This article contains information regarding one of the most important elements of casual sex… how to bring a girl home from the club to have sex. What happens when you actually pull a girl from a club and take her home to have sex? What happens when you are driving or cabbing it home?

These are questions that still remain largely unanswered. In fact, no one has really addressed this. And no one has shown this in the form of full unedited 100 % infield videos.

As I mentioned in a previous article, you (the audience) have been really left in the dark about a lot of things when it comes to infield videos. Many of you have wasted time studying heavily edited infield videos or worse, completely fake infield videos with actresses.

How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex (3 Common Themes)

The ride home is usually standard procedure. What I mean by this is that when you do this enough times, in most instances you will notice that the same themes or patterns will tend to materialize. There are also certain things you should be doing on the ride home.

Here are the important parts:

1. The girl will hardcore screen you (asks a lot of questions).

Whenever you pull a chick home from the club, it’s very common that she is going to be asking a lot of questions. This isn’t a bad thing. This is completely natural. This is exactly what you see in these videos. She has made the decision to go home with a complete stranger.

She obviously knows very little about me. This is her chance to find out as much about me as possible. This is her chance to screen me and try to put as many pieces of the puzzle together to answer the most important question of all time: What is this guy’s deal?

In the videos, the girls asks me every kind of question you can imagine:  past relationship experiences, current relationship status, how often I do this (casual sex), what my type is, how I like Vegas, what time it is/what time we will be back, and a lot more (This one is very talkative).

She is doing this because she is trying to get the big picture so that by the time we get back to my place and have sex, I’m not so much of a “stranger” or just a “random” guy. She knows a little bit about me.

This is standard procedure. When you encounter this, just open up and be honest.

2. Let the girl do most of the talking on the ride home.

You really do whatever you want, but my personal style is to just let the girl do a lot of the talking and questioning. You already made your decision. She’s a hot girl down to fuck. That’s the only box that needs to be checked off.

As guys, let’s be honest, we don’t need to know much more, nor do we really care. But a lot of times the chick does a lot of the talking and questioning. That’s fine let her do it.

This is what you see in the videos. This girl is extremely talkative. She talks about everything you can imagine and asks a lot of questions. There are some instances where I initiate dialogue and give long ended answers but for the most part, I give short (sometimes one word) answers.

Hence, why the transcriptions under each video are so long.

*** NOTE: It was a pain in the ass transcribing these videos. You’re welcome 🙂

3. “Sprinkle” In Some Affection and Sexuality

You don’t want to have a completely dull ride home where all you do is talk. You also don’t want to be making out/fooling around the entire time (especially if you have a long ride home).

As a result, I like to sprinkle in some affection/sexuality every now and then.

That’s what you see in the videos. Every now and then I make out with the chick (usually when we’re at a red light). I also play with her titties.

NOTE: I would have also checked the oil (fingered her a little bit) but I had to hold the camera with my other hand. One hand had to hold the camera the other had to hold the wheel.

BONUS- The Daytime Dilemma

In my article on fake infield videos, I discussed this problem in detail and how it relates to many day game videos that “supposedly” lead to sex.

These videos take place in the middle of the afternoon. Me and this girl leave a day club to go back to my place to have sex.

You will notice certain real life questions and concerns come up that for some reason don’t come up in many day game videos… I wonder why?

Here are some things that come up:

– She checks to make sure what time it is.

– We agreed on an estimated time when I’ll have her back by.

– She checks to make sure I will bring her back (as opposed to be lazy and make her cab it back).

– She is texting her friends to let them know where she is and that she is safe (this is more of a nighttime issue).

How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex- Breaking Down This Situation

This is the breakdown on the particular situation on how to bring a girl home from the club to have sex.

This is the breakdown on the particular situation on how to bring a girl home from the club to have sex.

I did not cold approach this girl at the pool party. I met her the night before when I went out drinking with my friends.

Me and this girl walked past each other, made eye contact, both smiled, and started talking. I tried to get her to come to the strip club with us that night, but it was late and she had to get back to her friends. We made out for a little bit (I was hammered). We exchanged numbers and texted the rest of the night in to the next day. Here is the entire text thread leading up to us physical meeting up at the pool party (her texts have the red dash in front):

Here is the the first batch of text messages.

Here is the the first batch of text messages.

Between 11:11 AM and 12:46 PM, she actually called me about the plan change to go to a different pool party.

Between 11:11 AM and 12:46 PM, she actually called me about the plan change to go to a different pool party.

The thread ends with us physically meeting up.

The thread ends with us physically meeting up.

What happened after we met up?

Her and her girlfriends were in a cabana getting free drinks from a bunch of dudes. The girl invited me to come chill in the cabana with them. The dudes didn’t like me (for obvious reasons).

Me and 2 of her friends left and walked around the pool. We went to the back bar and had a drink/did a couple shots.

We eventually made our way back to the cabana. Her 2 friends went back to chill with the guys. Me and the girl broke off and sat down by the stairs close to the exit.

We made out for a little bit and I gave the speech I always give girls on vacation that I wanna fuck:

“Look I really wanna have sex with you. And I know you wanna have sex with me. You’re in Vegas. I live close by. Let’s go.” And then I pulled her out.

The walk back to the parking garage is a decent walk. Most of the time, we were discussing logistics and having simple small talk.

These videos start from us leaving the parking garage and end with us going back to my place. Here are the videos (along with the dialogue):

How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex Infield Video 1

0:09- Can you move that belt right there?

0:11-0:14- Umm haha let’s hear some music? Why would you sh–

0:15- Nah nah.

0:16-0:19- Why? You don’t like music? *** (I love music. But I know it would fuck up the audio.)

0:21- Alright let’s get out of here.

0:22- Huh?

0:24- You don’t like music?

0:25-0:27- Nah I just wanna concentrate.

0:28- On what?

0:31- On driving.

0:32- Why? You a little fucked up?

0:34-0:40- Ahh, it’d be better to ya know… be safe than sorry.

0:41-0:46- Come on. So how many times you do this and fuck girls? I swear to god do not get mad like…

0:47- I don’t do it that often.

0:48-0:56- Yea. But like… how long have you lived here you said?… A couple months?… We have to keep my shoes on they’re like $100 and I love them so…

0:57- Yea.

0:59- I’m not taking them off.

1:00- Ok.

1:01- Haha. So the last girl you’ve been with where was she from?

1:10- Um… Toronto.

1:13-1:15- That’s fuckin Canada huh?

1:16- Yea fuckin Canada.

1:23- So you still talk with her?

1:26- What’s up?

1:27- You still talk with her?

1:28- I mean she lives in Canada.

1:32- Can I do this? (she is putting her leg up on the dashboard)

1:33-1:35- What?… Put your leg up like that?

1:36-1:39- Yea. I’m not like hitting the glass.

1:40-1:45- Nah. You’re good… Come here (I briefly make out with her)

1:46-1:52- I really want some music. Stop being like that. You can handle it. Put on anything. It’s cool.

1:53- Ok. We’ll keep it on low.

1:55-2:01- You can’t concentrate? You got this. I think you’re pretty smart. You pretty talented.

2:02- Smart. S-M-R-T (You Simpsons fans should appreciate this.)

2:03-2:28- You’re handsome though. You really are. You know… haha… I like you. I like you. I do. And it’s so funny we were at dinner and we met this one like VIP host and he was like Asian and I don’t like Asian but I said Filipino there was this one kid I know from living there… And then I finally.

2:28- You talking bout me?

2:29-2:52- No, before I met you. At dinner, me and my girl, I was telling her that and then boom you just come up to me. God’s fucking trippy. He wants me to have some fun. That’s what He’s telling me and He just threw you at me. I don’t know if you have a relationship with God. I do a little but obviously I’m not a fucking saint. I have sex before marriage and shit ya know?

2:53- Yea.

2:54-2:57- Are you an atheist? Haha.

2:58-3:04- No. I’m Roman Catholic.

3:05-3:09- Nice. So you wake up in the morning. You work out. You work.

3:10-3:17- Umm. Yea. I used to do 2-a-days at the gym when I was dieting, doing AM cardio and uhh…

3:18-3:31- So alright. Since… If I’m gonna hang out with you, give me some free tips. So you really have to run on water or is it ok to let me have a little grapefruit.

3:32-3:34- Best way to do it… early morning fasted cardio when you first wake up.

3:35- How many minutes?

3:37- Umm…

3:38-3:47- Cuz I like to go hard… like 40 minutes to an hour on the beach sand. Run an hour. Or should I just do like 30 minutes or what?…

3:48- You can get away with 30 minutes.

3:49-3:53- Ok. And then in intervals or straight.

3:54- Just straight.

3:55- Ok.

3:56- Anything is better than nothing.

3:59-4:05- So like 30 minutes fasted cardio. And then should I just have like whey or should I have egg whites.

4:06-4:16- You can have egg whites. If you want, we’ll stay in touch. I’ll send you an e-mail.

4:17-4:20- Nice. That’d be great. Don’t worry I won’t be a clingy bitch.

4:21- Haha.

4:22- What?

4:32- Nah. You’re funny.

4:25-4:39- I swear… Ummm… Do you believe in carb cycling or you just don’t do carbs.

4:40- Nah. You need some carbs.

4:43- There’s like carbs in vegetables in fruit right?

4:45- In fruit… not so much vegetables.

4:47- Oh.

4:54-4:57- This is such a fuckin sick place to live. I wish I could live here.

4:58- Definitely.

5:09- *** We make out a little bit.

5:18- Are you excited to relax?

5:19- Yea.

5:22- *** Grabbing her titties.

5:24- Haha.

5:26-5:31- So when was the last time you had sex. Last night? Last week?

5:33- A couple days ago. (It was 2 days ago… Again, in my experience, you have to sometimes be vague and dumb yourself down. You don’t want these chicks knowing your business that you get a lot of action because it will turn some off.)

5:35- Nice and is she your girlfriend?

5:36- No.

5:37- Or just some random chick?

5:38- No

5:39- How do you know her?

5:42- We met at the gym.

5:44- Nice.

5:45- Do you go to like LA Fitness?

5:48- The gym here is LVAC.

5:51- LVAC?

5:52- LVAC.

5:53- What’s that stand for?

5:54- Las Vegas Athletic Club.

5:56-5:59- Nice. She probably has a really sick body right?

6:00- She’s okay. (Again, play it safe with non-comital answers.)

6:02-6:05- Umm, do you like blondes or brunettes?

6:06- Umm…

6:07- Or anything… ginger?

6:11- Not ginger.

6:12- Like what’s your type?

6:13-6:24- I mean you’re my type. I like feisty Italian brunettes. Like what I say to my friends… feisty paisan broads with a bad attitude. (This is me greasing the wheels aka telling her what she wants to hear.)

6:25- Ha! Nice.

6:28- Oh yeah.

6:30-6:34- Fuck it. Send me some fuckin shit. Wow this is sick.

6:35-6:37- Yea, that’s the new sports arena they’re building.

6:38- Which one? Vdara?

6:41- Nah they’re gonna put like a hockey team there or something.

6:43-6:54- Oh that thing. Nice. Umm… so does everyone think you’re Italian?

6:55-6:57- Ahh I get so many things.

6:59- Me too. People think I’m Filipino.

7:01- Really?

7:02- So much… like a mix.

7:06- I could tell you had some Italian in you. I hear it a little bit.

7:13- Yea yea yea yea.

7:15- You had the Sunday family dinners?

7:16- Yea. Not so much, we used to.

7:18- Grandma cooks the meat sauce and the gravy?

7:20- My grandma passed away. But if it turns you on then yea. Haha.

7:27-8:02- I thought you were older. Like later 20s. I kinda wish you were but it’s okay. I mean it’s different for me but it’s good. I gotta get outta my comfort zone. Younger is so much better. Fuck that shit. I can’t try to get serious with all these fucking guys. I’m like a girlfriend, relationship type of girl, lke guys try to wife me up and shit and I like it. I like the comfort. You’re just like a dater scatter right? You just like to date and shit right?

8:03-8:04- I like to enjoy life and then… whatever happens happens (Again, I am dumbing down the truth. I don’t want her to know that I bang a lot of chicks. Why risk it?)

8:10-8:16- That’s a good way to put it. Like my girl, who’s a Virgo, she just likes to fuck random guys.

8:17- Yea? The one I met?

8:20-8:25- Yea. She’s like “Why the fuck do you get serious? Who the fuck cares?”

8:26- How old’s your friend?

8:28- She’ll be 27.

8:29- Yea.

8:34-8:47- Holy shit this is such a sick place to live. You get to look at mountains. Are you kidding me? So you have no roommates, right? So I don’t have to worry about some crazy shit happening? What’s in your hand?

*** 2 things here: 1) The girl is screening for logistics. She wants to know exactly what she is getting in to. This is what happens a lot of times. I explain this in the video.

2) She sees the camera. This is clearly an ADD girl who is all over the place in party mode with numerous distracting sights in her line of view. She sees all the buildings on the strip. She sees the mountains. And yet, even she can sense that something might be a little off. For some reason, you rarely see guys have this come up in their infield videos, even the ones during the day when the girl is not in party mode and there are zero distractions… I wonder why.

8:47- What?

8:48- What is in your hand?

8:49- Oh this is my other key.

8:50- Oh you scared me.

8:51- Why?

8:52-9:35- I’m just very precautious. I’m not used to doing this. But honestly, all my girls had guys this weekend and I turned down every guy because I’m not about that life right now. I mean I used to be bad back in the day and now I’m more sophisticated. I mean it’s Vegas. I can’t do this back home. I can’t be fucking around where I do business.

9:36- Plus, none of em are hot probably.

9:37-9:55- There’s a few. I will work with all the doctors and chiropractors cuz I work for a law firm that does personal injuries so there’s a few… They’re all married and have kids and shit. I don’t lke that. It’s like what if something happens and I get pregnant. No.

9:56- Yea.

9:57-10:00- And another reason I like to be in a relationship is because I fuckin hate… (continues in Vid 2)

How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex Infield Video 2

0:00-0:05- hate condoms which obviously we need right now… but, I don’t like condoms so when you’re in a relationship…

0:06-0:08- I mean I’m good so we don’t have to use one. *** Haha I’m trying to pull a fast one here.

0:09- No no no we do.

0:10- Ok.

0:12-0:15- You we’re just fucking another bitch the other day you’re crazy.

0:16- Yea but…

0:16-0:19- Don’t even try.

0:18- Ok.

0:19-0:31- So… it just feels so much better without a condom… Shit. Like fucking amazing… Why the fuck?… Fuck it you went through it (traffic light)

0:32- It wasn’t red.

0:34- Good job.

0:35- … wasn’t red.

0:36-0:40- It wasn’t… Why’s that car leaning or is it sideways?

0:41- I think it’s sideways.

0:43- Are we almost there?

0:45- Mmmhmm.

0:50-0:53- Fuckin you caught my eye when I fuckin first saw you. (I change the subject and compliment her just to keep her happy)

0:54- Really?

0:55- Fuck yea.

0:56- Why?

0:57- Ya fuckin hot.

0:59-1:07- Haha… what was your favorite thing about me?

1:08-1:16- Uhh… beautiful face and fuckin titties too… (I’m staring at her and flicking my tongue at her similar to this scene in Scarface)

1:27-1:22- You’re so funny cuz I said that I liked what you do with your tongue. I mean tongues are nice. I like kissing you.

1:23- Yea?

1:29-1:31- It was so random that you came up to me.

1:32- Yea.

1:34- Most of the guys that come up to me…

1:35- Yea they’re like little faggots.

1:36- Uhhh…


2:06- Do you live in like one of these? (We’re are driving by trailers)

2:07- No.

2:09- What do you live in?

2:11- A one bedroom apartment.

2:12- Oh yea.

2:13- Those are fuckin trailers.

2:16-2:23- I’m not mean but if you did… I don’t know what I would do. I might just walk home.

2:24-2:37- *** CAN’T REALLY HEAR MUCH ***

2:38-2:40- So when you moved here did you know anyone?

2:41- I knew a couple people.

2:42- Good.

2:43-2:52- So when I finished school Spring 2013, that summer, I was out here staying with a buddy of mine just to ya know fuck around for the most part.

2:53- Oh you lived here?

2:54- Yea.

2:55- What brought him here?

2:57- What brought him here?

2:58- Yea.

3:00- Uhh… he just wanted to move here.

3:02- My girl lives out here.

3:04- Yea?

3:05-3:29- She moved with her boyfriend. She was a poker dealer, Spanish girl… (audio gets fuzzy)… She’s so pretty. She doesn’t speak too good English ya know? She’ll be like da-da-da-da-da-da ya know?


3:47-4:05- I gotta be on a flight… by myself… Jet Blue… gonna sleep the whole way… wake up at like 6… Like a job like this I can work from home and I’m always on the road.

4:06-4:17- *** CAN’T HEAR IT but she’s basically talking about how it sucks to work a job where you go to an office everyday ***

4:18-4:29- exactly! That’s what I was doing in Austin and I was like fuck this!… I’ll get my own fuckin shit going… And it sucks you don’t fuckin feel good.

4:30- Yea sitting down all day…

4:33- Yea fuck that!

4:42-4:50- Ooooh! They playin my joint here (Song is Def Leppard- Foolin) Aww… I fuckin love Def Leppard

5:02- I fuckin love Def Leppard so much. Anybody I know that’s older… and they’ve seen Def Leppard back in the day live… I’m so jealous.


5:21- *** MAKING OUT WITH HER ***

5:31- Sing to me.

5:43- What’s your last name?

5:44- Arvado.

5:49- Stop it… how are you Italian?

5:50- I’m not… It’s my dad’s last name.

6:00-6:47- *** MORE OF ME SINGING ***

6:48- Sing it.

6:50- I wish I could fuckin sing.

6:51-7:12- *** CAN’T REALLY MAKE IT OUT ***

7:14-7:38- What the fuck? Fuckin shithead (driver in front of me was an asshole)

7:32- Oh it’s 4:00 right?

7:33- Yea.

7:34-7:41- When we’re done here we’ll get some Starbucks?

7:42- Oh I know where to take you.

7:45- Where?

7:46-8:47- *** CAN’T REALLY HEAR *** But I’m basically saying I’m gonna take her to an ice cream place afterwards. She’s also asking about cost of living in Vegas such as rent.

8:48-8:51- This was yesterday (she’s sowing me Instagram pics on her phone)… we were really drunk

8:52- Yea?

9:05- What?

9:06- That’s where JLO was.

9:07- I fucking love JLO.

9:13- I liked JLO back in the day when she was still Spanish.

9:15- Yea yea.

9:17-9:20- Where the fuck’s my picture? Hold on, I’m gonna show you something funny.

9:21- Yea?

9:25- Are you getting hard?

9:29- Oh yea.

9:30- Me and Brittney (Spears)… I literally met her… It’s $2000.

9:33- It’s $2000 to meet her?

9:34- I didn’t pay it but yea.

9:36- Crazy right?

9:37- Yea.

9:39- She looks scared.

9:50- This is 5 years ago. That’s so Jersey haha! (She’s showing me a picture of her on her phone).

How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex Infield Video 3

0:07-0:19- I liked her… yea… back when she was still Spanish fuckin still Jenny from the block fuckin taking the 6 train everywhere rocking the gold hoop earrings

0:20- Yea yea yea right?

0:29- Let’s play some.

0:32- Nice.

0:33- I’m kidding.

0:34-1:13- *** CAN’T REALLY MAKE THIS OUT *** but she’s talking about some music shit I believe

1:15- Do you like Train? (band I never heard of)

1:16- Huh?

1:17- Train?… the music. Not a train.

1:20- No.

1:21- No?

1:22- It’s kind of alternative rock.

1:30- Who’s your favorite band?

1:33- Train.

1:34-1:39- Really?… So there’s this band it’s called My Darkest Days… Ever hear of them?

1:40- No.

1:43-2:08- No… they fuckin broke up. The lead singer of that band… (she interrupts me to play terrible music)… the lead singer of My Darkest Days is now the lead singer of Three days Grace. You know them right?

2:15-2:31- ABSOLUTE SILENCE. *** This is a pretty long time when you see dead silence played out. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel awkward. Just let it ride out. Either she is going to start talking again or you are. The way you break the silence is by asking a harmless question that is easily answerable and can branch of in to other conversations (ex. Do you travel a lot?)

2:32- *** She breaks it *** But yea if I was still with that kid, I would not be here. I’m single because he’s so fucking busy… and he can’t keep up. I mean he broke my fucking heart. He went out one night and sold me out (aka he probably cheated on her) and I just felt like… he didn’t give a fuck so why try to act all serious with him when he don’t care… so whatever… You’re like my hot rebound guy. I mean as long as it works for both of us… I’m just some random bitch you met in Vegas. (Here she is doing 2 things… 1) opening up about past relationship experiences 2) projecting what our relationship will most likely be.)

3:03-3:07- Nah you’re not a bitch. I like you you’re sweet.

3:08-3:28- Thanks. Yea. I’m not a slut. I’m really not that hardcore Jersey bitch slut. I’m more of a nice girl. I’m like too nice.

3:29- ***MORE OF ME SINGING***

4:01- What time does Wet Republic close? Ya know?

4:03- Like 6 or 7.

4:06- You’re really gonna bring me back?

4:07- Oh yeah.

4:13- I’ll say I’ll be back at 5:30.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (She is texting her friends. They are blowing up her phone because when a chick meets a stranger and goes home with him to have sex… their first instinct is to assume the worst case scenario. Knowing this particular girl’s friends… they are probably jealous as well. But having the friends text your girl, if she is with a group, when you take her home is very common. Many times there is a ball busting friend in the group aka mother hen. Her unofficial job is to make sure all the girls are “safe” aka no girls have fun/get any cock. She will often try to cock block and fuck everything up. One of the ways cock blocks fuck everything up is by preventing you from leaving. You see you and the cock block both have a mutual understanding. You both know that the more time you spend in the club/bar not leaving to go back to your place, the greater the chances of shit getting fucked up. One of the most common last ditch attempts to do this is to take the time to take your number down, take down your first and last name, and call your phone right then and there to make sure you gave her the right number. My advice for this situation is simple. Don’t play games. Don’t give her a wrong number. Be calm and assure her that you will return her friend back in one peace. Just play it cool so you can get the fuck out of there.)

4:14- Ok.

4:17- Where do you live?

4:18- Right here.

4:20- What is this place called?

NOTE:  I am hesitating because I know that it’s going to be more bullshit busy work for me/my editor to go back later and bleep out the name of my community.

4:26- Why?… you gonna text em?

4:30- I’ll let you know later.

4:33- Why?… you don’t know where your parked?

4:36- Nah nah it’s (community name).

4:38- So why didn’t you say that? (Because I can’t tell her the real reason)

4:41- I’m just fuckin around let’s go.

4:42-end- We get out of the car, walk up the steps to my place, and go inside.

The Sex and The Aftermath

After sex, I took this girl to get some ice cream.

After sex, I took this girl to get some ice cream.

The sex was really good. I loved her body. Despite her previous statements about me wearing a rubber… I hit it raw… multiple times.

After we had sex, I took her to get ice cream and Starbucks. She Snap Chatted and texted with her friends.

Finally, we made our way back to the MGM and we kissed goodbye.

I would consider her to be a good girl that genuinely does not do this kind of thing as proven by the texts below:

I didn't wrap up hence why she's being so paranoid about shit.

I didn’t wrap up hence why she’s being so paranoid about shit.

She's a good girl. So I assure her everything is okay.

She’s a good girl. So I assure her everything is okay.

My Concluding Thoughts on How to Bring a Girl Home From the Club to Have Sex

Ain't from Portland but ya boy a trail blazer...

Ain’t from Portland but ya boy a trail blazer…

This project was a pain in the ass. The actual process was very tricky and time consuming. The filming of the infield footage was difficult. The videos show a real life situation with real life issues that oddly enough, you rarely see in any other infield videos such as:

1) I actually get called out because the girl sees the camera and senses that something is off.

2) I hesitate to play music (because I know cameras are rolling).

3) I hesitate to say the name of the community I live in (because I know it’s going to be more work to edit out later).

The time period from the ride home from the club to sex has been drastically overlooked. What do you do? What happens when it’s quiet and you run out of stuff to say? What typically happens?

I believe this article does a complete job of answering those questions and showing you exactly what happens in most instances. Again, the answer remains the same. You and the girl get to know one another through simple small talk. This goes for any situation… especially when you need to know how to bring a girl home from the club to have sex. This never changes.

And now I’m fuckin done.

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  1. Vinny Mazzeroni
    September 22, 2015 at 5:12 pm — Reply

    Cool article, bro. You got any tips on banging random girls the same day/night you meet them, preferably within the first hour of meeting?

    • September 22, 2015 at 6:00 pm — Reply

      Hey Manny-

      No tips. You either get lucky and run in to a girl who’s down that night or you don’t.

  2. Mykel
    September 22, 2015 at 6:18 pm — Reply

    wow sony this is the realist shit I’ve ever seen. It makes me wonder if all the big name companies and instructors use actresses because none of their interactions sound like this

    • September 22, 2015 at 7:59 pm — Reply

      You might be on to something…

    • Joelsuf
      September 25, 2015 at 6:51 am — Reply

      Their interactions ARE actually probably like this, but that’s not “marketable.” Especially to desperate thirsty boys who want PUA to solve all of their life’s problems anyways. 10-15 years ago PUAs mapped out their interactions like what you see in this article. But then PUAism got recognition and quickly became a get rich quick scheme for getting chicks.

      My theory is that preselection solves all. If a chick is down, she usually does all the work for you. There is no way you can “make it work” with a chick who doesn’t want to give you any more than one word answers to stuff. Unfortunately PUAism preaches that this is possible.

      • September 25, 2015 at 5:11 pm — Reply

        The problem is that their interactions are not like this….

  3. Anthony
    September 24, 2015 at 2:24 pm — Reply


    Good stuff. Always wait for your new posts.

    What are your thoughts on telling a girl how you feel in general, in the early stages of meeting her (only a couple meetings) I know lots of guys are hesitant to because they think by doing so they come off as needy. I mean, if you’ve been on a couple dates with a chick, for example, is it alright to just straight up say, “Hey I really dig you, and I want to get know you better”, just so you can be direct and know where you stand?

    Some might say “well if you don’t know where you stand then she probably doesn’t like you” – but I feel that’s something the whole “PUA” crowd would say. What do you think? Sometimes I feel the girl is a little more on the shy/introverted side and you really can’t tell 100%

    • September 25, 2015 at 5:10 pm — Reply

      I think it’s perfectly fine to tell a girl you like her… anything above that is overkill

  4. Peter Z
    September 27, 2015 at 1:36 pm — Reply

    Keep posting stuff like this, Sonny. It’s revelating to see this stuff as it again makes me wonder how legit PUAs are with their complex theories and seduction routines that treat human mating as rocket science. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if all the pickup companies and dating coaches are just one big scam industry that tries to exploit insecure boys. If you’d posted this on a mainstream pickup forum, i’d bet you would get flamed to the bone by fanboys trying to disprove you with their favourite guru’s mating model theory LOL. If only these guys got their ass in the gym and spent more time with people and become social and just cool, i think that improves their odds of getting laid 1000x more than digesting pickup material. I prefer to be real with a girl rather than have my head clouded with pickup concepts that just makes me flat out fucking weird to her. The reason i fell for this crap in the first place was my lack of experience and a good role model as a kid. Well turns out the internet is a dangerous place for young boys trying to become men.

    • September 28, 2015 at 1:32 am — Reply

      you make a lot of good points. Yea once someone becomes a fanboy it’s very hard for them to turn their back on their favorite guru or company. It doesn’t matter what happens… a guy or company could get caught red handed producing fake infields. A fanboy will rationalize rationalize rationalize.

      The PUA shit is like a New Age religion when you really think about it.

  5. hp
    September 30, 2015 at 1:11 am — Reply

    Great post and it’s cool that you’re real with it and put up the whole thing including the “boring” parts just to prove it’s legitimate and none of the phony, planned PUA shit that is sold to those who know no better. Truthfully, I didn’t even know “pick up videos” were a thing until I stumbled upon your site and you kept shitting on them. Before that, I always thought stuff like that were just acted out and not real, guess I may have been onto something.

    The girl in the video seems to be pretty cool. I find it kinda cute when they go into “I’m not a slut” mode.

    • September 30, 2015 at 7:07 am — Reply

      Thank bro. Yea the “I never do this type of thing” is a recurring theme as well.

  6. Jim
    October 4, 2015 at 8:36 am — Reply

    shes not paranoid. you are a idiot to hit it raw.

    increases your chances of hiv.

    shes smart and you ARE NOT.

    Use your logic for a second, why would you even increase the chances of getting hiv? i think im talking to a retard who thinks 5 seconds of pleasure is worth a life time of pain.

    Face palm

    You do realize even with condoms there is a small chance of getting hiv right?

    You lost all credibility in my eyes

    Just because someone says they are hiv free doesnt mean they are. it takes 3 months for hiv to appear

    • October 4, 2015 at 9:45 pm — Reply

      Cope harder

  7. TS
    March 15, 2016 at 2:16 am — Reply

    I watched a lot of infield pick up videos (yeah pretty sad wasting my time lol) but anyways… I can definitely say your video is LEGIT.

    Notice I don’t see any need for video effects, camera shadow, and all that… it just seem like it came out of natural. Looks matter A LOT; if you are muscular then that’s a BIG PLUS. While I won’t deny the game part, if you have the looks and decent social skills (not socially awkward) and have tight social connections, then all you have to do is approach and talk to women. You don’t even need to pay someone to teach you that lol.

    • March 15, 2016 at 4:48 pm — Reply

      Yea. We keep it real here. Unlike other places…

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