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How to Defend Yourself in The Land of the Free

This is the story of how I got a free massage. It relates to my overall message on how to defend yourself in the land of the free.

Today, I finished my work early so I decided to get a massage in Chinatown.

When I walked in the place I pointed out the $40/hour special that I wanted.

I understood that they didn’t speak English that well. But nonetheless, they could still understand me.

Everyone understands money. She sits steady on all cultures’ tongues.

During the massage they did a bunch of extra shit that I did not ask for (while I was half asleep). They didn’t offer it or try to up sell me. They just did it.

When it came time to pay, they tried to charge me $96 because they did all that extra stuff.

Not only did I refuse to pay the $96, I refused to pay the initial $40 that was agreed upon. 

They tried to hustle me. They failed.

They tried to back me in to a corner because they thought I was a typical American male who was afraid of conflict. They were wrong.

I live for it.

I stared down the owner and told him: “You tried to pull that me no speaky English shit and tried to hustle me. You’re not getting shit. I’m fucking leaving. Try to stop me.”

And I left and now I’m writing this article.

But this story illustrates a great lesson.

We often think of “defending ourselves” as in literally defending ourselves in a physical altercation.

While it’s true that every man should have the ability to engage in hand to hand combat, this situation is rare compared to the self-defense I’m talking about.

I’m talking about defending yourself on a day to day basis.

Scammers and scumbags try to rip off and step all over people on a day to day basis.

They do this because they know that people fear conflict. They will do anything they can to avoid it.

Most people would rather keep their head down and get taken advantage of (or stepped on) versus saying “NO” and engaging in conflict.

Don’t take shit from anybody!!!

No matter how big or small the situation is, stand up for yourself.

If you get some water at the gym and come back to find some guy using your machine, don’t put your head down and find another machine.

Tell that guy (or girl): “Hey I’m on this.” or “Hey I got another set.”

If some guy goes to cut you on line at the bathroom in the club, don’t let him. Tell him: “Hey I’m next.”

There are endless examples.

You’re not starting fights. You are letting people know you exist and that you are not a pushover.

We all deal with situations like this.

Trust your instinct.

Speak up and tell people what’s on your mind. If you want to say no then SAY NO.

Be sure to e-mail me for private consultations where you learn how to build more confidence in yourself (and much more).


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  2. Enea
    September 8, 2016 at 3:17 pm — Reply

    Sonny this is one of your best articles bro,very inspiring
    Keep it up, we all need more advice like this

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