Screening)

Talking will only get you so far. You MUST be physical. This is the important stuff, especially when it comes to finding out how down a chick potentially is. This series on screening is going to be a little bit longer (have more parts) because “physical screening” should be broken

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