31 Aug 2016

How to Look on the Bright Side of Things- The “Advantage Mindset”

This is a simple guide for how to look on the bright side of things. Have you ever gone through a phase where nothing seemed to be going your way? Have you ever felt like you were in a long-term slump? Have you ever responded to “tough times” by engaging in negative

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30 Aug 2016

Become One With Nature- Find Your Habitat

Winning Mental Culture requires that you become a specialist on yourself. Remember, even single aspect of your life must contribute to the big picture: WINNING Your environment is everything. Your living environment must enable the very best for you. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. You must find a habitat that enables

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29 Aug 2016

Happy Image- Instantly Make Your Day Better

A happy image is an image you look at that makes you happy. This is essential to developing a winning mental culture because you must manage your emotional state. Anger (including resentment) is poisonous when it is not managed properly. I really started to learn that lesson in Las Vegas. Since March,

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27 Aug 2016

Happy Birthday Old Man

Happy Birthday Old Man is dedicated to the old man I see sitting alone by the pool every morning when I do my morning cardio. Happy 100th Birthday!   I do the same thing every morning I wake up. I start by doing my morning index card ritual. Then I

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24 Aug 2016

Culture Creator #3- The Books (And Helpful Reading Habits)

My Thoughts on Books (And Helpful Reading Habits) Every blog in the ever growing manosphere recommends reading books. This message has been hammered out time and time again. You have to read because people who are smarter than you have taken the time to give valuable knowledge for a small

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24 Aug 2016

Culture Creator #2- The Music of Dragons

Music has an incredible influence on culture. It’s everywhere! Music is a BIG TIME culture creator. Music influences everyone. It can lift up and empower the masses. It can also destroy generations through negative brainwashing. That’s what we are seeing right now. Today’s music is contributing to the destruction of

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22 Aug 2016

Culture Creator #1- The Morning Index Card Ritual

The Morning Index Card Ritual- Start your day off right! Soon after I made the decision to leave Las Vegas, I reread Think and Grow Rich. Don’t ask me why. I just saw it in my closet one day and had a hunch that I should read it again. Think and

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17 Aug 2016

Winning Mental Culture

If culture is everything, then what kind of culture do you need to reach new heights? You must have a WINNING MENTAL CULTURE. A winning mental culture is everything. That is the key to all of this. Very few people have a sense of cultural awareness. Ask them to talk about

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16 Aug 2016

Show Up Everyday!

What does it mean to show up everyday? Make no mistake, my personalized program requires that you show up everyday. Show up everyday! Show up every day! Show up every day! You get it? There’s no excuses. And this game is not for the impatient. That’s how life screens you out.

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15 Aug 2016

The Rebirth- Get Out While You Still Can! This is Your Wake Up Call Pal!

I want to expand on my reasons for leaving Las Vegas so abruptly. This will give you all the context you need moving forward. Everything will make sense. The rebirth will begin to take form. Most importantly, the changes I have made (and what I plan on teaching you now) will make perfect

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