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How to stop giving a f*ck and start feeling entitled to the best of everything. | Your rules don’t mean sh*t to me.

My actions speak for themselves. I treat everyone the way they deserve to be treated.

Respectable people get respect and morons get ignored.

Anyone who has ever met me in real life knows that I do my best to show others respect.

But you don’t know my mindset.

In a tug-of-war between zero confidence and narcissism , I’d pick narcissism any day of the week. But what do you call narcissism when it’s true?

I call it TRUTH.

Life is business and business is life.

When you slay the game on multiple fronts, you are entitled to the very best in life.

They say that you attract what you want but the truth is that what you attract in life is a combination of what you want and what you are.

“You get what deserve” is a universal truth under the laws of the cosmos.

I don’t give a fuck because I am above society’s rules of conduct for men.

I slay the game on multiple fronts. Therefore, I am entitled to the very best of everything.

You are too.

They said “knowledge is power” and they weren’t lying.

My world is one of contrarian truths, the only truths that seem to matter.

Men- My brothers. My competition?

In real life, most men are simply not on my level.


This is the first line of defense. Most men will back down and defer to me on sight just based off of the way I look.

I’m bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than the majority of the male population.

*** Read Lloyd’s article on the basics of self-defense.

My hands are made of stone. When you get touched by one of these bad boys, there is no light to go towards.

Most importantly, I preserve my body because I know the most important rule about life.

Your health is the most important thing you have in life because your health determines everything.

I have elite genetics. But I take nothing for granted.

If the masses worked as hard as I did, the culture would be completely different.

I lift weights.

I eat healthy foods and supplement aggressively.

Most importantly, I avoid substances that damage the body and speed up the aging process.

That means no alcohol, no cigarettes, and no drugs.

I am also very knowledgeable. I know more about health/fitness, nutrition, and aging than the general male population.

Aging is a disease and it is inevitable. This is my truth.

But I actively minimize the damage.

For me, life is not about a physical peak and then rapid decline until death. At the first sign of decline, I am armed with the knowledge to trust in science.

I am in full control of my physical health.

Most men…

Most men have little regard for their bodies.

They don’t lift weights and they eat like shit.

They drink beer and it goes straight to their gut.

As a result, they are walking, talking, estrogenic trainwrecks. They stand no chance in the Chemical War on Men.

Everything about them is “soft.” Most men have never gotten in a fight. They have weak hands made of playdough.

They are passive about their health and leave everything to chance.

For them, their health follows the path of “peaking” around 18-25, and then falling off a cliff.

The worst part is that they accept this. They even joke about it.

A 22 year old “man” should not being saying the following:

“I’m getting old!”

“It’s not like high school any more. Father Time is catching up to me!”

“I’m an old man!”

They accept aging as a natural part of life. They bow down to Father Time and expedite their death.

Most men exercise zero control over their health.

Mind & Spirit

I am ahead of the pack because I am aware of my mindset.

I am constantly checking in and making a mental note of where I’m at.

Mindset is a solid object. I now know that mindset is everything.

My mindset is one of ferocity and focus. I do everything I can to maintain a positive attitude.

*** I literally have not felt any anger since March 2016.

When I get beat down, I don’t stay down. I claw myself back up.

In the words of Coach Kavanagh, “We win or we learn.”

There’s no such thing as a total loss or complete failure in my world. Every failure is a learning experience. We make adjustments and we move forward.

We re-frame and we move forward.

I am in full control of my mindset. Therefore, I am in full control of my future. It is solid.

Most men…

Most men do not have the fighting spirit.

They are not aware of their own mindset because they just float through life with little control over the outcome.

They take L’s and these L’s often bury them.

It never occurs to them that they are in control of their destiny because they have the power to craft their mindset anyway they like.

Men today get their feelings hurt. You can disarm a man and mentally defeat him without ever laying a finger on him.

The Testosterone Collapse has created a generation of men without emotional control.

Bottom line, most men lose the battle in their minds before it even materializes in the physical realm.

They are not in control.

Women- “You are winning the f*cking lottery.”

I am the Don Dada and any chick I fuck with is getting that Don Dada seed.

Dating is a business and I am the product. My product is valuable.

This is Blue Magic baby. It’s so good it sells itself.

Strong. Masculine. Handsome. Exotic. Winner.

Even dyke b*itches want a taste of the Don Dada dong.

I’m the one they chase. I’m the one they stare down, make small talk with, and “accidentally” bump into.

I run this sh*t. When I step onto the scene, I’m the motherf*cking king.

Most women in the West…

Most women in the West are a bad deal. This is especially the case for me.

You see I’ve been there, done that. Since high school, I’ve slayed every type of hot chick imaginable.

It’s not all about looks for me anymore.

A woman’s looks are a depreciating asset. If she parties hard and doesn’t take care of herself, then the depreciation is accelerated.

For most women in the West, their looks are everything. It’s really all they have going for them and yet this is exactly what they do.

Many don’t exercise and  eat like shit. They also binge drink and get shitty sleep.

Women in the west have literally been psyop’d by the culture into destroying their own beauty and fertility.

And here’s the kicker… Men have been psyop’d into chasing them!!!

Not for me. Dating is business and business is everything.

Every relationship is a business deal. There are good deals and there are bad deals.

I have my own standards.

Girl Who Meets Standards = Good Deal

Girl Who Does Not Meet Standards = Bad Deal

It’s that simple.

How to stop giving a f*ck and start feeling entitled to the best of everything.

My thoughts are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not mine.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that you can think like me. It’s not practical.

This type of thinking is the result of years of experience and results.

You are heads and shoulders above the competition because you are not the living dead.

You’re here for a reason and that reason is REFUSAL.

You refuse to accept the hand your were dealt.

You’re not satisfied because you want more out of life.

Maybe you’re tired of losing. Maybe things are okay and you just want to WIN MORE.

Either way, it’s just not good enough. You need something more.

You want the very best of everything.

I don’t give a fuck and neither should you. We’re on the same side, we’re the “crazy” ones who refuse to die quietly.

We’re “crazy” because we won’t accept mediocrity.

Minimum wage, maximum disappointment, and a lifetime of “what ifs” is HELL.

It’s the HELL that most people don’t even know they are living.

So how do you stop giving a fuck? You internalize this simple truth.

Most people not only accept their own demise but actively accelerate it.

You (we) do not. Your frustration is a positive thing. Frustration is a gift because it shows that you have a pulse. You’re not a robot and you’re not satisfied with life.

Never be satisfied and never settle.

We’re not like the rest of them because we are builders.

Most men are destroyers because they accept and actively expedite their own slow destruction. The culture glorifies women destroying themselves by promoting fat pigs like Amy Schumer.

Above all, we are builders of ourselves.

That’s why you deserve the very best.

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  1. Luke
    January 26, 2017 at 1:57 pm — Reply

    Great job Sonny. This is just what I needed!

    • January 26, 2017 at 10:11 pm — Reply

      Thanks brother!

  2. James Moriarty
    January 26, 2017 at 4:45 pm — Reply

    This article is solid. You gotta tell us about them dyke thots that want Don Dada’s haha

    • January 26, 2017 at 10:11 pm — Reply

      Everybody wants this Blue Magic lol

  3. joelsuf
    January 27, 2017 at 4:49 am — Reply

    “A 22 year old “man” should not being saying the following:”

    Not even a 32 year old man shouldn’t be saying those things. With all the access that people have to materials and things that they can use to improve themselves physically and otherwise, there’s no excuse.

    I’ll be 35 in 6 months and I have WAY more energy and drive than I had 10, even 15 years ago.

    It’s ALL a choice. Once you stop bending to the will of collectivism, the world is LITERALLY at your fingertips.

    • January 27, 2017 at 2:22 pm — Reply

      Yup. It all flows through health. Guys in college who don’t lift weights and consume garbage are literally writing their own death certificate.

      A lot of the frat boys in college were built like Louis CK and they wondered why me and my boys would fuck their women. Ha!

  4. Andreas
    January 28, 2017 at 9:26 am — Reply

    We make our own “luck”.

    • January 28, 2017 at 11:25 am — Reply

      Damn right!

  5. Safy
    January 30, 2017 at 7:48 am — Reply

    When is your book coming out Sonny?

    • January 30, 2017 at 8:12 am — Reply

      This summer. Gonna be ICONIC.

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