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Discipline (How Fear and the Competitive Spirit Create Discipline)

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Discipline is an important topic in the realm of success.

Everyone knows that. We have heard it throughout our entire lives.

So what exactly is discipline?

Discipline is self-control. It is a state of mind.

When you are exercising discipline, you are exhibiting a power within yourself to do something or restrain yourself from doing something.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to execute or practice if you do not know what causes it.

Discipline is the result of fear.

Something bad will happen to you if you do (or do not do) something.

Discipline is the result of the competitive spirit.

Read more on the competitive spirit. 

If you do (or do not do something), something good can and will happen.

Practice a habit (or restrain yourself from one) and it will lead to a favorable result.

What is the better way to become disciplined?

Answer: Both

UPDATE: It depends on the individual.

For me: If accomplishment is on my mind, FEAR makes me exercise greater discipline.

When I am driven by FEAR, I get better results.

I have tried to fight it but I’ve finally accepted it these past few weeks.

Discipline is instilled through FEAR.

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Fear is a powerful way to make someone become disciplined.

How do you motivate someone?
You scare the living shit out of them.
Fear is the most powerful motivator because it always works.
Fear makes you more disciplined because fear increases productivity and above all it gets results.

You hang a metaphorical anvil over their head, leaving them in a constant, threatened state.

Watch what happens.

They immediately become more disciplined because they fear the consequences.

Their brain kicks in to overdrive.

They eliminate distractions.

They develop extreme focus.

They get results.

They know that if they do (or do not do) something, something bad will happen.

I think too much of this (letting fear dictate you) is a bad thing.

It’s not good for your mental health.

I have a lot of experience relying on fear to get results.

My former coach instilled fear in me (and my teammates) on the ball field.

His practices were intense and he ran us in to the ground.

But our discipline was unmatched.

Hate it or love it, we got results. We DOMINATED.

My own mother physically and verbally abused me over academics.

Did she instill fear in me and hurt me? Absolutely.

But it got results. I was a disciplined student and I thrived academically.

Tony dealt with fear on a regular basis in the military.

Of course, there were times when it sucked and he wanted to quit. But he stuck with it.

It made him more disciplined (something that helps him to this day) and it got results.

Discipline and The Competitive Spirit Go Hand in Hand.

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How do you instill discipline? You inspire people and give them hope.

You encourage them and tell them to keep the faith. Never stop believing.

There is a bright spirit deep inside them. The only thing that matters is that they follow it.

Keep looking up. Only worry about the descent once you’ve reached the top.

If they remain disciplined, meaning they exercise a power from within to either do or do not do something, then something good will happen.

All of their hard work and effort will pay off. They will achieve whatever they put their mind to.

Positive dialogue is a must for everyone.

I’ve started doing it again recently and it’s bringing about some great changes.

Maybe you’ve noticed?

For all the fear I experienced in my childhood, it wasn’t all bad.

It was often accompanied by my superiors giving me positive reinforcement.
This further reinforced discipline.

“You’re putting in the work now.”

“No one is doing what you are doing.”

“This will all pay off.”

My mother was cruel and said (and did) nasty things to me in order to instill strong study habits.

She didn’t want me to get good grades. She wanted me to get perfect grades.

Years of doing this would lead to academic awards and eventually getting in to a top-tier college.

The discipline would pay off.

She constantly reminded me of this.

“Someday, you’ll thank me.”

“You might think this is pointless now but while all the other kids will be losers going to Suffolk, you’ll be at an elite school.”

“Have faith that all this hard work you’re doing will pay off.”

Was it necessary?

Who knows? In the end, it got the desired results.

I executed the game plan. I visualized a brighter future where everything paid off. I did it.

That’s all that matters.

There were times when my coach went overboard with our conditioning.

He would curse at us and threaten us if we didn’t live up to his elite standards.

But it wasn’t all bad.

He inspired us.

He constantly reminded us that our competition didn’t stand a chance.

“You’re men… you’re playing against little boys this summer.”

“No one is more prepared than you guys.”

“You’ve put in the work. Now go out there and dominate.”

We had faith that the discipline would pay off.

And it did.

We slaughtered teams from all over the country.

We dominated tournaments and won championships.


I have one more recording on discipline that I want you all to listen to.

I made it recently.

It’s important to me. Your answer is even more important.

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Also… If you need to become more disciplined, I’m the guy to talk to.

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Maybe you need a more dominant mindset.


I will instill fear in you. I will inspire you.

I will get you results.

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  1. Enea
    March 25, 2016 at 5:37 am — Reply

    Really good article bro… It’s a shame that everyone is only interested in pussy. Keep making these articles

    • March 28, 2016 at 3:09 am — Reply

      Yup. Most dudes don’t get it… This is the stuff that builds strength which will get the chicks…

  2. Robert G
    October 12, 2017 at 10:30 am — Reply

    Excellent article, Sonny. Only through fear you’re breaking over your limits, by doing what’s uncomfortable. Keep it up!

    • October 12, 2017 at 12:45 pm — Reply

      Exactly. Thanks!

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