How to Text a Girl You Like- 30 Things To Know About Text Game

This article is for all of you who want to know how to text a girl. “30 Things To Know About Text Game” is a summarized guide based off of my experiences and insights I have developed over the years. Enjoy!

how to text a girl

1. There is no such thing as “text game.”

The whole concept of text game is mostly a scam. There is no such thing as text game. There is only communication and chemistry. *** and VALUE

You have good communication or bad communication.

You either have chemistry or you don’t.

Stop thinking about text game. If you truly want to know how to text a girl, start thinking in terms of communication.

2. There are 3 forms of communication in the dating game- Face to Face, Phone, Text

Social media has expanded this but for the most part, these are the Big 3.

Face to Face communication is ideal because this is your opportunity to fully display your persona.

It’s also an opportunity for the girl to fully experience YOU.

Talking on the phone is old school. That was the alternative to face to face interactions and letter writing.

You can still feel out each others’ vibe on the phone. It’s also a lot more intimate to hear someone’s voice and tonality.

No one really talks on the phone anymore. It’s a dying form of communication.

Texting reigns supreme today.

It’s a lot more difficult to get a read off of a girl right away. That’s why people skills are important.

Texting is simply an extension of in-person communication. 

Texting leads to meetups (face to face) which leads to banging.

3. First impressions make or break you.

Most of the time, you know where you stand with a girl as soon as you get her number.

You’re already playing out the possible scenarios in your head.

“She was in to me. I definitely have a shot.”

“She seemed like she wanted to get out of there. I’ll give it a shot but… I’m not gonna get my hopes up.”

My point is that we all tend to project “where this is going with a girl” with decent accuracy.

So make those first impressions count.

4. Scheduling is everything.

how to text a girl for a date

This should not be a total mystery to you.

When you get a girl’s number in person, you should acquire the following information:

  • her typical schedule (Ask her: “What’s your schedule like this week?)

  • free or off time (This is a good alternative to the previous point. Ask her: “When are you free this week?”)

  • What does she have going on in her life? School? Job?

  • Hobbies or potential activities she might like

You have to know this basic information because when you make your initial pitch over text, you want the odds to be in your favor.

You don’t want your initial texts to be a total guessing game. Instead, you should have a very good idea of what the girl’s deal is.

5. The truth about “opening.”

Opening is that very first text you send to a girl.

“What should I say?”

“What if she doesn’t respond?”

Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

The truth about opening is that…

It’s already been decided.

The girl already has a decent idea of where this is going.

She knows her dating life and options.

She already has an opinion and Cliff-noted understanding of you.

You don’t necessarily know these things.

It’s very common for guys to get at least a little bit nervous or overly cautious (analytical) about texting a girl.

Most guys get nervous because they don’t know to start a text conversation with a girl.

So if we are being honest here, the girl is in the driver’s seat.

There’s no point in going crazy over something that is ultimately out of your control.

Use common sense when you open a chick:

“Hey what’s up this is Sonny from the gym. It was great meeting you before :)” gets the job done. 

6. Keep it simple.

Don’t try to over complicate things.

So many guys make the mistake of trying to force the flirting or sexting aspect of it.

Don’t do this.

Be simple like salt and pepper.

Simplicity wins this game.

When it comes to texting you should have a Minimalist Mindset because…

7. Texts are like energy.

how to text a girl for the first time

Many people believe you have an infinite amount of energy. You don’t.

Energy is a very finite concept. “Increasing” your energy is simply a matter of eliminating energy wasting activities (and people) and re-channeling it in to productivity.

Texts work the same way. It’s almost a zero-sum game. One side gains an upper hand in the interaction when the other gives up ground.

What many young guns fail to realize is that there is an unstated game or contest between guys and girls during the initial “courting period”.

In fact, it’s really present throughout the entire course of the relationship.

The person who texts or calls more gives up ground.

The person who initiates the interaction more gives up ground.

And the person who expresses emotions first gives up ground.

As a guy, every time your texts are ignored or she takes forever to respond, you are giving up ground.

The same goes for calls.

It’s a fucked up way of looking at things. It’s probably more fucked up to not acknowledge it.

8. There are 2 major “eras” in the texting game, B.B. and A.B. (before banging and after banging).

text game

Before a guy bangs a girl, there’s that initial period of walking on eggshells.

He will be extra cautious. This often reflects in his texting.

The ultimate goal is to have sex with the girl. That’s the whole point of texting her and maybe even answering all of her initial screening questions.

Most guys will put up with a lot of bullshit. They will be overly excited and trigger happy. Some might call this needy.

They will lie their asses off and fake it till they make until they have sex with the girl.

After that, the dynamic changes. All that nervousness and pent up desire should be gone once you’ve hit it.

You can relax now because the monkey is off your back.

You might have even knocked it out of the park and earned your spot in the driver’s seat.

In that case, all you have to do is sit back and wait. More on that later.

9. The initial texting period (before banging) is logistics. Nothing more.

Texting is a tool.

That tool is used for logistical purposes to get chicks to hang out.

You text a girl you like in order to get her to hang out in person. That’s it.

10. Just get the meet up.

If there’s one thing you get from this article it’s this.

Do the bare minimum to get this chick to come over.

11. Do not try to get to know a girl over text.

Less is more.

Be a man. Do masculine men have endless text conversations with girls?

No. That’s Friendzone Freddy’s job.

Find out basic information and get the meet up. 

That is your only concern.

You are wasting your time constantly being the initiator.

If the logistics are figured out, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING.

Do not fear the silence.






12. Do not try to “create attraction” over text.

If you meet her in person, she’s already decided if you’re bangable.

Most dudes think that endlessly texting girls funny memes and gifs is helping create attraction.

It’s not. It’s showing personality. There’s a difference.

Mistakes are made when you try to get fancy and “create attraction.”

13. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are usually “dead time.”

Most girls have plans then.

If you’re not a part of her plans these nights, you probably should not text her.

It’s better for her to know nothing and assume you’re out and about on a Saturday night rather than know you’re sitting at home all alone pulling your pud.

14. Sunday night is the universal “free time.”

Most people don’t have shit going on Sunday night other than maybe watching football (although that seems less likely now).

They’re usually busy winding down and getting ready for their week of wage slaving.

This is the perfect time to hit up a chick to set plans during the week.

15. Always go for the initial meetup AT YOUR PLACE.

what should i text a girl

You want the meet up at your place because it puts the odds in your favor to close the deal that night. Here’s why:

  • establishes a level of comfort

  • represents investment on the girl’s part

  • represents risk on the girl’s part

  • puts you in control of the situation (especially if you have to drive somewhere)

  • Visualization- She gets to physically see your habitat.

Most importantly, she’s right there. She’s already isolated. Theoretically, you guys could start fucking right then and there.

You won’t believe how many times I’ve invited chicks over to go to dinner and just smooth-talked my way in to fucking them 45 minutes later.

16. The driver’s seat (amazing sex) is when text game ends.

Remember when I said that chick’s are in the driver’s seat during the initial texting period?

Well, this is how you change that.

It’s called fucking their brains out.

An amazing sexual experience (being her “best ever”) is the best way to retain a girl.

If you knock it out the park the first night with a girl, she will be hooked… possibly for life.

Here’s the stone cold truth.

You should not have to text girls after you’ve fucked them.

Watch this video:

If you have to put in effort and play all sorts of games to get a girl to chill after you’ve already fucked her I’ve got some news for you.

Your quake skills suck. Fix it!

Here are some pro tips:

1. Lift weights. Get bigger and stronger.

2. Get your testosterone levels checked. You probably have low testosterone.

3. Stop watching pornography. See how I did it in one shot.

4. “Save up” and low dose with horny goat weed spray for a few days before the scheduled meetup.

 17. You need to be patient.

These bitches are busy.

The really hot ones who model are especially busy.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for them to get back to you.

18. That being said, you need to be reasonable.

Girls are glued to their phones 24/7.

They are always on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

If they’re taking a very long time to get back to you or even ignoring you, you should take the hint.

She’s either not interested, has a boyfriend, or has other priorities.

19. See the patterns.

Does she respond right away?

Or does she wait a little bit?

Does she read it and then wait?

Most girls tend to follow a pattern of sorts.

This isn’t so much a big deal but I think the more you know the better.

20. Don’t try to make sense of girls. You will drive yourself crazy.

This is for the times you can’t make it happen.

Don’t go crazy over why.

If you must know, the “why” usually pertains to:

  • You don’t meet her standards.

  • She’s in a relationship.

  • Dating is not her priority.

  • Something else.

21. Why do girls flake?

“Validation” is the biggest reason why girls flake.

In most instances, the girl doesn’t really have any intentions of hanging out with you.

However, she likes to keep the texting alive because she loves the validation.

This is especially common with girls who are in relationships.

22. Know when to slow cook it.

Although decades of social engineering have conditioned girls to become total whores, there are some who still have standards.

Imagine that.

Yes, some girls just are not comfortable sleeping with a dude right a way. They will legitimately make a dude wait.

You’re at a fork in the road.

You either never talk to her again or you decide that she might be worth waiting for.

The most common indicator of a potential slow cooker is that she objects to your texts suggesting the initial meetup at your place.

This also applies to girls with boyfriends as well. Don’t blow those opportunities.
If you can get them to meet up, go for it . You might get it. If not, let it sit.
Keep a pulse on it because that is a potential lead. We’re in sales after all right?

23. Know when to play to win.

There are some instances when you have to play to win.

You have to fucking push for it and be aggressive.

In other words, fuck texting. Call her!

I am not talking about PUA aspie mode.

This is late at night last night of vacation type shit… Like a dime piece Hungarian chick is hitting you up wanting to see you and you’re just waiting on her suite number. You got 3% battery life and there’s no Android chargers in sight. Yea.

24. The most sexually aggressive texting is usually best for online dating.

Online dating is a psyop that promotes fast sex. Let’s be honest.

It’s based off of looks and fast closing is the norm.

Instant aggressive texting is more appropriate in the online dating realm than it is in regular old texting.

You want to know how to text a girl you never met? Play to win.

Read this article on sexting.

25. Limit social media access.

how to text a girl you don't know

Social media is another psyop that has annihilated individual privacy.

It has taken the mystery out of the dating game.

When you give a girl your Facebook and Instagram you are giving her your life.

She will look up your entire life and who knows what she will find.

You have a unique personal brand. Why should she know every single detail about it?

Let her be curious.

Ever have a smoking hot cowgirl be super down to fuck and then change her mind once she figures out you raw-dogged one of her friends? I have.

Don’t give her anything. She gets your name, occupation, and general hobbies. That’s it. 

Anything else is giving her the treasure map. Make her earn that.

26. Don’t ever get emotional over texts. Closure is for pussies.

Boys and girls get emotional over texts.

Men keep their emotions in check.

27. For your own safety, you should always send a “confirmation” text after sex.

After you bang a girl all night long for the first time, you should send a confirmation text.

“Hey. I had a really great time with you last night. Talk to you soon :)”

That’s just good manners.

It’s also a good precaution for potential psychopaths who decide to cry rape just because they regret fucking on the first date.

The testosterone collapse has enabled a feminist jihad.

False rape cases are a real threat to men today. Read this.

Document everything.

28. Sometimes the stars align. Sometimes they don’t.

That’s just how it goes sometimes.

29. In reality, you are in the driver’s seat whenever you want to be. It’s a mindset.

This is the winner’s mindset. 

30. Everything I have listed is just a collection of some of my general observations in recent years. Nothing here is absolutely set in stone.

There are always exceptions to the rules and there are always anomalies that pop up.

There’s no one set routine or style when it comes to texting girls. In reality, text game is simply a continuation of your real life persona. 

My final advice for you is to stick to the basics and just get the meet up. You’re going to feel nervous texting a girl you like.

That’s normal. Just remain confident.

Follow your instinct.

You have the game plan.

You have learned the importance of scheduling.

And you know of the unstated contest between guys and girls.

Now you know how to text a girl. Good luck!

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  1. Joelsuf
    October 26, 2016 at 3:59 pm — Reply

    Very nice! Allow me to add a few.
    31. Be Greedy, Not Needy. Of course you want this one chick. But you should want other chicks as well. This way when the one you want flakes out, you have about 5-10 more that you are setting up. Run out? Get back out there.
    32. Know what the hell you want. If you just want to casually date (like me until winter when I either take time off the hunt or upgrade whatever chicks I am talking to) then do you REALLY want to see this chick again? Probably not.
    33. DO NOT catch feelings first. Ever. “Pair bonding” is obsolete. Let the chick catch feelings first. Then if you enjoy her company (at the expense of other chicks usually) then, THEN go ahead and catch feelings.

    The false rape thing, is that really a thing? I’ve dated and banged a few feminists in the past (or at least chicks that call themselves such) and they despise it as much as anyone in the manosphere does (stupid college chicks who want to “take back” a “mistake” they made while actual rapists run free is what they said to me whenever I brought it up). Maybe I got lucky lol. These chicks were over 30, maybe that had something to do with it? Either way it doesn’t affect me, I don’t negotiate with stupid partying college girls who don’t know how to fuck, psychopaths, or undercover ratchets and I can spot them pretty easily. And those seem to be the types to cry rape.

    • October 26, 2016 at 7:43 pm — Reply

      Doesn’t affect me neither but better safe than sorry.

      Also it’s a good indicator for if she’s gonna come back for seconds.

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