15 Aug 2017

How to Blow a Girl’s Mind By Having Staying Power in Bed

This best dating advice you will ever hear came from a comedic bit by Eddie Murphy in his special, Raw. Basically, he said that once you make a woman cum really hard, you have her for life. And it’s so true. You ask about ways to keep a chick? Well,

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07 Aug 2017

How to Run a Psyop on the Western Woman

In 1973, a movie called The Mack was released in a limited number of cities in the United States. Thus, due to it’s low distribution, it did not make a lot of money. However, it’s interesting to note that in the limited number of cities in which it was released, it actually outperformed

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24 Apr 2017

The Animal Conquers All He Sees- Say Hello to The Wild One

The Animal made a recent comeback and it was glorious. Maybe he’s back for good because I’m alive when I’m wild. Time will tell. I took a break from everything because I was too busy partying and fucking. Here’s a recap of what went down along with my thoughts and

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28 Feb 2017

Is That Hot Girl Really Just An Escort? | 15 Tell-Tale Signs A Girl F*cks For Money or “Gifts”

I remember it like it was just yesterday. Things were finally starting to turn around for me. My job hunt was over. I was finally leaving the nest for good. My new job started next month and I was in Austin checking out the city and trying to find a place to

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21 Nov 2016

My Final Thoughts on Dating and Relationships

I’ve talked about “game” on and off for almost 3 years. It’s old news. There’s nothing left to say. Strength By Sonny has covered everything there is to know on dating and relationships (within my level of experience). It’s time to move on and evolve as we finish 2016. That being said

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12 Apr 2016

16 Fishing Lessons I Learned From My Uncle (And How They Help Me Get Chicks)

Women and fishing are one in the same. After all, what’s the number one thing friends say to a guy when he’s having trouble moving on from a relationship? “Hey cheer up bro.” “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” We’ve all heard that expression before. What many guys don’t

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01 Mar 2016

How to Steal a Steak off the Devil’s Plate (12 Universal Traits of Men Who Date Out of Their League)

Do you know what it means to steal a steak off the Devil’s plate? It means to pull a fast one or beat the system. Check out this video I recently made (It relates to last week’s article). I recorded it a little while back but it’s gold. It takes

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06 Oct 2015

A Summer of Sexts [Contains Over 50 Real Life Text Examples]

This is more of an entertaining post versus an instructional “how to post” where I explain how to do everything step by step. Instead, I’ve decided to open up and give you guys an insight in to my personal dating life. Rather than divide it in to sections/situations, I’ve decided

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06 Sep 2015

The PUA Industry Revealed: Part IV (What the PUA Industry Knows About You)

Don’t get offended when I use the word “you.” “You” does not apply to every single person that reads this article. “You” simply refers to the typical guy that seeks out information from the PUA authorities/companies. “You” is the stereotypical guy who is susceptible to becoming so immersed in the

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06 Sep 2015

The PUA Industry Revealed: Part III (The Motivating Factors of PUA Gurus and Companies)

In the PUA Industry, you are the potential consumer. If you’re going to sink your time and money (and faith) into a particular industry, it is imperative that you look at things from the other side of table… those who provide you with the content (the actual PUA Industry itself).

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