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What’s stopping you from getting big and strong in 2018?

The time for excuses is OVER!!!

There are zero reasons why you are not on your way to becoming a big, strong motherf*cker.

It’s the New Year. It’s time to take responsibility for your health and fitness once and for all.

Don’t be like everyone else living in MAYBETOWN.

You know who lives in MAYBETOWN?

Perpetual planners.




They all have one thing in common. They live their lives according to the code of “maybe.”

Maybe I’ll stop being such a pu**y this year. Maybe I’ll finally make some noticeable changes in the gym and stop looking like such a pushover.

Perpetual planners, dreamers, wishers, and maybe-ers never win because they are addicted to losing.

They always lose because they never have a concrete game plan. They lack infrastructure. Most of all, they lack EXECUTION.

You know who wins 100% of the time? DOERS.

Doers win because they have a game plan and they execute that game plan.

If you want to win at anything, you must make the decision to become a DOER.

If you want to become big and strong RIGHT NOW, you must have a concrete game plan and you must execute this game plan.

The Strength By Sonny Pure Strength “Hurting Bombs” Program

This program is simple and cuts straight to the point. It’s also based off of my 12 years of experience in the world of health and fitness.

I started with a few simple, straight to the point questions:

“If you gave me someone who was physically frail and breakable, how I would get them big and strong as fast as possible?”

“What exercises would I make them do to go from breakable to UNBREAKABLE?”

“What program would eliminate pushovers from society?”

The result is the Strength By Sonny Pure Strength “Hurting Bombs” Program.

So if you’re tired of being an invisible, skinny twink and want to be big, strong, and universally respected; get your copy of the Strength By Sonny Pure Strength “Hurting Bombs” Program.

Get the game plan. Execute the game plan. Get results. 

Click here.

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