02 Jun 2014

The Pitfall of Routine: “I do the same thing but I never improve”

If you really get in the habit of paying attention to people, you will start to notice something. Most people honestly expect improvement without having to make any changes. They do the same thing every single day and just expect improvement to come to them. They are victims to the

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27 May 2014

The 5 Exercises That Will Pack on Muscle

Eventually, I will get hardcore into the bodybuilding and nutrition aspect of this site. I thought I would throw this little gem up that I wrote a while back. There is no best exercise or best routine that will guarantee you the results you want. There are however, several exercises

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26 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VI (White Girls)

Race ABSOLUTELY Matters. Race plays a big role in the dating realm. A chick’s racial background can heavily impact the amount of time it will take for you to bang her. YOUR race also plays a big factor on whether or not you even have a chance. I break it

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21 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part V (Blatant Physical Screening)

Chicks will either freak out or be VERY TURNED ON. It can be argued that blatant physical screening is the most difficult. Not really… you just gotta have the balls to do what you want and express your sexuality. I understand this might be difficult. I get it. Society seems

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14 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part IV (Playful Physical Screening)

Physical Screening should be PLAYFUL. It should not be mechanical. You should not be going through some sort of checklist in your head. Remember, logic does not carry much value at the table of attraction anyway (insert law link). Playfulness does though. When you touch chicks in a playful/fun way,

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12 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part III (Basic Physical Screening)

Talking will only get you so far. You MUST be physical. This is the important stuff, especially when it comes to finding out how down a chick potentially is. This series on screening is going to be a little bit longer (have more parts) because “physical screening” should be broken

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05 May 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part II (Verbal and Conversational Screening)

As we mentioned in Part I, screening is ultimately about profiling a chick so that you can come up with the best (most accurate) answer to the only question that matters… “What is this chick’s deal?” Part II is about answering that question through verbal communication… good old fashioned conversations

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27 Apr 2014

Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part I (The Only Question That Matters)

I told you we were just getting started… Welcome to Part I of Sonny’s Guide to Screening. With the series we are very much getting back into the dating/game section of our community. I’m thinking this might be a six part series (maybe more). This is big. It’s big because

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21 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part V (Social Freedom)

So we have come to the final part of our “How to Become Good With People” series. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these up and I hope that you will find them helpful if you are currently struggling in the social aspect of your life. Even if you

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21 Apr 2014

How to Become Good With People: Part IV (The Ultimate Goal… Multi-dimensionality)

Why am I emphasizing getting good with people first? Why didn’t I just get into the thick of it by whole-heartedly focusing on the dating advice or even my own personal bodybuilding advice? It’s because I pride myself on doing things the right way and truly wanting to help people.

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