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28 Jan 2014

The 5 Friends Every Guy Needs in College

A big topic I want this website to cover is all aspects related to life in college. Again, the world is a messed up place nowadays. There are too many options and there is just so much conflicting information telling kids to do so many different things. It’s no wonder why

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25 Jan 2014

How to Become Goal-Oriented Now

Don’t lie… You want to learn how to become goal-oriented now. Now I’m not gonna front and be like one of those Internet gurus that tells you the key to success is believing in yourself. I’ll throw in an article here and there but for the most part… THAT’S ON

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The #1 Rule for Long-Term Bodybuilding Success

What is bodybuilding success? In the interest of keeping things simple, I’ll start off by telling you the most important rule you must learn early on if you are going to have consistent success in the gym. If you want know how continually makes gains and achieve your health/fitness goals

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