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King’s Code: How to Build a Harem and Live the Life of a King [Review of Kyle Trouble’s Book]

What’s up fellas? You know me by now and you know that I have a general dislike of all dating products.

Most of them are a complete scam because they are written by total frauds.

I would never in a million years steer you guys towards a PUA or dating product. To be honest, I never would have imagined myself promoting any dating product on my site.

However, I am willing to make an exception this time because Kyle Trouble’s book impresses me. Can you fucking believe that?

I am impressed by a product offering dating advice.

Kyle Trouble’s book is called King’s Code: How to Build a Harem and Live the Life of a King.

kings code kyle trouble

I decided to pull the trigger and give this book a shot because first and foremost Kyle is a friend of ours. But more importantly, I’ve talked with him enough to know that he knows his shit. He absolutely knows what he is talking about.

If he was a bullshit artist, I would know right away. I can sniff them out from a mile away.

Having just completed Of Tyrants & Tellers, the first thing that stands out to me is the infrastructure. This book has a very defined infrastructure because it has a beginning, middle, and end.

Furthermore, it both tells a story and provides information that you can start applying right away.

Chapter 1

In the first chapter, Kyle does a great job of telling you about himself as well as going over some of the sociopolitical factors that led to the current state of dating in the West. This is huge because it hits on our slogan around here.

Culture is everything and everything is culture.

You must develop an understanding of the culture if you want to maximize your dating life. There’s no other way.

Chapter 2 and 3

Chapter 2 is immensely helpful for those who want to learn more about dating multiple girls. How do you get multiple girls? How do you manage “rotations?” Kyle goes over a concept known as “tiers” that is really fascinating, particularly from a psychological standpoint.

Chapter 3 is especially helpful if you want to focus on the different ways of meeting chicks. In this chapter, Kyle talks exclusively about meeting chicks at night, during the day, and online.

Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4 is particularly useful if you want to focus on efficiency and maintaining balance in your life. A lot of guys get caught up and let dating or “game” consume their entire consciousness. Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop a game plan, get the chicks you want, and still have time to do “normal” non-dating stuff? Well, you will learn more in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 talks about “the rule of 3”. Basically, talks about how prevalent the number 3 is in the world of dating. It’s really interesting.

I absolutely agree with his “3 girls at one time rule. So called “dating experts” have called me out in the past when I have said that “3 is the maximum.”

“Bro, you gotta get a harem of 15 chicks to be a super duper master PUA!”

Nope. Not for me and chances are it’s not for you. Three is my absolute maximum. I’ve gone as high as five before in college and my life was too chaotic.

Abide by the law of 3.

Chapter 6 and 7

Chapter 6 and 7 talk about “courtship” and “conversion.” In other words, once you get her contact info, how do you close the deal? In chapter 6, Kyle goes over the following:

  • texting
  • meetups
  • one night stands vs. dates

In Chapter 7, Kyle talks about conversion, which means keeping a girl once you’ve banged her. How do you keep her on the payroll and make her a regular (or your girlfriend)?

Chapter 8 and 9

Chapter 8 covers a lot of communication stuff that even I haven’t covered at Strength By Sonny yet. How do you communicate with a chick during the initial phase of dating? What kinds of conversations come up and how should you handle them?

These questions are answered in Chapter 8.

Chapter 9 is the concluding chapter and it talks about your endgame. A lot of it mirrors what was said in this article. Ultimately, you have to do what makes you happy in the end.


As a bonus, there are 2 appendices. One focuses entirely on sex tips and how to tap these bitches like fire hydrants. The other focuses more on the mental aspect of getting in the driver’s seat.

Final Thoughts on King’s Code

You might not believe it but if you would have told me a book like this existed when I was younger, I would have bought it. No questions asked.

This is a great resource because it’s tightly packed with loads of helpful, implementable information. Most importantly, the overall infrastructure gives you a game plan to execute if you are starting off from scratch.

Get your copy today so you can start living like a king- King’s Code: How to Build a Harem and Live Like a King

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