08 May 2017

Katy Perry Illuminati | Why did Hollywood destroy her? How do they use her now?

It’s obvious that Katy Perry is an Illuminati puppet. That much is certain because all you have to do is look for the signs. The transformation of Katy Perry is amazing when you take into account what has transpired. She began her career as a Christian-rock singer named Katy Hudson. She

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05 Dec 2016

Think Like a Master. What would be your end goal? Here are 6 Hidden Agendas of the Secret Elite.

Imagine if humanity were contained inside a glass jar or a giant dome. You are the master. You are on the outside looking in. What would be your end goal? You would want control, enslavement really. You rule this realm. The masses have no idea who you are. Most of them

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24 Nov 2016

6 Rules for the Illuminati Puppet

You, the Illuminati puppet, did unspeakable acts to get where you are today. That was the deal. You sold your soul to the Devil and you will never get it back. Now be a good little slave and follow these 6 rules. Follow these 6 rules and you will enjoy

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