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Slashing Serpents

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Slashing Serpents is a term I came up with that means cutting people off or eliminating people from your life. Slashing serpents is essential to growing as a person.

Cutting people off is inevitable if you’re on the road to winning.

It’s sucks but you have to be selfish. You have to be selfish because


Time is so important. It’s so limited and as you grow up (start your career, become independent, expand your businesses, etc.) you quickly realize how little of it you have.

You must treasure your time and use it wisely. That means working efficiently and adhering to a system of structure.

That’s what was lacking for me in Las Vegas. I got away from having structure in my life.

I have a lot more structure in my life now and it’s made a big difference.


or as we say in New York “struck-cha” is the first way you use your time wisely.

The second way you can insure efficient use of your time is to


Time wasters include the following:

  • time wasting activities (anything that takes time away from your work or life’s purpose)
  • time wasting people

Time wasting people are the silent killers.

Time wasting people are the worst because they are so ignorant. They have no idea how stupid they are. Many of them are forever doomed to blindly accepting the blue pill lies of the liberal media.

More importantly, they have no idea how much of a burden they are. They are selfish because they often take time away from those who are well on the path to winning.

These people are serpents.

If you want to create a structure and reap the benefits of a winning mental culture you must engage in a policy of slashing serpents.

Like right now I’m at a point where I will never give any friends (anyone really) free advice ever again. It’s a waste of time because I know that they’re not going to do anything or they will quit shortly after starting.

Or better yet, they’re going to try to convince me that their solution is right.

I’ve wasted so much energy explaining how dating really works to close friends.

In most instances, the girl was trash and they should have just cut ties. Instead, they yielded to their needy emotions while they continued to date manipulative scumbags.

I’ve listened to friends’ sob stories about how they have no energy and can’t get it up. They ask me what’s wrong and if I know anything about Viagra or anything else they can take to get the magic back.

I tell them that they have low testosterone. After giving them a brief crash course and dispelling all of the myths they rattle off, I try to give them the game plan.

Enough friends have wasted my time. I’ve learned my lesson and my time is far too important.

*** BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD- I told him what he needed to do get back in the gym. To my surprise, he’s been up 6 AM every morning doing his exercises. Since April he has showed up everyday.

Slashing Serpents was the only answer.

I have one friend who has asked me for a beginner’s workout routine/meal plan since 2012.

He’s starts off and then quits after about a month. We’ve gone through this cycle 4 times. No more.

I especially like how he argues with me about bodybuilding success.

  • I’ve been at it 10 years and have crafted an elite physique.
  • He never works out and he eats like shit.
  • He’s bases his knowledge off of the Internet.

In the words of Dr. Anthony Napoleon, he is “confidently stupid.”

Most people are. That’s why it’s better to just ignore them because


You don’t have time for the losers.

You don’t have time to argue and explain how things really are.

You only have time for your own success and happiness.

That is why you must start slashing serpents immediately.

P.S. If you want some real advice and are willing to put the work in, then now is the time to get started.


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