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The Strength By Sonny Shop is Now Open

The Strength By Sonny Shop is now open!

The Strength By Sonny Shop is an opportunity for you to purchase digital products that are not readily available on the site.

As of now these products are specifically focused on bodybuilding but in time, they will include products in every realm of men’s interest.

We have the ability to release jaw dropping content from every direction and we intend to do just that.

Here is what is available in the Strength By Sonny Shop at the moment.

Bodyweight Blitz

 “No weights. No problems.”Strength By Sonny Shop

Bodyweight movements are still vastly understood in the fitness world. Can you build muscle and a physique you can be proud of without the use of weights? The answer is yes!

You can absolutely improve your physique and build muscle while utilizing only bodyweight movements.

The Bodyweight Blitz is a program that is built around 7 bodyweight movements that allow for total muscle fiber recruitment. The benefits of this program include the following:

1. Convenience- You can do these exercises anywhere.

2. Total Muscle Fiber Recruitment- This program will completely tax the targeted muscles with little effort/energy wasted on non-target muscles.

3. Muscle “Feel”- Every single one of these exercises will improve your ability to “feel” the targeted muscle doing the work. This translates to better pumps and eventually more muscle growth.

Purchase your copy here.

Monster Traps

 “The Gold Standard of Total Neck Development”Strength By Sonny Shop

A strong, powerful neck and upper back is the ultimate sign of durability.

It gives the physique that complete, unbreakable look. Most trainees throw in a few sets of shrugs and call it a day. But not you… This program is the gold standard of neck development because it utilizes the very best movements and organizes them in a way that forces maximum recruitment of the targeted muscle fibers (traps).

The combination of high volume shrug and upright rowing movements makes it IMPOSSIBLE for your traps not to grow.

Purchase your copy here.

Pure Strength

“Hurting Bombs”Strength By Sonny Shop

The goal of the Pure Strength aka “Hurting Bombs” Program is one thing and one thing only… Yup. Pure strength.

You’re not trying to be a bodybuilder which is why this routine does not follow the guidelines of a normal bodybuilding split.

My mindset for creating this program was very simple. “If I wanted to make someone as physically strong as possible, what exercises would I have them do?”

Bigger. Stronger. Faster. This program will transform you into a killing machine.

Purchase your copy here. 

Strong Hands

 “The Ultimate Grip Strengthening Program”Strength By Sonny Shop

The goal of the Strong Hands aka “The Ultimate Grip Strengthening Program” is to develop your grip and overall hand strength.

The modern-day man lacks confidence because he has a weak grip and zero hand strength.

This renders him incapable of doing physical labor on a daily basis. Don’t be like the modern-day man!

You want to be a savage that can physically manhandle anything he comes into contact with. It starts now! This program utilizes a total of 8 movements that are all geared towards turning your hands into claws of steel.

Purchase your copy here.


“Optical Illusion” Strength By Sonny Shop

Bodybuilding is both an art and illusion where the goal is to sculpt the most physically appealing body possible.

An aesthetically pleasing physique includes the following: wide shoulders, wide back, narrow waist, flaring upper thighs.

Ah the elusive v-taper. The Holy Grail of Bodybuilding. The v-taper is the pinnacle of bodybuilding shape. This program contains the 13 best movements for building that v-taper and creating that heroic physique. This is your story and you are a hero in the making. Now it’s time to show the world…

Purchase your copy here.

The Of Tyrants & Tellers Diet

Why do most people fail on their diets? They fail because they lack nutritional infrastructure and have not developed a culture that is conducive to weight loss.

The Of Tyrants & Tellers Diet changes all that because it is a 6-week diet program that is designed to get you in the very best shape of your life. It is not a book of “suggestions.” There is no guesswork. This is a manual.

It is a manual that gives specific instructions regarding nutrition (food), supplementation, water intake, and cardiovascular training.

Do exactly what this manual tells you to do and YOU WILL get in the best shape of your life. I utilized this exact program to get in the best shape of his life for Summer 2017. You will too.

Purchase your copy here. 

All products are available for purchase in the Strength By Sonny Shop.

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