People are quick to label me an “anti-PUA” guy… In reality, I’m just a guy who likes to keep things simple. I know what works. I know what has worked for me. I know what has worked for my mentors. I know what has worked for my peers. I know what has worked for previous clients. I see what works for the general public. I like to stick with that.

I also know what does not work. I’m a realist.

I know that the general audience that tends to gravitate toward the “how to pick up girls” niche is very susceptible to being scammed. On the whole, this audience lacks experience and is overall, DESPERATE. This is a dangerous combination.

And it creates the perfect opportunity for scammers to profit. Guys fabricate lay reports. Guys exaggerate their dating success. Guys produce fake infield videos. The signs are all there. As a potential consumer, you just have to do your homework and really take a look at the “expert” giving advice. If they have infield videos, ask yourself: “Does this seem real? Or are there elements that make this seem too convenient?”

One question I can answer with certainty is the following: Does less mean more? YES.

The Cliffs on Eric- Does less mean more?

I worked with a guy named Eric a few months back who I would consider to be a hardcore PUA fanboy. Name a dating “expert” or dating company… he has consumed all of their content. He writes on several PUA forums. He has watched every instructional video/infield video on YouTube.

To be honest, Eric annoyed the shit out of me. He’s a nice dude but it seemed like he was very much out of touch with reality. During our time together, he constantly questioned me and would often pull up infield videos on YouTube as a way to prove me wrong.

NOTE: Every single video he pulled up was either heavily edited or brutally fake.

Over the years, Eric had been conditioned to APPROACH APPROACH APPROACH with little regard for the situation. He had gotten a few notches over the years but nothing with consistency. And they were all one shot deals. He also neglected his social life. I know what Eric wanted… he wanted consistency.

As a result, I told him that he had to drop the bullshit. He had to stop running around like a PUA monkey and start acting like a man.

I hammered in to his head that you can’t go through life focusing entirely on picking up chicks. It’s not healthy and it never works out.

Most importantly, I told him that there were deeper, underlying issues that have caused his lack of dating/social success for 28+ years. Our number goal was to identify these and work on them for the next 5 days. Moving forward, we were also tasked with coming up with a game plan to continually work on these issues after our program concluded.

In short, I wanted him to get in to the mindset that dating was not a skill or craft. He, himself, was the craft.

NOTE: This kid works a full time job. After work he would often go to the mall to “get some approaches in.” He usually went out Thursday through Saturday too.

And guess what? It got him nowhere. He had no stable group of friends and no experience with a steady girlfriend. Thankfully, his situation has started to changed.

What Eric Has to Say

“I’ll try to keep this brief. Sonny is the fucking man!!!! I kind of gave Sonny a hard time in the beginning because of a previous bad experience on another company’s bootcamp. A few years ago I took a bootcamp with another company and at first I thought it was great. But the high wore off and I was able to be honest with myself. They didn’t help me at all. They just made me approach so thats why I thought I was supposed to do that and that if I stuck with it I would eventually move up and get better with girls. It never happened and it pissed me off. I tested Sonny in the beginning and kind of made him approach girls I pointed out I think thats what pissed him off. Don’t let him fool you. He can play numbers game and do cold approach. I could tell a lot of the girls really liked him too.

The game is a cake walk for Sonny because a lot of girls smile at him and give him eye contact even when we were just walking around during the daytime. Also he’s really smooth at talking to them in normal conversations and finding something to relate with them on. The biggest things we found out was that I grew up in a shitty household since my dad is a beta male and lets my mom walk all over him also growing up I spent too much time playing video games and not playing sports with other kids in the neighborhood.

This made me very introverted and unsure of myself deep down. Sonny helped me open up and helped me work on this. He was very cool calm and collected. He didn’t have a care in the world. He had us do things that he thought would be fun and helpful. We went to a baseball game. We went to a strip club. We ate at different restaurants. He showed me how to lift weights. All along the way we met cool people and hot girls through small talk and normal conversations where Sonny led the way. My biggest takeaway from Sonny was don’t go out of your way to force it. Just do your normal daily routine and just say hi to strike up a conversation with a girl when life throws one your way.

We also went to clubs and bars to do nightgame. Nothing changed with Sonny. He just walked around smiled and made eye contact with hot girls. We talked to the ones that smiled back or said hi back. He did the same thing and just had normal conversations with them. Another reason why Sonny is awesome is because he put me first. He wasn’t trying to get laid for himself and then ditch me. There were a lot of girls that liked him and he had one stunner all over him pretty much begging for it but he told her he was busy. I ended up getting laid on the last two nights out and I give Sonny a lot of credit for sticking it out with me and helping me seal the deal.

Since working with Sonny I feel a lot calmer and its made me better. Ive open up and gotten to befriend some of my coworkers and make new friends as well. I’ve been going to the gym regularly and have lost fat and put on muscle. I also dress better and my dating life has improved a lot because Ive been able to keep a few of them and not lose them afterwards. I also meditate and eat better. Im thankful that I had the chance to work with Sonny because I feel better and look better than I ever have in my life and I have a positive outlook on the future.

I seriously recommend to anyone considering it that you work with Sonny because hes a real dude and is one of the most observant people I have ever met. He will find the root of your problem and find a way to solve it. Hes helped me improve several areas of my life and he can do the same for you.”

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