“You shouldn’t go to strip clubs.”

“Strip clubs are bad.”

“Only desperate men go to strip clubs.”

Sound familiar? For decades, the biased American media with its feminist agenda has done everything in its power to discourage men from enjoying anything that involves sexually suggestive situations with women.

Men are essentially shamed and looked down upon if they openly express their sexual attraction for a beautiful woman. As a result, it’s gotten to the point where many men feel held back by an invisible barrier because societal conditioning has made them fearful of what might happen if they show sexual intent.

Believe it or not, strip clubs may serve as a viable solution.

Here a 5 reasons why men should go to strip clubs.

1. Strip clubs show “the other side” to women.

Yes, there is an “other side” to women. Many men are conditioned to view women as these infallible creatures that must be treated like princesses no matter what. As a result, many men go through life walking on pins and needles around women.

You could even say that many men are downright “scared” of women because they are conditioned to only see a beautiful woman as… a beautiful woman.

That’s where strip clubs become useful. Strips clubs show that there is an “other side” to women.

By regularly going to strip clubs, men learn that beauty does not equal perfection. Many women have tons of issues that make them unworthy of dating in the first place.

Therefore, men learn that they should not worship women. In the strip club environment, men learn right away that women often have an agenda and that agenda is often geared towards hustling men for their money. Some will even resort to doing disgusting things for the almighty dollar.

2. Strip clubs teach men to objectify women.

Men go to strip clubs to watch women dance up on stage and to receive lap dances from them. It’s also cool to enjoy a couple of drinks. That’s the purpose of strip clubs.

Yes, men view women as objects in strip clubs. Is it wrong to objectify women? It depends on who you ask and it depends on who is listening.

Any woman will scold you and give you the breakdown on how it is wrong to view women as objects.

However, the story often changes once you get those same women behind closed doors in the bedroom. Women love being dominated and objectified during sex. It’s in their nature.

Just like it is in man’s nature to take control and dominate.

However, years of social conditioning requiring men to put women on a pedestal often erodes this basic instinct within men.

Strip clubs give men an opportunity to reignite this instinct because it puts men in an environment where they can unwind and view women in a sexual matter without having to look over their shoulder.

3. Strip clubs “numb” men to a woman’s physical beauty.

Every guy has found himself stunned by a woman’s physical beauty at one point or another. Regularly going to strip clubs has a numbing effect on this.

Strip clubs (the good ones) are filled with gorgeous women. As a potential customer, these women are all up on you. They sit on your lap. They rub their hands all over you. They talk to you.

If you subject yourself to this on a somewhat regular basis, do you really think you are going to remain intimidated by a woman’s looks? No. This will go away over time.

4. Strip clubs teach men about the relationship between money and women.

Strippers don’t want to get to know you. They don’t want to be your friend. They don’t want to date you. You’re a means to an end.

Their job is to flirt with you and put on a good show so that they can milk you for as much money as possible. That’s the end game.

Most guys get suckered into relationships with the same dynamic. Again, the strip club forces men to open their eyes and realize that women are not these innocent creatures without an agenda.

They often have a game plan and are very skilled at using their assets to execute it.

5. Strip clubs give men an opportunity to relax.

In today’s world, men are forced to put on a show. This is a fact. Men can never really be themselves. The average man is forced to live the life of a subservient worker bee who is expected to do his job, keep his mouth shut, and provide for a woman no matter what she does.

Furthermore, he is expected to do it all with a big smile on his face. The pressure of these ridiculous expectations is enough to drive a man crazy.

If only there were a place where he and some of his buddies could go to escape this reality and simply unwind…

The strip club is the perfect place to do this. It’s a place where guys can be guys. It’s a place where guys can go to forget about all of their problems. All they need to do is sit back, have a couple of drinks, and stare at hot chicks dancing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Strip clubs also give guys the opportunity to let loose and get comfortable with expressing their own sexuality.

The is especially important with guys who grew up in strict households with helicopter parents who basically made it a sin to even look at or think about girls. I know this because I’ve seen it with numerous clients I’ve worked with this summer. It was almost as if they had an invisible leash on them because you can tell they were still afraid that they “might get in trouble” or “someone would see them” (judge them).

You can learn way more about a client by taking him to a strip club and watching his body language/interactions with strippers as opposed to just doing a bunch of approaches.

Concluding Thoughts on Why Men Should Go to Strip Clubs

So there you have it, 5 reasons why men should go to strip clubs. This article may offend some people but sometimes that is inevitable.

The reality is that strip clubs are not a “bad place” where only desperate guys go to stare.

There is a positive aspect to attending strip clubs as they provide an environment where guys can go to unwind and learn some very important lessons regarding women and dating.


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  1. Dan
    October 8, 2015 at 4:08 am — Reply

    Great post Sonny, I still need to make a trip to one. When you’ve had helicopter parents, you definitely feel like being sexual with a woman is going to get you a bad reaction.

    Is there a good time of day to go into a strip club?

    • October 8, 2015 at 5:41 am — Reply

      I’d say best time to go is anywhere from 3-7, when it’s not too packed and the night shift is starting to come in.

  2. Joelsuf
    October 21, 2015 at 4:56 pm — Reply

    About putting chicks on pedestals, I’d argue that putting them on pedestals objectifies chicks even MORE than just treating them like instruments of pleasure. I’ve had discussions with feminists (actual proponents of women’s rights, not the tumblr female supremacists) about this and they kind of agree.

    Placing chicks on pedestals and white knighting them is actually more misogynistic than “objectifying” them IMO, cuz it puts more pressure on them to act a certain way. Pretty sure a chick feels a lot less pressured to just flirt with guys and get money thrown at them than worry if that weirdo at their job or class is gonna be a supreme gentleman because she didn’t go out with him. If the current generation of feminists can get on board with that theory, that placing chicks on pedestals is bad, it would be a good thing for both sexes.

    Also I don’t even think you need to go to a strip club to achieve that third point, you just need to go somewhere where there are tons of attractive chicks and realize that they don’t give a shit about you lol

    • October 22, 2015 at 6:21 pm — Reply

      Never thought of those points. Thanks.

      Strip clubs dirty your mind too… which is a good thing.

  3. Bella Jessica
    September 19, 2016 at 6:15 pm — Reply

    I think this whole post is ignorant. If you feel you need to go to a strip club, while in a relationship. Then all of you strip club loving men, need to stay single. Why waste, yes WASTE, money that could be spent on his wife. Buying her sexy stilettos, lingerie, and making her your own personal sexy stripper.
    I don’t care if you’re single, go to the strip clubs all you want. But if you’re in a relationship, I think it’s very wrong. It’s sad how today’s society of women have learned to “accept” their men going to strip clubs. Because they feel it’ll stop them from cheating. 😂
    So it’s OK that he goes to a strip club gets rubs up on, gets grinded on, and gets all worked up to go home think of that bitch at the strip club while he’s fucking his wife. If that isn’t fucked up, you got your mindset all wrong.
    And posts like THIS is what causes women to be crazy and insecure. Because you say men should go to strip clubs to see sexy women, well who tf said his wife/gf was not sexy? I known men that have beautiful wives and girlfriends, and their selfish unsatisfying ass will STILL go to the strip club. Men that can’t be happy and satisfied and happy with what they have at home, are never gonna be satisfied. They’re the skirt chasers, that feel the need to keep looking around even tho the woman they’re with is gorgeous. 💯 realistically we all know that there are many beautiful women in the world, but if you find yourself lucky enough to be with one. Don’t ruin it by looking around or going to strip clubs, it’s disrespectful. How would men like it if their wife/girlfriend went to the club, was dancing dirty with some cute guy they saw there. All the grinding, bumping and dirty dancing (NO SEX, just like a strip club. Although I known strip clubs that are dirty and offer “extra” services in the VIP area. For more money) how would you feel if she went home and fucked you, but the whole time all she was thinking about was that guy from the dance club? Would you consider it cheating? Because then you should consider strip clubs cheating.

    And you say that it’s OK to objectify women in strip clubs, but this women. can be thinking of how “freakin Ugly you look”. But like you said she doesn’t give a fuck, she’s just using you for your wallet. To get whatever she wants and move on to the next customer. You guys bitch about women “using” you got your money. But WTF do you think strippers are doing? If you actually think they find you attractive, than you are beyond ignorant. What’s the difference between a wife/girlfriend using her man for cash, and a stripper using you for cash? It’s the same fuckin concept. So for those men that want an “escape from their relationship” and go to the strip club to “relax”. She’s doing the same dam fuckin thing as the wife/girlfriend. The only difference is she’s nude, while she’s doing it and dancing in a club. Oh and pretending to like you, while she flirts money out your wallet lol
    So Yea men objectify women in a strip club, but in return your just teaching women that it’s OK to use men for money even if they have to fake the funk. Because you objectify us, but in return we’ll just USE you for your cash. Because that’s the ugly truth of a strip club. So objectify women all you want, but don’t get mad when a woman uses you for your money. Because going to strip clubs, is teaching us women that to use men for what we want we gotta shake it, flaunt it and flirt. Because real women that aren’t STRIPPERS and that use men for money, have the same mind set and goal as a stripper. To get as much as we can out the man we think will give it up, especially if he finds us sexually attractive.
    I don’t hate strip clubs, I just don’t care for them. And to be in a HEALTHY relationship, strip clubs are to be avoided. If you feel the need for more sexiness or spice in your life, save the money you were gonna waste on the strippers. Take your ass to Victoria’s secret, or an adult boutique. Buy your lady a sexy outfit, and you’ll find how rewarding and awesome it is. Than going to a strip club. Plus you get sex, and you’re thinking of HER while your hitting it.
    And it makes your relationship stronger and more secure, and your woman will love you so much more for it.

    My comment is only for men in committed relationships.
    Again, if you’re SINGLE than I don’t care. Hit up all the strip clubs you want, have fun before you settle down. So you don’t need to feel the urge to go later on.
    I don’t hate strip clubs. Even if I did, they’re not going away any time soon. Sex sales, and men are the biggest customer’s.

    • September 20, 2016 at 12:42 am — Reply

      This for this post Jess. In reality, women are far more likely to cheat (or engage in extramarital fantasizing) than men. Society promotes this as independent women = BIG BUSINESS

      Women are insecure because the average women is overweight. Society puts forth a message that this is okay.

      But deep down women know better. That’s why so many of them are estrogenic messes.

      That’s part of the game Jess. Women know they can milk men for money. Again, this is also promoted by society.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, you can meet a strong man who will make you happy 🙂

      • Bella Jessica
        September 20, 2016 at 1:00 am — Reply

        I’m by no means insecure. And I’m not stick thin or skinny. I’m Curvy and I’m gorgeous, I don’t follow Society’s beauty standards.

        And I totally don’t hate on strip clubs. They are there to entertain men. But in my opinion, it should be for single men or young guys. But that’s MY opinion. Unless his gf/wife is OK with it, and he isn’t sneaking out to go to a strip club. No relationship can flourish with lies. 💯 to each their own, I’d rather be my own man’s personal stripper, which I’ve taken classes for. My man doesn’t feel the need to look around especially when he’s being satisfied at home.
        And if you love your wife/gf regardless what size she is, skinny, overweight, bbw, Curvy. If you love her, you’d make her feel secure and loved, till the isn’t a doubt in her mind.
        Like I said, we all know the marketing schemes of strip clubs. I don’t hate them, nor do I love them. I just wouldn’t want my man going to one. Nothing to do with insecurities either. Just about respect. And I do have a man, thank you. Have a wonderful evening 😊😊😊😊💯

        • September 20, 2016 at 1:14 am — Reply

          I agree. Strip clubs should mostly be for young/single guys who still don’t have confidence with women (especially those who had helicopter parents shunning them from any expression of sexuality). Strip clubs are an eye opening experience for them.

  4. Russianactress1
    August 19, 2017 at 9:43 pm — Reply

    Why reward your loving and loyal woman at home with a nice gift or flowers? Instead, why not use that disposable income to buy some stripper those gifts? Yeah, really good way to keep that lady of yours feeling sexy and therefore staying happily faithful. Personally, I just could not accept my husband giving money to a stripper over me. Some talk of overweight women, not confident. Well, are you doing your part as the man who picked her? To motivate/build up?
    My man only went a few times long before meeting me. Not now. Look above, nearly all of us similar response! I am speaking about the lady who chose to be faithful (even if possibly better catch on the horizon), only to then feel disrespected by your gawking at other women . It just baffles why some of you guys do this if you have a beautiful woman already? I even know other models on jobs (yes, I’m a swimsuit model, but classy) and not dumb one’s- triple threats (smart, beautiful, nice) who deal with this and worse. Like guys, what is up with that? Point it is not that strippers are so much hotter, just easily accessible . Some men don’t know to quit while ahead! Sure, women do that too, but just regarding strip clubs, which is more a man thing imo. I give respect and give him what he wants. I ask for the same in return. Which now, I have that. I do not think it unreasonable since he would not want me doing it
    So, neither do.. Taking a quality lady for granted is the surest way to lose her. She too has options. Then again, you still have your wonderful strippers who love you (or your wallet) Lol

    • August 20, 2017 at 10:42 am — Reply

      Again, you can talk all you want but no one knows what happens behind closed doors…

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