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12 Signs a woman will get back with her ex

We still live in an age when relationships, “things”, or whatever you want to call them are as transient as night and the day.

It’s fleeting. New “flings” start before the old ones start.

Men have come to accept their role as replaceable. Women are deluded into believing that they are irreplaceable.

Are they? It’s a tough argument to make when they all seem to follow they same programmable pattern of thoughts, words, and actions. More on that later this year.

Nevertheless, despite the transitory nature of modern-day dating, there is no denying that both sexes develop an eye for that “special someone.”

Based upon my own independent research, this holds true for both men and women. Now since the majority of Strength By Sonny’s readers are men, it only makes sense to focus on the predictable patterns of behavior for women. Right? Good.

This article is for all the men out there who want to know more, especially about the future of women.

Imagine this. You have your eye on that special girl. For some reason (or perhaps many reasons), you like her. You can’t stop thinking about her.

Perhaps, you are even haunted by the very thought of her. Your mind races with questions but they all boil down to one overarching question.

Do I have a shot with her?

Maybe. It really depends on a number of factors, the most important being her past actions with regard to her dating life.

This is why her ex is the most logical place to start.

What are the odds that a woman will get back with her ex?

signs a woman will get back with her ex

Do you have a shot with her? Or is she too hung up on her ex?

Another topic that invariably comes up time and time again when trying to understand a chick that you like is her sex life.

Is she seeing someone?

If she’s single, is she fucking someone? Who might she be fucking?

Who is next in line?

Deep down, these are the questions that we (men) ask ourselves.

Now what are the odds that a woman will get back with her ex? That’s tough to say because it depends on a numbers of factors, which we will go over shortly.

However, one must always be mindful of familiarity. People in general feel comfortable with what they are already familiar with.

In the dating world, familiarity often gets you in the door.

But it’s not always a matter of “been there done that” vs. “been there could do that again.” It’s often much more complicated than that.

The following are 12 signs a woman will get back with her ex.

12 Signs a Woman Will Get Back With Her Ex

signs a woman will get back with her ex

1) High SMV – “Winning takes care of everything.”

In 2013, Nike got in a little bit of PR trouble when they ran an ad with Tiger Woods with the message: “Winning Takes Care of Everything.”

The message was crystal clear. Tiger was back and all was forgiven so long as he was the same Tiger Woods that dominated the golf world.

Obviously, this did not sit well with the PC culture at the time and the ad was shortly removed.

However, that didn’t make it wrong. In fact, one could look at that as a bitter red pill for the public to swallow.

Winning does care of everything.

Everyone loves to give a winner a second chance.

But guess what? More than anything, people (especially women) love to give a winner a second chance.

It’s one of the many perks of winning.

There is a reason why Bill Clinton was given a second chance…

So when you’re wondering whether or not a woman will get back with her ex, take a good hard look at the ex.

Was he a winner? Did he bring the goods to the table?

Here are 2 good articles that will help you assess the value of her ex:

What Do Women Want? (The 2016 Answer)

How to Calculate and Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

2) They are still “friends” or follow each other on social media.

Social media is a vastly unexplored realm of psychology and human interaction, which is interesting considering the fact that most people are easily decipherable based solely upon their social media accounts.

Typically, when a relationship ends it is a clean break, at least initially.

This “cut” typically begins with social media.

One party unfriends or unfollows and the other soon follows suit.

But what happens if this cut does not take place? What if they still remains “friends” or follow each other on social media?

What does it mean?

It means that it’s not completely dead. There remains an attachment at least to the extent where they want the other party to know that they still care enough to “watch.”

3) She still has pictures of her ex up on her social media profiles.

As mentioned in the previous point, breakups are typically a clean cut that become public knowledge via social media.

During a break up, you can usually bet on the woman being the more emotional of the two parties and therefore more trigger happy to:

  • announce to the world that she’s SINGLE (via status updates and inspirational quote fluff)
  • unfollow/unfriend her ex (and usually anyone associated with him- close friends, family, etc)
  • remove all pictures containing her ex

But what happens if she does not remove her pictures that contain her ex? What does it mean?

It typically means he really meant a lot to her. He had her heart. And in all likeliness, he still does to an extent.

4) He broke it off.

signs a woman will get back with her ex

Nobody likes to take the L, especially women.

No one likes to take the L, especially when it comes to relationships.

Think of the classic “Who broke up with who?” argument.

Based upon today’s dating landscape and the complete betaization of the modern-day man, it’s usually the case that woman initiates the break up.

That’s why it really cuts deep when the man takes matters into his own hands and breaks it off.

Men have been brainwashed into believing that they are inadequate. When a woman breaks up with them, it typically reaffirms everything society has been telling them from an early age.

Men have been brainwashed into believing that they are superior to men in every way.

When a man breaks up with them (for good) this stuns them and it leaves them with a bitterness that only snowballs as they accumulate more of these L’s as they get older.

Nobody likes to take the L. Women hate taking that L so much that they will remain open to getting back with the man who gave her that L, especially if he gave good D too.

5) He cheated.

This relates to point #4 and point #1 to an extent.

Unfortunately, many women seem to respond to men who are controlling and abusive. The same goes for men who cheat on them.

Men who cheat typically have a high SMV, which enables them to get other women with ease.

And like we said previously, people love to give a winner a second chance.

6) The holidays (which may include her birthday) are coming up.

signs a woman will get back with her ex

If you were a woman, would you like to receive ZERO presents? No. This might be a sign that woman will get back with her ex.

This plays into the emotional and materialistic aspect of women.

No woman wants to spend the holidays alone because she would much rather spend them held in the arms of her man.

And let’s be real. The holidays also represent the prime time opportunity to receive gifts.

That’s why it’s importantly to at least be mindful of the time of year and perhaps even know when her birthday is.

Does her birthday fall within the November-February time frame?

During this time, you can be sure that she is actively working behind the scenes to either accumulate some new cock and/or rekindle the flames with one she is already familiar with.

7) Her friends get back with their exes.

Women rarely bet on themselves or make decisions on their own. Instead, they subconsciously mimic the patterns of behavior of their closest friends.

You really want to project the future of a girl you are interested in? Take a mental note of the thoughts, words, actions of her closest friends.

Friends typically go through “cycles” of relationships together.

Kristy is taking a break from Mike because she needs space? Hmmm, maybe it’s time I take a break from Kevin so I can have space too?


Nicole and Steve are talking again? Maybe I should reach out to Alex too and see what’s up with him

When in doubt, always follow the friends. They are a shockingly accurate gauge for where your potential woman may be heading.

If her friends are rekindling old flames, it’s just a matter of time.

8) Her friends are all in relationships.

signs a woman will get back with her ex

“I’m tired of being single.” Time to hit up her ex.

This could have gone with point #7 but I felt that it was worthy of its own point.

This applies to both men and women.

Neither men nor women want to be the only single friend within their social circle. It’s awkward. They just don’t fit in when it’s time for couples activities.

Women are far more self-conscious about this than men.

If (and when) these situations become more common, women will do anything out of desperation to not be the odd woman out.

She will either grab (use) any guy she can as social proof, have her friends’ boyfriends who her up with one of their single guy friends, or simply reconnect with her ex.

9) Her ex is in her social circle.

This is probably the most inevitable of these points because when this is the case it’s never really a clean break. Their lives are too intertwined.

In fact, Reese Witherspoon tried to make this point in the break up scene in American Psycho.

“But your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends… I really don’t think it would work.”

And it’s true. It rarely does work when the social circles are intertwined.

There’s too much proximity. One of two things happen:

1. It really becomes unbearable and one of the two parties permanently leaves the social circle. I’ve seen it go both ways.

2. They eventually get back together. Things typically “rekindle” after a drunken hook-up or via friends on both sides actively working to “patch things up.”

In fact social circles are so powerful that they will often prevent relationships from ending in the first place.

10) She still maintains contact or is on “good terms” with her ex.

A woman maintaining contact with her ex could mean any number of things.

Maybe they really are just friends.

However, more times than not, both parties are leaving the door open.

Neither party seems to acknowledge why or what it is exactly that they are leaving the door open for but they are leaving it open nonetheless.

In most of these types of situations, both parties remain friendly and essentially serve as a go-to for sex. Typically, this favors the women’s side more.

She enjoys the single life partying with her friends. If she meets a guy she likes, she hook ups with him. If not and she’s drunk and horny enough, she will hit up her ex.

11) She maintains friendly contact with her ex’s female family members.

This sort of relates to the point on social circle.

Anytime you’re in a relationship, you’re not just dating that person you’re dating all the comes along with them. This can work for or against you.

Sometimes it really plays in the guy’s favor, especially if one of his female family members develops a close bond with his girlfriend.

Typically, this is either his mother or his sister.

When a breakup occurs, it’s interesting see how it impacts those relationships.

If she maintains contact with them, that can only work in the guy’s favor. This is especially the case if he secretly asks them to help grease the wheels for him.

12) The ex “fixed” whatever was broken in the relationship and “sells it” to her.

Redemption is a powerful selling point in the wild world of relationships.

It’s powerful because it’s rare. When most dudes take that L, that’s it for them. It’s very hard for them to learn from failure and bounce back.

They see getting dumped (losing) as the end and they oftentimes go down from there.

But then you have those rare instances when a man really takes his failed relationship to heart and uses it as a learning experience.

He puts in the work and re-emerges to shock the girl.

The abusive man shows he has a soft side.

The loser shows he can win.

The beta male finally decides to man up.

Whatever the case may be, anytime a woman is shocked that her ex has changed for the better, the thought of potentially getting back together with him at least enters the back of her mind.

*** If you are in fact the man who is looking to win his ex back, the most common way this ends up happening is when the man drastically improves his looks.

Final Thoughts on Women Getting Back With Their Exes (Bonus: The Most Tell-Tale Sign of Chick Trying to Rekindle Old Flames)

signs a woman will get back with her ex

Some may read this article and brush off the advice with typical wannabe PUA indoctrination.

“Bro, just get more girls!!!”

“If you’re too focused on one girl, you have one-itis. You have to approach more girls!!!”

While that’s all great talk and it might make you look cool, what you say is irrelevant because I know better.

Many of your actions do not reflect this mindset because in secrecy you still obsess of that one special girl.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural. This article is for those of you who want to know some of the most common signs that a woman will get back with her ex.

I will say that the most tell-tale sign that a woman is considering getting back with her ex her social media activity.

If she starts liking his pictures and even goes so far as to follow him, that means something is up.

Conversely, when a woman is in a relationship and you see her unfollow or unfriend him, you could assume that the relationship is on the rocks.

I hoped you enjoyed this article. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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