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The #1 Way to Become a Wild Motherfu**er

I am a wild motherfucker and I’m proud of it. I just never could fall into a straight line like everybody else. If you ask anybody who has known me throughout the years, they would call me crazy.

“He was always a little crazy.”

“He’s fucking nuts.”

“He’s a wild child.”

But the truth is they are the crazy ones.

How can you sit still all day hunched over a desk?

How can you do the same thing day after day and be content with your youth melting away?

Most importantly, how the fuck can you sit back and never do what you want to do?

That’s what wild mother fuckers are all about. We do what we want when we want because for us it’s all about convenience.

“How can I make life as convenient as possible?”

Wild motherfuckers are programmed to do just that. The wild ones always have the most fun because they know this is their only shot at life.

Why wouldn’t they have it their way?

Why wouldn’t you do what you want to do? At the end of the day, does any of it really matter? No it doesn’t.

Everyone is dying a little bit day by day and before you know it, the show’s over. So fuck it. Fuck everyone else and their bullshit. You do what you want to do because everyone else is just skating by so they can NOT LOSE.

And if you’re a big, bad motherfucker, no one is going to say you can’t.

Take off the mask, take off the armor, and play to FUCKING WIN. Play to win.

The wild way is the only way.

The #1 way to become a wild motherfu**er is to start small and think in terms of “convenience.”

We are all held back by an invisible leash that tells us to color inside the lines, follow directions, and keep our heads down.

We all have these little bullshit inconveniences that tick us off or make life a hassle. Fuck it. You don’t have to deal with it because again it doesn’t matter.

None of it matters because the only thing that matters is what you want and what’s best for you.

Just don’t steal anything or hurt anybody.

Everyone else is playing by the rules. They play by the rules and ignore the scoreboard but the scoreboard is the only thing that matters.

That scoreboard is your life story. You can do anything you want and you can be any character you choose.

You can be the Underdog who overcomes all odds and shocks the world.

Maybe you’re the Comeback Kid who loses it all, overcomes the pain of failure, and rises from the ashes to come back better than ever.

Or maybe you’re just the hero who does what is necessary to get the win.

Make it an epic fucking adventure filled with highs, lows, and growth.

Wild motherfuckers find a way because there is no plan. We live life hard in whatever direction we choose and it’s always the RIGHT DIRECTION.

That is the path to your happy ending.

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  1. May 25, 2017 at 6:52 pm — Reply

    I’d even argue that you can hurt others and steal from them if you know you can get away with it. The government’s been doing it for centuries, nay, millennia 😉

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