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16 Fishing Lessons I Learned From My Uncle (And How They Help Me Get Chicks)

Women and fishing are one in the same.

After all, what’s the number one thing friends say to a guy when he’s having trouble moving on from a relationship?

“Hey cheer up bro.”

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

We’ve all heard that expression before.

What many guys don’t realize is that fishing and getting chicks really are the same thing.

The same principles apply and I will illustrate that in this article.

Just to give you some context, I grew up on Long Island and because of this, I have a fishing background.

I started fishing at early age and a lot of that had to do with my uncle.

My uncle (mom’s brother) is a unique character in his own right.

But the one thing that has always amazed me about him is his knowledge on fishing.

I’ve never met anybody who knew as much about anything as he knew about fishing.

He’s an expert unlike any other.

More specifically, he is an expert on fishing Montauk Point- the fishing capital of the world.

I am convinced, nobody knows more about anything than that man knows about fishing Montauk Point.

It’s to the point that we call him “the human fish finder.”

He doesn’t even use a fish finder on his boat. He just knows where to go.

I won’t get too far in depth but here’s any example.

Say you were to ask some broad question such as: “How do I catch fish in Montauk?”

His answer would go something like this. (I’m only going to limit it to 2 species of fish):

“It depends on the season and the fish.

If we’re talking striped bass, then we are going to fish about a mile and a half northeast of the lighthouse.

There’s a drop in to a big canyon there. The currents are slower then. The cows like slow currents because it requires less work to catch bait fish. That’s where the big fish are.

If it’s the spring or fall, we’re going first thing in the morning because that’s when they start feeding.

If we use bait, we’ll use live porgies so that they shine from the Sun’s reflection. If not, then we’ll use diamond jigs. In that case, we’re not going to sit on the bottom. We would have to continuously crank up to draw attention.

In the summer, we’re going out at night and using live eels. We’ll drop them straight to the bottom. As far as location, we’re going around the lighthouse and fishing about 2 miles out. The bottom is sandier there. Eels are more common there.

In the event there’s a storm, we’re not going out on the boat. We’re fishing right off of the shore (South Fork) and using clams. The storm tends to kill off a lot of clams and wash them towards the shore. The striped bass have a feeding frenzy right up on shore when this happens.

If we’re talking fluke (Summer Flounder), then our best bet is to head out of the harbor, loop around the lighthouse and position ourselves right in front of Gurney’s (about a mile out). For some reason, that’s always been the lucky spot. It also helps that there’s an underwater wreck nearby so that attracts a lot of fish.

As far as bait, we’re going to use a shiner/squid combo because. That’s if we want to catch a lot of fish.

If we are strictly going for doormats (at least 10 lbs.), then we are heading south (about 5 miles) to the “mud bowl”. The water is over 80 ft. deep and the currents are slow. Remember, big fish like slow currents. As far as bait, we’re using big chunks of fluke belly cut in the shape of triangles. That looks very attractive to big fish when floating underwater in the slow current.”

That was the scaled down version.

As you can see, fishing is so much more to him than just going out whenever and hopefully catching something. It is an exact process with him.

Fishing with him for many years has taught me that and I have applied much of his fishing wisdom to getting chicks.

Success is largely the result of strategy.

Here are the 16 most important fishing lessons I learned from my uncle accompanied by how I apply them toward getting chicks.

1. Always think from the fish’s point of view.

My uncle always explains fishing in terms of what the fish are thinking.

He tends to physically explain how the fish are thinking and acting.

From there, he decides the most logical game plan.

“If I’m a big striped bass, I don’t want small, quick moving bait. I’m lazy. I want big, sloppy bait that remains stationary in a slow moving current.”

The same thing applies to chicks. I’m always thinking and looking at things from the chick’s point of view.

For instance, say I’m going out to XS Night Swim on a Sunday night. Let’s say David Guetta is set to perform at 1:00 AM.

Let’s say I’m a chick from out of town.

“My friends and I are all excited.

I love David Guetta. I bought my ticket in advance.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

Do I plan on going home with anyone at 11:00 AM?

Fuck no.

I’m having a couple of drinks with my friends. Maybe I’ll mingle with the crowd.

But other than that, I’m pretty much hanging out with my friends and waiting to see David Guetta go on.

I’m not going anywhere until I see David Guetta.”

This is the kind of shit that goes on in my head.

Hence, why you will never see me at XS Night Swim until midnight at the earliest.

If my goal is to get laid I’m not going to go to the club at 10:00 PM.

I’m going to show up when it makes sense that chicks will at least be open to the idea of going home with a stranger.

2. Consistently lucky fisherman are skilled fisherman.

If someone is “always” lucky, what does this mean?

Are they just lucky or is there something else behind it?

In most instances, there is usually something else behind it.

More specifically, individuals who are consistently lucky usually employ some sort of strategy.

They know what they what.

They know the situations and circumstances that most enable their desired outcome.

They do everything they can to get to that state.

This is the case with fishing.

With my uncle, we always limit out on fish, meaning we reach a point where we’re not allowed to keep any more.

The only times when this did not happen was when the weather really turned on us.

Are we lucky?

No. My uncle simply has enough experience to know when and where to go for the fish.

The same thing applies to chicks.

While there is a certain element of luck involved to actually running in to the right chicks, there is a certain strategy behind knowing where and when to go.

I help guys all around the world develop their own strategy.

3. “Universal bait” is universal for a reason… it works.

My family and I have used many different types of bait and lures to catch striped bass.

The same applies to fluke.

However, there are certain universal truths that are undeniable.

If you want to catch big striped bass, your best bet is to use live eels (especially during the full moon). Nothing beats live eels. Read any fishing report where someone lands a monster. What did they use as bait? It’s almost always a live eel.

If you want to catch big doormat fluke, your best bet is to use big strips of fluke belly combined with spearing. Again, read any fishing report where someone lands an absolute beast. In most instances, they used a fluke belly/spearing combo.

Can you use other things to catch striped bass and fluke? Absolutely.

That’s not the point.

The point is that why would you not use what universally works every time?

Women universally respond to high value.

Why would you focus on anything else?

Read the article on this.

4. Good fisherman take the tides in to consideration… The best fisherman take EVERYTHING in to consideration. That’s why they get the best results.

Your average weekend warrior will go out at noon on a Saturday, just because.

A good fisherman will look at the tides that morning and make a decision based off of that.

A pro will take everything in to consideration.

He will check the tides. He will view the weather report. He will usually focus on water temperature and wind.

He will look at the clouds.

He will take recent fishing reports in to consideration. Where are the hot spots? What have people been using as bait?

What type of fish does he want to catch?

You see what I mean? Everything matters.

The same rationale applies towards picking up chicks.

What day is it?

What time is it?

What’s going on?

What are the hot spots?

Is there some sort of special event going on?

What type of chick am I trying to meet?

Anytime you go fishing for chicks, you should start by asking questions. Your answers will help clarify things.

Once you know exactly what you want, your game plan and actions should match that.

5. A good day of fishing really results from a condensed period of results (and perfect timing).

Fishing with my uncle is not a day long excursion where we cruise around the water all day chasing fish.

It’s a very fast process.

Here’s a summary of my last bass trip with him.

He picked me and my dad up from our house at 3:30 AM.

We drove out to Montauk and were out on the water by 5:00 AM.

We got to our spot and started fishing at 5:30 AM.

It was on right away and we limited out by 6:30 AM.

We went back in to the harbor, fileted the fish, and cleaned the boat.

We were back home by 9:00 AM (when most people were waking up).

The same concept applies towards picking up chicks.

I never want it to be a long drawn out process.

I want to meet the right chick as soon as possible.

I’m going to let you guys in on one of my secret spots in Las Vegas (I got a bunch).

If you want to get laid in Las Vegas, this is the perfect time and place.

You go to the Excalibur hotel on a Saturday night (around 11:30 PM).

You go to the bar on the second floor, right across from Thunder From Down Under (male strip show).

Get a drink and relax.

At midnight the show will let out and all the chicks that were watching the show will come out and go to that bar.

It’s usually about 100-200 chicks.

These chicks are in the perfect state to go home with someone.

Most of them are horned out from watching the show.

On top of that, they’ve been drinking.

And the best part is that there’s no competition. Seriously.

No guys go here because they all fall for the trap… They’re all at the nightclubs because they think that spam approaching crowded nightclubs is the best way to score chicks.

I usually go here with one other friend and we always go home with chicks that are ready to fuck.

The odds are in our favor. It’s always a bang bang play.

We get there around 11:30 PM. The chicks let out at midnight.

We’re usually leaving with chicks around 1:00 AM.

Going out and getting laid should not be some long drawn out process.

There are far more important things in life.

The process should be as efficient and take up as little time as possible.

That’s the beauty of online dating.

6. The best days start off with a belief that you’re going to catch some fish.

This is textbook confidence and visualization.

This was the exciting part about fishing for me as a kid… the anticipation.

When I was a boy, my family would all say positive, uplifting stuff to me before we went out on the water.

“You’re gonna catch a big one today!”

“We’re gonna catch a lot of fish today!”

On top of that, we also adequately prepared for a great day of fishing.

We brought a camera (and extra film) to take pictures.

We also brought an extra cooler for fish filets.

The only outcome we pictured was having a great time out on the water catching fish.

That’s all we prepared for.

The same thing applies to broads.

You must believe in yourself and the possibility (likelihood) that you are going to pull some ass.

You must prepare for this outcome.

Make sure your place is clean in the event you bring a chick home.

Make sure you’ve got protection.

Make sure your roommates (if you have any) know what’s up so they don’t fuck it up.

Everything must be visualized.

Everything must be prepared.

It shouldn’t be a fantasy.

It should be a very realistic outcome.

7. A negative attitude (loser mentality) keeps the fish away.

When I went fishing as a kid, momentum was everything.

I had to have a good beginning.

Great fishing days always started great.

If I had a poor beginning (not getting any bites/catching anything, losing fish, etc.), then my day was shot.

I couldn’t bounce back because my poor attitude (mindset) kept the fish away.

“Why can’t I catch any fish?”

“I’m never gonna catch anything today.”

Once those thoughts crept in, it was game over.

Now it doesn’t matter… I’m just grateful to be out on the water.

The same concept applies to getting laid and it is part of the vicious cycle that incels (guys who can’t get laid) deal with.

Because of their lack of success, guys who can’t get laid tend to have the worst mindsets for getting chicks.

They live in scarcity and deep down, their mindsets mirror my thoughts on bad fishing days.

“Why can’t I get laid?”

“I’m never going to get a girlfriend.”

Once you start thinking like this, you are done.

The chicks can sense that sense of neediness and self-sabotaging mindset.

Getting chicks, like catching fish follows this universal rule:

The more you feel like you need it as a way of somehow completing you, the less likely you are to succeed.

Indifference tends to be the key.

8. It has to make sense. There must be an alignment between what you want and the actions you are taking.

When you go fishing, you must know what you want because this will determine your decisions and actions.

Everything must make sense.

If my goal is to catch big striped bass, all of my decisions and actions must contribute to that goal.

Collectively, all of my decisions and actions should put the odds in my favor.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to go fishing for 50 lb. striped bass in the middle of the bay during low tide when the water is only 4 feet deep and there is a lack of bait fish in the area.

It would make much more sense for me to go out on the ocean where there is an abundance of big fish.

If my goal is to catch big fluke, everything I do should help me achieve that goal.

It wouldn’t make much sense for to use sandworms as bait and go fishing at night off of the beach.

It would make a lot more sense if I went out on a boat during the day and fished over a muddy/soft sand bottom. It would also be better if I used a fluke belly/spearing combo.

You see what I’m getting at here?

Your strategy must be in alignment with what you want.

This applies to chicks.

This article on screening is one of the most important articles I’ve ever written.

It has to do with personal screening.

What do you really want?

Do you want a girlfriend?

Do you want to blast through as many chicks as possible?

You must ask yourself these questions.

Your game plan must cater to your desired results.

If your goal is to bang as many chicks as possible (and that’s all you care about), then go nuts.

Do whatever you want.

Go out regularly and party it up.

Hammer the shit out of Tinder and invite chicks over to your place as fast as possible.

Do whatever you gotta do to close the deal as fast (and as often) as possible.

However, if you want a meaningful relationship and actual companionship, the game plan must change.

You can’t be going out and drinking four nights a week expecting to meet someone special.

There’s nothing special about one night stands.

And if you try to build a relationship upon a foundation of a drunken one night stand, you are asking for a relationship filled with frustration and possible heartbreak.

Many guys who follow PUA advice fall in to this trap.

They religiously do night game.

They don’t really have a goal in mind. Mostly, they just want to break out and live it up a little.

Somewhere along the line (sometimes right at the beginning) they realize what they really want is a girlfriend.

All dudes want companionship with one girl at one point or another.

However, they never make the adjustment.

They keep going out hitting on drunk chicks.

They continue bagging the same trash.

They catch feelings for a girl they met at a nightclub and try to wife her up.

They can’t control her because she’s a wild party girl.

The matriarchy has enabled her often unacceptable behavior to go unchecked.

The dude thinks he’s doing something wrong and that there’s something wrong with his game.

No. It’s worse. He made a poor decision by allowing himself to get emotionally attached to a skank.

Be smart. Most importantly, be honest with yourself.

What do you really want?

Your game plan must be geared towards this.

The game ends when you’re married because you’re off the market.

Before that, it’s your time.

You will change and go through phases.

As a result, your game plan must also change and go through phases.

9. If you keep doing the same thing with nothing to show for it, the problem is you. You must make an adjustment.

When I was in high school, I used to take my friends fishing all the time.

One of my friends never caught anything.

It didn’t matter when we went fishing. He always went home empty handed.

Why? Because he kept making the same mistake over and over again.

Instead of letting the line drop all the way to the bottom (like you’re supposed to with deep sea fishing), he would let the line sit about 10 feet about bottom.

Eventually, I realized this. I showed him how to make sure he was hitting bottom.

Before you know it, he was catching fish like the rest of us.

You also pick this up when you keep catching fish that you don’t want to catch.

One time I went fluke fishing with my uncle and as soon as we stopped we were catching fish like crazy.

The problem is we weren’t catching fluke. We were catching sea robins (the rats of the sea).

Twenty minutes in my uncle saw enough. It was time for an adjustment so we moved to a different location.

The same thing applies to chicks.

If you are consistently losing out in your dating life (not getting chicks or settling below your standards), there’s a reason for it.

The reason is you.

You. Your circumstances. Your game plan. Your mentality.

Ultimately, it’s on you.

You are the reason for your success and failures.

If you are consistently failing, stop doing the same thing over and over again.


What exactly are you doing that’s fucking you up?

What’s preventing you from getting the results you want?

Many PUA guys do the same thing over and over and over again.

They get the same results (usually none).

For some reason, it just doesn’t click to try something else.

For the love of God, you must make adjustments if you want to start winning.

10. There is such a thing as overfishing an area. When that happens, you must leave.

Knowing when you’ve overfished an area comes with experience.

When you know, you know.

You know because you pay attention and all the signs are there.

You’re not catching as many fish.

More importantly, you’re not even getting any bites.

You drop your line down and reel it back up 10 minutes later… your bait remains untouched.

When this happens, there’s only one thing you can do… Go somewhere else.

The fish aren’t there anymore. You must go to a new spot to catch fish.

The same concept applies to picking up chicks.

You’ve mingled with (or hit on) the majority of the chicks in the club.

Most of the hot chicks are in big groups (or with dudes).

You have a general feel for the place and you know that there aren’t too many DTF chicks there.

Many guys find themselves in this situation and what do they do.

They stay there wandering around aimlessly hoping “the tide will turn.”

In most instances, it doesn’t. You just run in to the same people over and over again.

You’re better off going somewhere else.

11. Anything is possible… but be realistic. Your best results usually come from the best odds.

Universal bait is universal because it works.

However, are there exceptions and anomalies that come up? Absolutely.

I once caught a 14lb fluke in 7 feet of water inside the Great South Bay (on a rocky bottom). It was just as the sun was going down.

I also caught a red drum off the coast of Long Island. Red drum are not native to Long Island.

They’re native habitat is about 500 miles south.

I once picked up a chick at Home Depot (and had sex with her shortly after). How many hot chicks do you see roaming the aisles of Home Depot? Not many.

The point is this.

Anything is possible. Anything.

Any time you drop a line in the water (especially the ocean), the possibilities are endless.

Who knows what kind of weird shit is down there?

I’ve had so many weird catches over the years.

Same thing goes for chicks.

Anytime you set foot outside your house, the possibilities are endless.

Who knows who you’re going to run in to?

Hot chicks are everywhere.

There’s so many instances where I’ve met chicks in the weirdest places. You would never expect it.

However, anomalies are anomalies for a reason.

They are freak occurrences.

Be realistic.

Your best results will come about from your best odds.

12. Too many people fishing at once causes problems.

Having a boat full of people is awesome for cracking jokes and having a good time.

However, fishing is another story.

More people fishing in a tight-knit area causes problems.

People bump in to each other. This is especially true on a boat being rocked back and forth by waves.

Lines get tangled.

Nothing sucks more than 5 people having all their lines tangled up together.

Most importantly, it’s easy to overfish an area.

This point coincides with our article on how to choose the right wingman, specifically the discussion on the number of wingman.

Read that here.

Remember, less is better.

13. Your best bet is to fish where there are no other boats.

If we see a bunch of boats fishing on top of each other, we know to stay away.

Everyone’s fishing there.

People have been there long before us.

In all likeliness, the area is on the verge of being overfished or is already overfished (the people just don’t realize it yet.)

Either way, we don’t go anywhere near them.

Instead, we find our own spot where no one else is around.

The same could be said of picking up girls in the nightlife.

The PUA cult is pretty prominent in most USA cities, particularly Las Vegas.

What happens when you have 50-100 guys on any given night spam approaching a nightclub?

That’s right… overfishing.

They effectively cancel each other out.

A lot of times what happens is these chicks get spam approached by so many guys that it ruins their night.

They could have been DTF for someone but they just get bombarded by faggots all night that they’d rather go home by themselves.

Overfishing is very common in the Vegas club scene.

There are way easier places to pick up chicks.

I remember one time me and one of my boys went to Omnia on a Tuesday night.

We left after 30 minutes.

It wasn’t a good sign that as soon as we walked in, a group of six dudes swarmed around the two mediocre chicks that were in front of us.

Everywhere we went it was a bunch of geeks running around spam approaching chicks they had no shot with.

In those instances, just get out as soon as you can.

14. If you do everything right, catching fish is as simple as dropping a line in the water.

This relates to #4.

Take everything in to consideration.

Here are some fishing stories to take in to consideration.

My greatest fishing experience to date was September 8, 2001.

I remember the date because it was the Saturday right before 9/11 happened.

My family and I were driving in Nassau County to look for a new dock to fish off of.

By chance, we stumbled upon an old bridge.

We checked it out and immediately we saw the water violently churning from thousands of bluefish mating.

So we cast our lines out and did nothing but catch fish all day.

I even caught one where the fish jumped up and bit the baited hook before it even hit the water.

We ended up with 2 big buckets full of fish that day.

Another great fishing trip was when my uncle took me and my cousin out to go fishing right after a storm.

No one was out on the water but my uncle said we had to go out. I don’t remember his exact reason but it had something to do with the moons.

We used big chunks of clams that day.

The trip only last 20 minutes because all 3 of us immediately landed 40 lb. fish.

We limited out. This was 12 years ago when you could still only keep one per day.

My point is this. When you do everything right (and everything aligns), you will catch fish.

For instance, I got a friend in Vegas who does a bit of research before deciding to go out.

He’s big on conventions.

Last summer we both went through a milf phase.

There was a real estate convention held at the Mandalay Bay last summer.

So that’s where we went out.

We figured there’s gonna be some sexy real estate type chicks there.

They probably want to unwind and have a few drinks.

All of the stress of the everyday grind back home must suck.

They probably want to have some fun in Vegas.

So we went to the center bar and it was chock full of real estate chicks (and their push over male coworkers) like we thought it would be.

It was a simple as dropping a line in the water…

Last September was the Mr. Olympia contest.

Tons of hot fitness chicks are in town for that event to either compete or help sell bullshit supplements that don’t work.

I was still in shape at the time.

So I came up with the brilliant idea to hit up some pool parties.

However, I didn’t want to go to Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic.

It would be nuts there. It always is.

I wanted to go somewhere more low key.

The topless pools are great because they are more low key than the big pools.

The chicks that go there are usually freakier too (and hotter).

So I rolled out by myself to Bare at the Mirage and what do you know?… A group of hot fitness chicks had a cabana all to themselves.

They had one of the servers come get me to come chill with them.

I had a foursome later that night…

If you do everything right (showing up at the right place, right time, under the right conditions), pussy will fall in to your lap.

15. Don’t think in terms of “failure”, always try to put a positive spin on things.

I used to go fishing on this charter boat and they had a sign hanging up. It said:

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

It’s true.

Nothing beats being out on the water.

Even if you don’t catch anything, don’t focus on the negatives.

Focus on the positives.

You got to spend a day out on the water. You got some sun. You got to relax.

The same rational can be applied toward women, especially if you are inexperienced (or currently low value).

The cold hard truth is that it takes years to unwind poor parenting and conditioning.

If mom and dad conditioned you to be a Mr. Nice Guy Pushover who goes with the flow, it’s tough to unwind that.

It’s a difficult task to overcome your childhood conditioning.

It will hold you back for some time.

In all likeliness, you’re not going to be that guy who’s tagging fresh puss on a regular basis.

You will deal with failure and have roadblocks.

You must make it a habit to look at the bright side of things.

Squattincassanova actually made this point in our interview.

Focus on the little things.

Maybe you didn’t go home with a hot chick tonight.

But maybe you learned something.

Maybe you picked up a little golden nugget that will go a long way in developing your social skills.

Maybe you made a contact who will help open doors for you.

There’s always a bright side. Focus on that.

That’s how you keep moving forward.

16. Always trust your instinct.

It was November 2005.

Me, my uncle, my dad, and one of my uncle’s friends drove all the way out to Montauk to get some fall striped bass fishing in.

My uncle took one long look at the water and decided weren’t going fishing.

It was sunny out.

The water was a little rough. But we had been out on worse.

His instinct told him that it just wasn’t a good day to be out on the water.

So we drove back home.

It would turn out that the Fall 2005 season was the worst season of fishing in over 30 years.

When you know, you know. And my uncle knew. He just did.

As you become more experienced with women, you develop a sense for who you are dealing with early on.

This the initial part of the screening process.

You develop foresight and the ability to project what exactly is in store for you should decide to get intimate with this chick.

No matter how hot they are, some girls are just bad news.

They simply are not worth the short term pleasure.

I’ve dodged a few bullets over the course of my life.

When I worked as a camp counselor, one chick was obsessed with me.

She was pretty and was definitely bangable.

However, even then I knew something was off.

Years later, she now has 2 kids with 2 different fathers and she just got married for the first time to some sucker.

Word around town is that she’s had him arrested multiple times and still sleeps around.

Over Thanksgiving break (2010), my best friend and I were at a nightclub in my home town.

We had an opportunity to go home with these two chicks.

We had to ride with them because we had lost his car earlier in the night.

The girls seemed too drunk and I decided against it.

They sped off and left us there.

My friend ragged on me and called me a pussy.

The next day it was all over the news that those girls got in to a bad accident and killed someone.

Be smart.

Guys will go to great lengths and do all sorts of stupid shit to get pussy.

For every story I have where I dodged a bullet, I’ve got a bunch where I’ve really rolled the dice.

No matter how desperate (or just horned out) you may be, your long-term mental and physical health is the priority.

This was a lot of information on dating strategy.

If you are tired of the same boring results, you must take action and make the necessary adjustments. Working with with me is a major step in the right direction.

E-mail me now for private consultations. 


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