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How to Look on the Bright Side of Things- The “Advantage Mindset”

How to Look on the Bright Side of Things 1000

This is a simple guide for how to look on the bright side of things.

Have you ever gone through a phase where nothing seemed to be going your way?

Have you ever felt like you were in a long-term slump?

Have you ever responded to “tough times” by engaging in negative thinking?

Of course you have. We all have. Maybe you’re currently in this state.

During these trying times your first instinct is to go to someone for advice.

And what do they usually say?

  • “Keep your head up.”
  • “Stay positive.”
  • “Focus on the positives.”
  • “You’ll get through it.”
  • “Be grateful for what you have.”
  • “Hey look at the bright side of things.”

That last quote is very common. “Look at the bright side of things” is such a common, cookie-cutter piece advice that many people don’t even listen to it when it comes up.

Some people actively ignore it or even look down upon such “blue pill” advice. They are dead wrong.

Looking at the bright side quotes have become so common that many look to them as jokes on social media.

In reality, this misunderstanding of such fundamental advice is the result of a failure to frame.

You see most people hear “look at the bright side of things” and they merely think “look at the bright side of things.”

Instead, what they really need is a


This “mindset shift” is very simple.

The Advantage Mindset

Looking on the bright side of things means to have this


That’s what all of those cliche, cookie-cutter terms really mean.

Long-term slumps or tough times are life’s tests. Life is testing you.

Life’s tests are far more difficult than any test in college or high-school.

When the going gets tough, many people crumble or give up.  It’s very tempting to give up or lose hope.

Staying positive is a game that is won by constant re-framing.

Reminding yourself of all that is good in your life and expressing gratitude is also very powerful.

When you do this day in and day out regardless of whether or not you are going through tough times, this is when you are operating with the


Winning mental culture and looking on the bright side of things go hand in hand.

A person who constantly focuses on all the negatives is a person who is doomed to losing. They possess a weak losing mental culture because they focus on all the losing they are doing.

A person who makes the conscious effort to look on the bright side of things (focus on the positives) is a person who has a fighting chance. They have the fundamentals of a winning mental culture because no matter how grim the circumstances, they still focus on that small sliver of hope.

Who would you rather be?

So many of you want to become more confident or have more “inner confidence”. Well, these answer is right in front of your face.


Not only does it help you look on the bright side of things but it also makes you more confident in thew long run.

Confidence is the greatest thing in the world because it gives you


This opens doors for you. Better yet, it gives you the strength to open doors for yourself.

And looking on the bright side of things is the easiest thing in the world when the Sun is always shining down on you.

Advantages my friends. Think in terms of advantages. Whatever advantages you have in life, focus on those as a source of confidence. Build upon them.

Remind yourself every single morning.

If you don’t have any advantages, you need to get them.

Better yet, you need to


Hit me up to start building real, long-term advantages.


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  1. […] How to Look on the Bright Side of Things- The “Advantage Mindset” […]

  2. black
    September 1, 2016 at 2:36 am — Reply

    Great post. Thanks sonny.

  3. Joelsuf
    September 3, 2016 at 3:46 pm — Reply

    Allow me to take this a step or three further. I actually dislike the whole “look at the bright side” thing because its usually mired in (often) delusional thinking. I am more interested in objectivity and being realistic which I will admit is often delusional in and of itself. So instead I usually say to myself (and others) that there is no bright side and there is no bad side. There is no “side,” only events that to YOU, were either good or bad. And of course with emotional analysis of events there is usually always a matter of degree, right? So the answer is to detail good and bad events, and then measure how strong the good and bad events were/are. For example, just this past week, in the last 7 days, the following happened to (and for) me:

    -I had sex with a chick way more attractive than the others I’ve had sex with, caught feelings and now she’s flaking like crazy (stupid feelings. The sex wasn’t even that good cuz I had whiskey dick lol)
    -My city got hit by Hurricane Hermine (although IMO it wasn’t really a hurricane), but the power never went off in my house once compared to some others who are still without power
    -I had to work the day after the hurricane, the place was crowded and I almost got into a fight with a homeless guy and I had to stay an extra two hours (that I’ll probably get in trouble for doing)

    So in each of these “events,” there’s a “good” and a “bad” thing that happened, right? But how intense were these in detail? Getting flaked sucks, but the chick and I had two really cool dates before the flaking. And it was my most attractive chick yet, proving to me that I can get with traditionally attractive chicks (a former mental block of mine)! Getting hit by a hurricane sucks a lot. My usual route to work had a giant tree fall right in the middle of the road because of it. But the power stayed on the entire time and nothing happened to my car! So I think I’m good. As far as my job goes, it was more stressful and I had to stay a couple hours. The extra two hours were also stressful too, so yeah that event sucked. But the other two more than cancel it out, no?

    When things are put in broad perspective to the very last detail, there are usually more good things than bad things. Especially over the course of a week or a month or so. When people bitch and whine, they usually whine about how bad their DAY was. But you never hear them talk about EVERYTHING that happened. Unfortunately, we are being socially programmed to always be negative and act like victims of everything (AND get REWARDED!) and that’s why no one can put things in an objective perspective now.

    • September 3, 2016 at 4:06 pm — Reply

      A lot of good points in here. Thanks bro!

    • ARM
      September 5, 2016 at 6:04 pm — Reply

      What I understand by “looking at the bright side of things” is the delusional thinking you mention. Because that’s the only way to change your feelings.

      If I saw the tree fell on my way to work and I was being mindful of my happiness, I would think “That’s perfect! If that tree hadn’t fell, I bet another one would have fell and killed me further along the road” — this thought is not based on any facts, you might call it being delusional. But technically you aren’t lying to yourself… since you’re just saying “I bet” instead of making it more affirmative.

      These “statements on luck” actually are how you control your happiness. I forgot what the whole chinese symbol for happiness is, but I remember that one of the elements of their character for happiness is a subsymbol for “luck”.

      Just reframe how lucky you are, not reality. You’re LUCKY the tree fell because if that hadn’t you would have gone further and another one would have killed you (you can’t logically disprove this statement). You’re LUCKY the girl isn’t responding because ___” come up with your own reason you can believe e.g. she unknowingly has HIV. Mindful happiness is just trusting whatever happened is the best thing that could have happened (and actually it is. Whatever happens is the best thing that could have happened. Since it’s your life, whatever happens to you IS the best thing that could happen because it is a part of you now, it is who you are. It’s the truest thing in the world — all the “what-ifs” or “I could have done betters” are just based on fantasy — what happened is the only real truth.) — and then coming up with undeniable logical statements when you can so you satisfy your logical brain (look into “suspension of disbelief”).

      I had the happiest day of my life last year, because I had so many lucky things going in my life that day. That day is still memorable to me and I think of it time to time. But I had another day, while not as memorable, that was just as happy by practicing mindfulness throughout the day after I had read the first chapter of “Zen and the art to happiness”.

      • September 6, 2016 at 6:27 pm — Reply

        Sometimes you’re lucky the girl doesn’t respond because she’s batshit crazy haha

      • Joelsuf
        September 15, 2016 at 8:59 pm — Reply

        @ARM there’s no such thing as luck. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING happens because of something. Yes there are times where we think we get lucky because something happens that we didn’t think would happen but there is still a cause and an effect.

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