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Best College Classes for Future Entrepreneurs

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One of the biggest myths in the whole red pill vs. blue pill debate has to with college.

Read more about blue pill lies. 

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Many people ride the bandwagon and label college as nothing more than a scam.

Is college a scam? In many ways, yes.

However, when someone says they got absolutely nothing out of their 4 years (7 years in some cases) in college that tells me they are lying.

I’m a realist who sees truth in both sides.

While it’s true that you won’t take any classes that teach you how to make money, you can take classes that will help develop a business-oriented mindset further down the road.

Yes, classes like astronomy and anthropology are useless.

However, there are some classes (that you can take in a liberal arts school) that are useful because of the way they force you to think.

Here is a summary of my (our) advice on the best college classes for future entrepreneurs:

1. Take advantage of every opportunity in your school’s Entrepreneurship department (free classes, workshops, speakers, etc.)

2. Economics is the best/most applicable class you can take in college. It requires critical thinking and applying what you learn to solve real world problems.

3. Psychology is an important class to take as well.

It will help you start to develop an understanding of motive.

Why do people act a certain way? What triggers them? More specifically, what do people value and what triggers them to purchase?

4. Communications is important because you are communicating with people 24/7.

You must know how to communicate with people.

This is especially true when you run your own business (and have employees).

5. Political Strategy (International Relations) is a very useful class to take because it’s almost like another psychology class. During this class, you develop an understanding of why nations and states act a certain way.

Most importantly, you learn the importance of strategy (in numerous realms).

What makes entities go on the offensive? What makes them defensive?

6. Internships are a great opportunity to gain experience.

Tony and I disagree on this.

He thinks you should only do an internship the summer before your senior year. His reasoning is because you want to show to your employers that you have an interest in working there as your first job.

Personally, I think the earlier the better.

Over the years, I’ve learned that experience is king.

So if you start early with the internships, that gives you a leg up on the competition so that come summer before senior year of college, you are in prime position to get your ideal internship (which you can then try to land a job at).

We both have a case. Tony is actually on the other side because he hires interns for his company all the time. So he has a first-hand look.

Let us know if you have any questions (especially you young guys who are still in school).

If you are looking for honest career advice from someone who’s gone through the bullshit in Corporate America, hit me up.

Many of my clients hit me up exclusively to work on career oriented improvement.

Contact me for private consultations.


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