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100 Night Game/Party Scene Situations (And How to Deal With Them)

These are in no particular order. I wrote these out rapid fire style. These 100 night game/party scene situations are based off of my observations (and experiences) over the years.

My goal in writing this is that it will serve as a reference for those of you who want to know what to do when a particular situation comes up.

My guess is that there is something for everybody down below. Enjoy!

1) Long line.

Grease the bouncer. Just throw him a 20.

2) A girl asks you to buy her a drink.

Use your judgement. If she outright asks, move on because she’s a little hustler. If you think there’s some attraction (and maybe even a shot to pull her home), just buy the drink. At worst, it’s a few dollars.

3) A girl you like is with a big group of friends.

Establish rapport and try to isolate. The easiest way to isolate is to offer to buy her a drink at “the other bar.”Big venues tend to have multiple bars.

4) A girl you like is with a dude.

Profile the dude. Profile their relationship. Do they have a sexual relationship? Or does he seem like just a friend? Either way, there’s no harm in going in. Ask them how they know each other. If it’s obvious they are in a relationship and he is clearly better than you, don’t waste your time.

5) A girl won’t give you her phone number when you ask for it.

This is low probability girl. If she pulls the “let me get your number” bullshit, move on. If she gives you her Snapchat or Instagram, grab it and move on. There’s a chance you can make it happen it eventually but the odds are low.

6) You hit it off with a chick early in the night but she’s not ready to pull right then and there.

This is a judgement call on your part. You will get more conformable with this decision as you get more experience because as you get more experience you will develop a better read of the situation.

There are 2 ways you can potentially get burned:

  1. You stay in there all night with her. You essentially throw all your eggs in one basket and bet the farm on that one chick. Sometimes it works  and the “waiting game” plays out. A lot of times it doesn’t and you hate yourself for giving up all the other opportunities. You are haunted by, “What if?”
  2. You grab the number and bounce. In doing so, you decide to cash out and play the field. When you do this, you run the risk of her going home with another dude. It sucks when you see that happen, especially when you know you’re going home empty handed at the end of the night. You also run the risk of her seeing you “game” other girls. This usually kills your shot with her in the future. Though with enough SMV and “salesmanship” there’s always a chance at saving it.

Based off of my experience, I would say more times than not it’s better to avoid #1. If she’s not ready to pull early in the night, it’s best to grab the number and bounce. Just keep her in the back of your mind. If you see a hot girl right by her/her group, you probably don’t want to run up on that chick right away.

Also, it might be a good idea to go in there again at a later time when she is more liquored up 😉

7) Box them out.

When the friend or beta male white knight is trying to cut your interaction short, physically box them.

Turn your back to them and block their point of contact. They are being rude to you (and their friend) why should you treat them like anything other than the annoying bug that they are.

This is very effective when you have the SIZE and FRAME to pull this off.

Start building that size and frame with these 2 programs:

Pure Strength “Hurting Bombs”


8) Guy tries to steal your girl.

Do not back down from conflict. Get right in his face and tell him to fuck off. If push comes to shove, take it to the street. A draw is better than a cucked loss.

9) Always move closer to the door.

You should always be thinking progressively towards getting the chick out the door and back to your place.

For instance, if you are on the second floor of a multi-level night club, don’t try to isolate her to the third floor. Bring her down to the first floor, or even better, back to your place.

10) Know when to “switch.”

This is something you must do when you are winging with a friend. When it’s clear that one of the girls favors one of you, you must switch.

It’s doesn’t matter who opened. You have to switch.

“But I opened the hotter one! I should get her!”

It doesn’t matter. If she’s digging your friend, you have to do the right thing and switch. The same goes for your friend.

You know what I’m talking about.

11) The 1 Guy/Multiple Girls Set.

Approach this like a shark.

This guy usually isn’t banging any of them and he usually doesn’t even have a shot.

He’s the beta male mother hen.

12) Hold it in.

Stay on your chick. Don’t go to the bathroom. If you go to the bathroom, don’t be surprised when you see other dudes swarming in like termites.

13) When it doubt, avoid other dudes on a solo mission.

If you’re out by yourself, everyone once in a while you will run into a dude who’s trying to score chicks just like you. He usually suggests you guys “team up.” Don’t do it.

14) Always pitch “the secret.”

100 Night Game/Party Scene Situations (And How to Deal With Them)

Getting laid should be treated like a drug deal. Use your voice to whisper.











Frame sex as your naughty little secret. Whisper in her hear.

“No one has to know.”

“Your friends will never find out.”

Don’t announce your intentions. Whisper them.

15) Cocaine is stunner candy.

This is a dirty little secret that PUA nerds will never know about.

In high school/college, weed and molly are the drugs of choice. In the high end nightclub scene, it’s all about the yayo.

*** I am not promoting this. It’s just a little golden nugget I’ve picked up over the years.

16) Just get the win.

This young men isn’t playing to win here. Though I believe his “instructor” made him take this picture for his own agenda.
No worries. He and other Asian/Indian men will love my new dating product. It will specifically help Asian/Indian men “win” in their dating lives. COMING SOON!


Don’t take pictures with girls. Don’t parade girls around to your friends.

I’ve seen too many guys over the years put validation first and it usually ends in catastrophic fashion.

Keep your moves simple and precise.

Just get the win.

17) “I have to let my friends know I’m leaving.”

This comes up once she has made the decision to go home with you.

Ideally, you should avoid any contact with the friends because as you all know the friends can completely destroy the pull.

First, you should tell her to just text them. If she complies, you’re home free. Get out of there.

If she insists, then you’re sort of left up to the mercy of the pack. Once in a while, one (or all of the friends) will prevent her from leaving. If this happens, you’re fucked.

However, most of the time, the friends will put you through the ringer and give you a quick inspection to make sure your’re not crazy. As long as you assure them you’re not crazy and that you’ll have her back in one piece, you should be home free.

18) Get her to put the phone away (politely).

Remember that scene in Lord of the Rings when it appears that Gandlaf defeats the Balrog? It falls off into the abyss and it seemed like they were home free. Right? Wrong.

In a last ditch effort, it used it’s whip to drag Gandalf down.

This is what the friends sometimes use the phones for.

This is more of a recent trend because chicks get hit up on every platform by everyone in their contact list.

Seriously, nothing is more annoying than pulling a chick home and having that annoying notification message go off every second.

And nothing is more annoying than having one message destroy everything.

Put the phone away.

19) Don’t try to punk Latinos.

Latino men have a lot of pride and are very territorial when it comes to their women.

They will throw down if you brush them off as pushovers.

20) Don’t try to pull to another venue.

Many guys try to pull to another venue or worse a diner. Don’t be a pussy.

Own it and go for the win.

21) Always pull with an agreement that you’re going to have sex.

Many PUA’s like to pull under the “we’re just going to hang out as friends” frame.

And you know what happens, they spend hours with a girl that they never fuck.

Make it clear that you’re going for the kill.

22) Avoid large group pulls.

After parties are great for drinking/doing drugs… not so much for actual fucking though :/

They make everything messy and it’s a logistical nightmare.

Just pull your chick.

23) Don’t go out to “work on your game.”

Go out to get laid.

24) Move fast.

Losers hesitate to make a move. Winners make a a move. However…

25) Know when to make your move.

Many guys make the mistake (usually out of pure nervousness) of going in right away.

Is that always the right move? No.

Sometimes you should wait and keep a particular chick in the back of your head. Then pounce when the moment is right.

26) Don’t linger.

Guys tend to linger when the set is dead. They either don’t know what to do or hope somehow/someway the circumstances will magically change.

They won’t. Get out of there.

27) “Pick-up” done right is not so much approaching as it is “tactical mingling.”

Chicks aren’t completely stupid and are very observant.

They will notice if you are an approach monster.

Don’t make it so obvious.

Make small talk and mingle.

28) Don’t force yourself to go out.

If you don’t want to go out, don’t go out.

29) Don’t be unreactive.

Unreactive guys get cucked. If you don’t like it when a dude tries to steal your girl, do something about it.

30) Screen the girl right from the beginning.

You see these more often when you’re a Don.

The last thing you want to do is find out 40 minutes into the conversation that she is not going to sleep with you (for whatever reason).

Read these articles to start learning more about “screening”:


31) A girl just broke up with her boyfriend.

This can go either way. If she was (still is) in love with him, it’s usually a no go. If she’s already over him, it’s usually easy pickings.

32) A girl has to leave early in the morning.

This is a low probability move. It’s better to move on.

33) Married woman.

If you are clearly a young stud and her husband is a low T cuck, you have a shot so long as this brand differentiation is made clear.

34) The dynamic duo.

Two chicks out on their own can be both a blessing or a curse.

It’s a blessing because you don’t have as many barriers to entry. You don’t have multiple friends blocking the interaction.

However, it definitely sucks when you and your girl hit it off and her friend is the awkward third wheel.

If you’re out solo, the best thing you can do is help her meet a dude. That dude essentially becomes a makeshift wing.

If you’re out with a friend (two on two), he has to be a “yes” for her.

The good news is that because you and your girl are linked up she is likely to lower her standards a little bit. But no matter what, that dude cannot be a hard no.

35) Every man for himself.

Some guys (usually the uninitiated) like to keep the group together, even when they have their chick down to pull.

Don’t do this. The more time goes on and the more dudes you factor into the equation the more likely something will happen that can fuck up your pull. Anything could happen:

  • Chick likes one of your friends.
  • One or more of your friends tries to steal the girl from you.
  • One or more of your friends tries to ruin it because of jealousy.
  • One of your friends says something stupid or embarrassing that damages your brand value.
  • Your friends make her feel like a slut and as a result she goes cold (and leaves).
  • Your friends make her get her friends so it becomes a giant cluster fuck where no one ends up getting laid.

There are many thing that can happen. You also have to be particularly mindful of the jealousy factor.

Your friends can get jealous if they see your success with women. Will they try to sabotage you? That’s not a risk you should take. Fuck that!

It’s every man for himself. Get your girl out of there and get the win. You can see your friends later.

36) A girl won’t let you get physical.

That means you need to back off. She’s either not down or she needs more time to get comfortable with you. Here are some common signs.

37) The cab (or Uber) ride home.

A lot of guys lose sight of #16 and as a result, they try to get overeager with the foreplay.

You don’t need to keep her stimulated. You don’t need to do anything dumb that will get you thrown out of the cab or make her change her mind.

Just get the win.

Do the bare minimum. Have your arm around her and make out with her a little bit.

That’s all you need.

38) The hottest girl in the place aka “the show stopper.”

My favorite snail trail of them all 😉

The show stopper typically has the most barriers to entry.

However, the same rules apply. Many guys believe they have to do something special to get the show stopper.

Nope. It’s a matter of being something special.

One thing I will say is that timing is more crucial with the show stopper. You typically won’t pull her early in the night because she usually doesn’t show up early.

36) Going out in groups.

Groups are good because they provide some sort of social proof.

However, at the end of the day, your group should improve your chances of getting laid.

You also must be prepared to “lose” your friends if you want to get laid.

37) Going out dynamic duo.

Your wing must be a “yes” for most women.

You’re better off going out solo than winging with a “no.”

Read this article for a detailed explanation on finding the right wingman.

38) Going out solo.

You can have success going out solo. It is more difficult though.

39) Your phone dies.

Your phone is a powerful tool. You can collect numbers. You can text leads.

When it dies, that aspect of “night game” is gone.

Win or go home.

40) “There is no next time. This is it.”

Guys naturally seem to understand the chaos of modern-day dating and especially, the flakiness of modern-day women.

Have you ever gotten a chick’s contact info and she assured you that it was a done deal, only to have her go radio silent when you hit her up?

It happens all the time.

Something always comes up. There’s always some sort of scheduling conflict or minuscule thing that throws everything off.

Most of the time, there is no next time. This is it.

41) Your place (or pull location) is far away.

Women are horrible at estimating units of measure.

Just fudge the numbers aka boost the stats.

If you live far away, say you live 5 or 10 minutes away.

Just keep her entertained/distracted and you should be fine.

42) When it doubt, just ask.

This is more so for newer guys who are in pick-up pergatory.

They’re not total social retards and can get girls to “like” them but they aren’t getting laid.

“What am I doing wrong?” You’re not taking the shot.

“How to ask her if she’s DTF?” You ask her.

“You’re really sexy. I would love to take you back to my place.”

If only it were the simple. A lot of times it is.

43) Be wary if she and her guy friend are eager to pull you.

Use your judgement. There is a dark, predatory element out there.

44) When to leave the venue.

You should leave the venue if you have talked to the all chicks you want to talk to and none of them seem down.

45) “I/we have to go to the bathroom.”

No they don’t. When they say this, don’t wait around. Move on.

46) Don’t drink too much.

Nothing is worse than letting “sloppiness” cock block you.

47) How to deal with the cock block(s).

The best way to deal with cock blocks is to not deal with them at all. This is why as you get more experienced, you learn to “cheat” by simultaneously isolating, screening for DTF, and projecting future logistics all at once.

48) Getting laid fast and efficiently.

Getting laid fast, efficiently, and frequently is a matter of doing 3 things very fast (meaning “right off the bat”). They are:

  1. Gauging interest (Screening for DTF)
  2. Isolating
  3. Projecting Future Logistics (What is it going to take to get this girl out of here?)

49) Have an idea of the venue layout.

Once you enter a venue, you should be looking for: high traffic areas, bars, possible isolation locations, etc.

50) Limit conversations with dudes.

It’s cool that you meet someone you have something in common with (or share a common interest with) but if he’s not helping you get laid, you have to cut the interaction short.

51) Avoid “death traps.”

Death traps are the parts of the venue that are a logistical nightmare.

Packed dance floors are an example of this.

52) Bringing a date you’ve haven’t closed yet.

I don’t recommend doing this unless it’s clear you both have a strong attraction to one another.

A lot of guys like to bring a date to show “off” to their friends. How’s that usually work out?

Remember, just get the win.

53) You’re consistently getting blown out.

I don’t get “blown out.” I get approached a couple times a day… even when I’m not dressed well.

If you’re consistently getting blown out, then at means you a currently a hard “no” for most chicks.

You have to improve your physical attractiveness.

If you are overweight, you need to lose weight.

If you are a skinny twink, you need to build muscle.

54) Distract the dude.

Due to chemical and cultural castration, men aren’t as sharp anymore and thus, are far less likely to recognize the scam being pulled on him.

Your wing is yapping his ear off about UFC. He’s wondering where his chick his. Your taking her deep in the back seat of your truck.

Skilled diversion can go a long way.

55) When someone tells you to stop or leave…

Just drop it and leave. No need to get your jaw broken on the dance floor.

56) If the place is a sausage fest, you should leave.

Don’t waste your time “competing” in a venue filled with 50 losers doing cold approach. Go some place else.

57) The choice.

If you meet a DTF chick, you should play it safe and take her home. This is assuming that doing so doesn’t represent a severe lowering of your standards.

A lot of pickup kids think they will “do better” later in the night. They usually don’t. In fact, they typically get burned when they see that sure thing go home with another dude.

58) You see a fuckbuddy out.

It depends on the boundaries you guys set. Don’t get too possessive if you guys aren’t exclusive.

Personally, I think it’s best to avoid them because any little drama can ruin what was once a good thing.

59) You see your ex out.

If she’s with hot friends, say hi…

60) You see a prospect out.

This is a girl that you had already planned on seeing. This situation sucks because there is no middle ground in how you should deal with it.

  1. You play it safe and avoid her– In doing so, your plans/any attraction she had for you should theoretically remain unchanged. Just make sure you go under the radar and she does not see you.
  2. You go in– This involves the most risk/reward. Can you pull her and seal the deal right then and there? You could but it’s not likely. You run the risk of fucking it all up. Any weakness in your brand’s value can be exposed. Basically, you run the risk of having her think less of you after this interaction.

61) Leaving on “good terms.”

I see this happen when less experienced guys too where they leave on good terms (got number, chick is very interested, etc) and they decided to go back in for whatever reason.

You don’t need to go back in. Leave it and move on.

She likes you. Don’t ruin it.

62) Physical attraction beats game all night long.

Nothing hooks a girl more than raw sexual attractiveness.

Any one of these downloadable PDF’s will help you improve your physical attractiveness.

Click here.

63) The #1 way to consistently “hook sets”

See #61.

64) Getting laid as a regular.

There is a certain status associated with being a regular at a venue.

Use it to your advantage.

65) Avoid cops, bouncers, and other authority figures.

They can be assholes who cock block you for no reason.

66) Always have a condom.

You don’t want a “yes” to turn into a hard “no” because you were unprepared.

67) Use your judgement when raw-dogging.

In general, you want to avoid raw dogging chicks with excessive body modification, such as tattoos.

68) When in doubt, accumulate as much “evidence” as possible in case one of these chicks wants to cry wolf.

Save texts. Save screenshots. Take video evidence. Keep those receipts handy.

The legal system has failed men time and time again.

Society also likes to take the word of women and assume that they never lie.

How’s that work out?

68) Don’t bank on the anomaly.

Everything that’s supposed to happen tends to happen. Observable reality is reality.

The game becomes predictable after a while. You learn not to bank on the anomaly. However…

69) Be ready for anything and everything.

There’s always something sort of wild card that gets thrown into the mix.

70) Slumps.

Slumps all follow the same universal law.

When you are in a slump, you have to stop thinking about it and take a break.

71) The best nights.

The best nights tend to happen when you really should not have gone out in the first place.

72) Saving it.

You fucked up a sure thing. How do you save it?

It’s usually a matter of addressing whatever she had an issue with or painting a picture of a favorable future.

73) Theft protocol.

When you plow a lot of girls, you learn that not all women are created equal.

Some are good. Some are shitheads.

You should have a designated theft protocol.

Usually, the first thing a chick will do upon entering your place is use the bathroom.

When she does that, hide your phone, i-pod, keys, wallet, jewelry, and sunglasses some place safe.

74) Always be aware of your surroundings.

This is common sense.

75) Time.

Time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. You decide.

76) Volume is the key to “freedom from outcome.”

You’re far more likely to care about a chick if she’s the only one you talked to all night versus talking to twelve chicks.

77) How to text leads if you don’t pull.

This is where having less alcohol in your system helps. You want to know (and remember) as much about your leads as possible.

How you text leads is entirely dependent upon the vibe when you were with her in person.

The majority of your efforts should be placed on chicks that were down but just couldn’t pull for whatever reason (usually her cunty friends).

78) When to go for broke.

Nothing should hold you back if either one of you are tourists. Fuck it.

79) Playing “sitter.”

Once in a while, a chick is actually down to fuck but she has to make sure her friend gets home safe. Actually, I’ve see this situation become more common if it’s two sisters.

In my experience, it’s actually better to wait these out. Something catastrophic ends up fucking this one up.

  • lose each other
  • they get pulled together
  • they get pulled separately
  • phone dies
  • dropped phone

Abso-fucking-lutely not. If she’s really hot, you might want to stay.

80) You vs. the wolves

They smell fear and weakness.

Numbers are often king meaning the bigger crew often can and will steal your girl(s).

So how do you defend yourself from this?

How do you ward off 5 dudes trying to steal your chick?

By being physically dominant and masculine.

No one fucks with the high testosterone killer.

81) You are always the odd man out (you’re always the one without a chick).

This typically means:

  1. You’re not quick or sharp enough.
  2. You’re the runt of the litter.

Either way, you have to fix this.

82) A chick goes “cold” on you.

She liked you and was receptive in the beginning. But now she’s not as interested. What happened?

Usually, it means you didn’t move fast and strike while the iron is hot.

Experienced guys know this which is why they have mastered #48.

You have to lead, move these chicks around, and isolate.

You have to be aggressive and show these chicks that you are not afraid to be sexual with them.

“Stalling” dries chicks up like the Atacama.

83) A girl’s phone.

These girls are always on their phones and are bound to check them during the initial interaction.

Use it to your advantage. A person’s screensaver tells a lot about them.

Usually you can catch a glimpse.

If her phone screensaver is a picture of her and a guy, it’s probably her significant other. Thus, it’s probably a low probability move and you will want to “switch”/move on.

If her phone screensaver is of a little kid, it’s probably hers. This might be a dealbreaker for you.

84) Picking the “wrong” chick.

You ever go out with your wing(s) and you end up getting stuck with the non-DTF chick?

It sucks right?

This is why it’s important to harness your ability to read situations and project future outcomes.

Look for rings. Assess body language. Listen to the conversation. Take note of chick’s with body modification. Keep #83 in mind.

Be sharp and move.

Yes, there is an unstated competition between you and your wing(s).

“Bro, how’d you know to go for that chick?!!”

A magician never reveals his secrets.

85) Don’t pick the “center of attention.”

Birthday girls and bachelorettes are the center of attention.

The night is all about them and they are the most heavily guarded.

Never say never but it’s usually a low probability move.

86) Avoid bachelorette parties.

These are “girl’s night out” on steroids.

There is usually a much higher probability move in the venue.

87) Small town game.

Small towns are not the ideal place to go out and bang a lot of chicks.

You definitely need to use all of the tools at your disposal (like social media) to see where people are going to be and project future outcomes based on programmable behavior.

For instance, if you just fucked a chick for the first time on a Wednesday night and plan on keeping her on the payroll, is it a good idea to go to same venue as her the next night? Probably not.

The same goes for new leads. Should you go to the same venue as the chick that you have a date planned with just a few nights later? I don’t think so.

Small town “game” requires a greater sense of awareness and “resourcefulness” in my experience, especially in the Digital Age.

88) The 2 cardinal sins between wingmen.

The two cardinal sins between wingmen include trying to steal your wing’s girl or actively trying to ruin his chances of getting the girl.

So don’t do either one of those.

“I didn’t know” and “Oops” don’t cut it.

89) College bars.

College bars are a lot different now than when I was in school.

They are essentially gatherings where everyone is preventing everyone from getting laid.

This is largely due to irrational fear created by the media.

“Gaming” college bars is largely a matter of picking your battles especially if you don’t actually go to the college.

However, all of the fundamentals that we have talked about so far apply. Isolation becomes very important because that’s the only way to have meaning conversations that “stick.”

90) Be mindful of the herd mentality.

Women don’t really make decisions on their own. They simply follow the pack or the herd.

Isolation is how you get them to snap out of this (and into your reality).

91) Strong eye contact is the best “opener.”

It draws women in and shows that you are a dominant man.

92) The best place to “start” your night.

The best place to start mingling with people is at the bar where people are waiting for drinks.

It’s the beginning of the night.

93) The most important thing is that you’re having fun.

This should not be viewed as a job or a “craft.”

Going out to get laid should be something fun you do with your friends.

If you’re not having fun, it isn’t worth it.

94) This is just one aspect of your life.

Always remember that. There is a lot more to life than going out all the time to get laid.

95) Bruce Lee: “Be like water.”

It’s true.

Other than putting forth the most attractive package possible, there are no rules.

Sure things can become uncertainties.

Anomalies can become a frequent occurrence.

Anything can happen. Be prepared and react in the moment.

96) Just be yourself isn’t bad advice.

A lot of guys (mainly due to upbringing) just don’t have an idea of they are just yet.

It’s fine. Let it come with time.

The worst thing you can do is try to take various personality traits/tactics from your favorite PUA’s and smash them together like letters in ransom note.

As you get more experience, you will develop a better sense of yourself. Becoming the best version of yourself is a matter of building out from there.

97) If you run out of things to say…

If you run out of things to say, you simply haven’t live enough.

Make that the priority.

98) Always have a grip on the dragon.

The nightlife can become an addiction especially for those on both ends of the spectrum: those who don’t get laid and those who pull pussy by the pound.

It’s like gambling.

Losers are chasing it because this time is going to be different.

Winners get addicted because why stop the fun.

No matter what, don’t lose yourself. Always have a grip on the dragon…

99) The nightlife is a paradox.

Going out at night is traditionally seen as the best way to score new puss.

It’s also romanticized the most. Most guys actually have a preference when it comes to getting laid.

We are hunters by nature and we love the “hunt” or “chase” of going out meeting/attracting women from bars/clubs and bringing them home to have filthy, wild sex.

It sound great in theory but the “night” is an unforgiving beast.

The party life ages you and takes away from your physical attractiveness, which is the most important thing to getting laid in the first place.

So make no mistake about it the nightlife is a massive paradox.

100) You’re not getting “outgamed.” You’re getting outmanned.

This is perhaps the one thing that truly annoys me in the PUA Community.

It’s the lack of direction and people’s inability (or unwillingness) to state the obvious.

It goes like this.

A kid writes about how he’s not getting the results he wants and the following will transpire.

Some no names (who get little to no results themselves) will immediately attribute it to some flaw in his game.

Others will jump in and the conversation will go back and forth until someone comes up with the bright idea to have the kid post his picture.

He does and everyone assures him that he “looks good.” Then the conversation drifts back towards how he can improve his game.

Everyone is happy.

Except there is one big fucking problem.

Here is a young man at a pickup workshop. He probably believes that his lack of dating success is due to “game.”
In reality, he is a prime example of the testosterone epidemic. He doesn’t have a face or a body. He is breakable.
Above all, he needs testosterone and a testosterone-oriented CULTURE. That is the only way he will become a real man.

The kid doesn’t look good. He looks like an emasculated pussy.

His weak facial features indicate the absence of testosterone.

His face screams pushover, boyfriend material and he is treated as such. If he continues down the same, passive path his sex life will be a mixture of:

  1. Stale relationships he gets from work
  2. “Polishing off the empties”- getting pity fucks from average Asians (and other minority chicks)/used up over the hill white girls

That’s about it. He is just like all the other casualties of the chemical and cultural war on men.

He will never be the high testosterone slayer having sex with the highest caliber women. His life will be just like everyone else’s, one long and painful cope.

The only way he can break out of that is to change his thinking and therefore, change his life.

He needs a mantra and have one for him and any other man wants to take full control of their life.

Hormones are king.

Most guys (like those shown above) get suckered into believing that that unquantifiable metrics such as game and confidence are king.

No, they are not.

Hormones are king. Testosterone is king.

  • game
  • confidence
  • personality

While these things absolutely matter, they all fall under the umbrella of sub-optimal hormones. Take a look at that Instagram video again. It’s a room full of emasculated weak men…

I am not advocating that you jump the gun and “hop on gear” as soon as possible.

I am telling you due to chemical and cultural factors at work, low testosterone is a silent epidemic among men of all ages.

This is clearly the case with men in their 20’s today. Skinny twinks with gay lisps are all-too common today.

All jokes aside, before you do anything, here is what you do.

1. Get your testosterone levels checked: Symptoms are usually a tell-tale sign but the only way to know for sure is to get blood drawn and see what the numbers tell you.

This is the company you’re going to want to use: Private MD Labs

They have tests for literally everything but here are the ones that are relevant here.

Free and Total Testosterone: This is the basic test for both your free and total testosterone levels. Click here.

Hormonal Panel For Males: This test is a bit more comprehensive because in addition to free/total testosterone, it also measures: lipids, CBC, estradiol, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-I), Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP) (includes eGFR), PSA, Thyroid Profile.

So you’re really covering your base with this one. Click here.

Hormone Supplement Efficiency Panel II: I actually recommend this test being done once per year. This is the test that measures everything. In the event that you and your physician decide that testosterone optimization therapy is the best course of action, you are going to want to take this test anyway. So that’s something to consider. Click here.

2. Read Jay Campbell’s Books on Testosterone: He is the world’s leading expert on the subject. Both of his books are more than enough to get you started. Check them out:

The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual

The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible

3. Make an appointment with your physician. Bring a copy of your lab results as well as Jay’s books. 

4. Read Of Tyrants & Tellers: Of Tyrants & Tellers is the ultimate book on “manning up.” This book will mentally, physically, and spiritually transform you into the dominant man you always wanted to be. Get your copy here.

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  1. Pussy Eating Champ
    February 12, 2018 at 4:33 pm — Reply

    Why do you even update this site lol? I wonder if anyone even reads this stuff.

    • February 15, 2018 at 9:35 pm — Reply

      Shame you’re still hating. Bet it doesn’t compare to the murderous rage you have inside you from not getting any puss. Man it must be eating you alive lol

  2. Anthony
    February 13, 2018 at 8:00 pm — Reply

    I remember sometimes I used to act like a a complete goofball with friends on the dance floor busting dance(semi) moves and it got us a lot of attention from women(which worked like a charm) – is that behavior okay as long you “man up” and take action after?

    • February 15, 2018 at 9:36 pm — Reply

      Does it work for you? If it doesn’t…

  3. MB
    February 18, 2018 at 2:56 am — Reply

    Great resource. Keeping it simple and effective as always bro 🔥

    • February 21, 2018 at 12:24 pm — Reply

      Hell yea bro!

  4. Bobby Liu
    February 19, 2018 at 5:49 am — Reply

    Hi Sonny,
    Is your private Whatsapp community still ongoing?

    I am interested in paying the fee and joining.

    • February 21, 2018 at 12:24 pm — Reply

      Yes. Just sent you an e-mail.

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