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How to Be a Charisma King in a World of Personality Peasants



We’ve all heard that the key to getting girls and friends is to have charisma. But charisma is a rather vague term. Most people don’t really know what it is other than it’s that magic “something” about someone that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Spoiler: When someone has charisma it means that they possess a special “magnetic” charm or appeal.

Charisma arouses a special type of popularity, enthusiasm, and loyalty among the people you come in contact with.

It means people (both men and women) “like” you.

You’re exciting. People want to be around you because they enjoy your company. In some way, you’re the “color” in their dull lives.

In many ways, charisma is your golden ticket because it opens a lot of doors for your social existence. But how do you get it? How do you become more charismatic in world that is losing original personality by the second?

As usually, this article begins with a question.

If you were to give me someone with a blank slate, how would I transform them from personality peasant to charisma king as fast as possible?

The answer is contained in these 21 pieces of gold. Enjoy!

1) Be positive.

Civilizations and the individual are one and the same because both abide by the sacred laws of positive and negative energy.

Positive energy is contagious. So is negative energy.

Unfortunately, negative energy is more contagious.

Do you ever realize that the masses are largely governed by fear and negative energy? Well, this is by design. The news reports on predominantly negative stories as a means of keeping the population downtrodden.

The fear economy is booming because fear and negative energy are all that the masses know.

The same rules apply at the individual level. Negative energy is contagious which is why people tend to stay away from negative people.

People love positive, enthusiastic individuals. They love them because they bring good energy into their lives. So be positive.

2) Be helpful.

Helpfulness is the easiest way to build a social circle from scratch, especially in the beginning.

People are drawn to helpful people because they are seen as dependable.

There is a demand for dependability because it’s so scarce in today’s world. Many people cannot even depend on their own families for help so when an individual comes along willing to lend a helping hand, that really means something.

3) Be knowledgeable.

We’ve talked about the importance of being a man of many looks. I would also argue that it’s important to be a man who can wear many hats.

Knowledge truly is power because it gives you things to talk about.

Liam Neeson was able to save his daughter because he had a very specific set of skills that he had acquired over a long career.

That’s kind of the same thing you want to do. Your late teens and 20’s should be a time of extreme knowledge acquisition and skill development.

You need to realize that people love to learn to the extent that that knowledge will better their lives somehow. An individual who possess this knowledge will always be a people magnet.

Here are the Big 3 topics to have a basic grasp of in order to become more attractive to people:

1. Health

2. Money

3. “Fixing” things

Have a basic grasp (to the point of conversational competency) of those three things and you will never want for friends.

4) Don’t talk sh*t about other people.

Even if other people are partaking in the negativity, keep you mouth shut.

“He’s a great guy. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone.” = Strong Personal Branding

Remember, keep it positive.

5) Keep your mouth shut.


Always keep your mouth shut…

People are repulsed by gossipers. It doesn’t matter how big or how small.

When you are unable to keep your mouth shut, it means you are untrustworthy.

Why would people want to hang out with someone who is untrustworthy?

The same thing goes for the phones. Don’t record people and broadcast it out for the world to see.

Ask D’Angelo Russell how that went for him.

6) Listen.

Most people should go through therapy at some point in their life but they don’t.

However, that doesn’t stop them from “venting” their problems to anyone who will listen.

People love someone who will just sit their and listen.

Think about it. How do most guys successfully escape the friend zone? What do they do really?

They don’t do a damn thing. They just sit there and listen to the chick. In her moment of confusion, it just happens…

Going beyond that, people (especially in today’s world) are generally very unsure of themselves. Doubt is rampant on both the individual and societal level.

People will spill their guts to anyone and seek advice from ANYONE who is willing to just sit there and listen.

And if you are willing to listen… people won’t forget that.

5) Charisma is about A.B.O- Always Be “On”

One thing that really inspires me about my good friend Jay Campbell and his wife Monica is that they are true fitness professionals. There is no down time for them. They don’t ever get sloppy. They are always in shape and look ready for a photo shoot.

They’ve inspired me so much that I promised myself to never bulk up or get sloppy with the diet in the “offseason.” There is no offseason.

“Always in shape” is my new mantra.

When it comes to charisma, it is imperative that you eliminate “off” time.

Do you ever feel like you are 100% in the zone, where everything is just on point? Mood. Energy. Physical feeling. Everything is just perfect.

What about when everything is 100% off? Nothing seems right.

Remember a specific time when you’ve experienced each.

If you want to become more charismatic, you need to think like a professional. There are no breaks. There is no downtime.

This game is won and lost based solely off of first impressions. No one cares if you are “off.”

They only care if you are “on.”

6) Be like the Kool-Aid Guy and just barge right in.

The Kool Aid Guy knows charisma to the extent of barging right in.

Remember those Kool-Aid commercials where the Kool-Aid guy just barged in and said “Oh yeah!!!”?

This is a big part of being “on.”

The masses are inactive because they are defeated. They are stuck in their little habits while time slowly passes them by.

As a result, movement is an anomaly. So you want to become more attractive to people? Be the wrench thrown into the machine.

Break sh*t up. Disrupt the monotony. Barge in like it’s a television show and you’re the star.

The people are far too dumbed down to consciously think about what happens next. They are 100% distracted and get there when they get there.

And when they do get there, it’s a big mystery. Pull the curtain on them. You can be the answer if you just barge in…

7) Speak loud and clear.

People don’t respect others if they are mousy pipsqueaks.

A charismatic individual is one who naturally commands attention. If you want people’s attention, you simply need to speak loud.

Speak loud and clear. It shows others that you know how to communicate.

8) Be silent but loud.

Charismatic individuals have mastered the art of being silent but loud.

Your physical presence is your personality, especially when it comes time for you to be screened and profiled.

How are some people perceived as confident without uttering a word?

Read this.

9) Know the joke that no one else gets.

So where does vibe fit in all this? We talk about vibe and mood on a daily basis. So kind of vibe should you have to be charismatic?

The vibe should be a combination of possessing an advantage mindset and being a bit of a jokester.

You want to know the joke that no one else gets. You’re the insider.

When you truly adopt the advantage mindset, this is the only way to think. When you are one of the select few who knows what’s really going on and capitalize on it, how can life being anything but an inside joke?

The game is rigged and you’re always winning. So you can’t help but have a shit eating grin on your face.

10) Move fast.

Not only should you move but you should move fast.

Most people do not move at all. They’re like Wilson being drifted away at sea.

Charismatic individuals don’t drift. They consciousness make moves and they make them fast.

Moving fast is also a great way for you to assume leadership and “nudge” people to go out and do stuff when they are lethargic.

People who make fast moves are walking magnets in a world filled with regretful individuals who let time pass them by.

11) Stare slow.

You want your moves to be fast but your stares to be slow.

People don’t like tweakers and twitchers. Nervous people make people nervous.

When people call for your attention, don’t jolt your head. Turn slow. Stare slow.

Make the world function on your time.

12) Utilize the power of music.

Music and charisma often go hand in hand because music influences your mood.

Thus, music can be used as a way of manipulating your mood.

You’ve probably done this before. Have you ever been in a bad mood and then heard a particular song that instantly fixed it?

Make this a habit!

That song “Wild Thoughts” is my current “on” song at the moment. It takes me make back to when I was shredded to pieces in Miami and went to my first pool party there.

13) Get plenty of sleep.

Sleep impacts mood which impacts sociability. There’s no such thing as a charismatic individual who is low energy and quiet.

People with charisma have high energy and are sociable. That’s all a part of being “on.”

Getting plenty of rest is crucial to your overall well-being.

14) Drink plenty of cold water.

Water is crucial to overall well-being. Without it, you die.

Do you ever notice how you feel when you don’t have enough water in your system?

You are slow and have very little energy. You are slow in many ways, with your words especially.

It takes longer for you to process what people are saying. You might also notice that when you aren’t drinking enough water, it’s often difficult to “come back” and “say the right thing.”

Thus, this solution is to drink plenty of water and not just any water, cold water. Ice cold water is refreshing and wakes you up so that you stay sharp.

15) Build muscle and lose fat.

become more charismatic

Building muscle and losing fat is the #1 way to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you feel more confident. More confidence = more charisma.

The best way to become more likable is to first start by liking yourself more. This means you have to treat yourself better.

The way you treat yourself better is by working on making yourself as physically attractive as possible.

How do you expect people to be drawn to you if you can’t event stand to look at yourself in the mirror?

Lift weights. Eat healthy food. = Build muscle. Lose fat.

If you are struggling to lose lose weight, then you need stop the bullsh*t and get The Of Tyrants & Tellers Diet, which is specifically designed for individuals struggling lose body fat.

There are no questions. This is a 6-week program that provides the infrastructure and culture need to get in the best shape of your life.

Get your copy here.

16) Get more sunlight.

Most people get depressed in the Winter because they are not getting enough sunlight.

The sun gives you energy and enhances your mood because exposure to sunlight causes your body to produce Vitamin D.

Besides, being pale as a ghost isn’t very attractive. It makes you look sickly and old. A nice tan makes you look youthful.

Did I mention that you “feel” a lot better too?

Read more about Vitamin D here.

17) Master your presence as a loner vs part of a crew.

In order to be charismatic, it is important that you attain a certain level of comfort as being both a loner and part of a crew.

I’m from the school of thought that guys should be comfortable with both. It’s far too often the case where a guy is totally comfortable within the confines of his crew only to look totally helpless when no one else is around.

Charismatic individuals are cool, calm, and collected above all else because there isn’t anything that throws them off. They don’t get rattled.

Many of you possess a unique advantage because you are more familiar with being a loner. If you can master your presence as a loner, you can easily function as part of a crew.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages in the loner vs. crew game plan:


Advantage(s): Play by your own rules; move when you want; no pecking order

Disadvantage(s): Hurts initial status if looks are not a strength; can be seen as creeper

Part of a Crew

Advantage(s): Helps status (especially if friends are high value); easier to get the balling rolling with chicks

Disadvantage(s): Play by group’s rules; friends can hold you back; usually some sort of pecking order

Master both and you will be an absolute force.

18) Be a leader.

I’m not talking about leading others. I’m talking about leading YOURSELF.

This generation has developed the very poor habit of asking others for advice before acting. This is detrimental to your mind, body, and spirit.

You are a free individual. You can do whatever you want. Break free of your mental chains and stop asking for permission.

Get rid of that fear to make a move and stop asking others for advice.

Trust yourself above all else.

When you are able to do that, you will be a grown man.

Confidence is about knowing that you can get the job done all by yourself. People are drawn to this.

19) Judge a book by its cover and profile fast.

Part of moving fast entails making fast decisions and when it comes to people, this means judging a book by its cover or profiling.

Profiling enables you to know who to talk to, when to talk to them, and what’s appropriate to talk to them about.

Charismatic individuals know that their audience is never exactly the same. As a result, they know they must adjust accordingly.

20. Find Your Character and “Tweak” it along your journey.

superman charisma

Make this your story where you are the hero. That is the path to lifelong charisma.

You have a unique character within yourself. Part of growing up is finding that character and sticking with it.

Whoever you are, just live him all the way. Live the sh*t out of your character. You will make tweaks along the way because that’s also part of it.

This world is lacking unique characters. There is only conformity. So stand out! Be yourself and give people the opportunity to be in the presence of a real life character.

Characters stand out and draw people in so be un-apologetically you!

21. Read Of Tyrants & Tellers.

of tyrants and tellers charisma

Of Tyrants & Tellers is the most streamlined solution to improving your charisma that you can get.

Mind. Body. Spirit. The actionable advice contained in this book will weaponize all 3.

Mind- Weak programming and loser words will be replaced with strong programming and empowering words.

Body- This book contains both a weightlifting routine and movement based program as way of promoting maximum muscle fiber recruitment (growth) and optimal bodily function.

Spirit- This book offers one very specific piece of advice to defeat your inner demons once and for all.

There’s a reason why this book is the #1 New Release in multiple categories… It works goddammit!

Get your copy today.

These have been the 21 most effective ways to build your charisma. You now possess the knowledge on what it takes become more charismatic and truly develop your character in a world that lacks original personality!

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