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The Age of Excuses : “There are no asterisks in this life, only SCOREBOARDS.”

“There are no asterisks in this life, only SCOREBOARDS.”

there are on asterisks in this life only scoreboards

That’s one of my all-time favorite quotes and it comes from one of my television shows, Entourage.

In that particular scene, Ari Gold was a nervous wreck because he believed a series of blackouts in the Valley would have a significant impact the opening numbers of his client’s new movie.

His wife tried to assure him not to worry because if the numbers were impacted people would understand.

But Ari knew better than that because at the end of the day, no one reads the fine print to look for asterisks.

He replied: “There are no asterisks in this life, only scoreboards. And ours is currently reading… fucked!”

That is some potent shit right there!

We’ve already established that people love to gamble.

However, even more so than gambling, people love to make excuses. They love it.

People will make excuses about anything. They will even make excuses to rationalize their excuses.

This is amazing especially when you take into account that the public doesn’t give a shit about excuses.

In the real world, people just don’t care about your excuses. They don’t want to hear your story explaining why you failed to produce.

Results (Scoreboards) are all that matter.

Do you have them? Can you deliver them? Will they be there at the end of the day?


That’s a bitter pill for a lot of people to swallow.

We tend to think in terms of consolation prizes and bank on the empathy of others. You want to know what happens when you have all the excuses in the world with zero results?

The world ignores you. You get passed over. Someone who can get the job done takes your place.

Stop making excuses. Start building excuses.

Excuses are especially prevalent within the realm of modern-day men’s dating lives.

Men love to make excuses for their lack of dating success and they typically start by focusing on the success of other men.

They love to point out the value-enhancing traits of other men as a rationalization for why that girl is not with them.

“She’s only with him because he’s rich.”

“He only gets girls because he’s jacked and good looking.”

“Bro, he got her through social circle/work. It doesn’t count!!!”

Of course it counts. It all counts because all results “count.”

If you are currently stuck in this state of mind, my challenge for you is to stop it once and for all.

Stop making excuses. Start building excuses.

You don’t like that the rich guy gets the girl? Then go go paid.

You don’t like that the well-groomed, jacked guy has hot, sexually dimorphic, young girls throwing themselves at him. Then go get jacked.

You don’t like that the well-connected guy gets girls that are way out of his league handed to him on a silver platter? Then start hanging out with the right people.

I’m sure there’s a lot you don’t like but are you doing anything to fix it? Are you actively making moves to change your circumstances?

The difference between winners and losers is movement. Losers move their mouths. Winners move everything.

Winners will build it up, break it down, and mold it in any way that will bring about their ideal reality.

Losers will make excuses and plan out those future asterisks.

However, there are no asterisks in this life, only scoreboards.

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