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The Of Tyrants & Tellers Chapter List

Of Tyrants & Tellers is broken up into 2 parts. Part I will bring you out of the cave and enlighten you. Part II will force you to take action and build.

Here is the Of Tyrants & Tellers Chapter List.

Of Tyrants & Tellers Chapter List


Part I- Culture & Chaos

Chapter 1: “Culture is everything and everything is culture.”

Chapter 2: Boiling frogs, tied up elephants, and why are lobsters so damn expensive?

Chapter 3: Why is there a war on men?

Chapter 4: “From Chuck to Cuck”- How Hollywood Destroys Masculinity via Mass Scale Psyops

Chapter 5: The Weaponization of Sex

Chapter 6: Portrait of the Modern Man

Part II- Of Tyrants & Tellers

Chapter 7: “Civilizations and the individual are one and the same.”

Chapter 8: “Everything flows from health and physical fitness.”

Chapter 9: The Of Tyrants & Tellers Weighlifting Program aka “Basic Cable”

Chapter 10: This is Conor McGregor’s secret to dominating fights.

Chapter 11: “Master of Sex”- How to Defeat the Pornography Psyop Once and For All

Chapter 12: The Age of Heroes

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