In the PUA Industry, you are the potential consumer. If you’re going to sink your time and money (and faith) into a particular industry, it is imperative that you look at things from the other side of table… those who provide you with the content (the actual PUA Industry itself).

This will enable you (the potential consumer) to make informed decisions and not treat every individual/company offering dating advice on the Internet as an infallible entity that will never lie to you and will always have your best interests at heart.

HINT: This is rarely the case.

Many of you (“you” being regular consumers of pickup advice from multiple sources) are under the false impression that your favorite “gurus” or companies will never lie to you or fabricate (advice, stories, infield videos, etc.) in order to further their own agenda. To those of you who think like this… you need to wake up.

Hopefully things are starting to make sense now. Here are the primary motivating factors of PUA gurus and companies.

1. Money

Bottom Line: The PUA Industry is a business.

Bottom Line: The PUA Industry is a business.

Money is usually at the top of everybody’s list. It’s natural. It’s at the top of my list. It’s at the top of your list.

Money is the most powerful motivating factor in the world.

It’s the reason why free agents end legacies and leave perfect winning situations behind.

It’s the reason why girls on Instagram secretly travel overseas to let rich men do disgusting things to them.

Whenever you are trying to figure out someone’s motive, always remember this… MONEY.

The PUA industry is no different than any other situation in life. The top of the list is money.

Furthermore, there is potential to make some serious money in the PUA Industry. Why? Because it is a business that supplies content for which there will always be a high demand.

Is there a demand for information on how to get laid more? Of course there is. This demand will never completely die down. Guys will do just about anything to get chicks. The same goes for anything (such as information/products) that can potentially help teach guys to get more chicks.

Guys will listen to anyone who claims to be an “expert.” And they will do just about anything if the end result can potentially be a better dating life. More proof on this in a later article.

PUA companies and gurus understand this perfectly. They execute accordingly.

2. Validation

The PUA Industry is driven by validation.

The PUA Industry is driven by validation.

The idea of being a player or someone who gets a lot of girls is one of the most romanticized end goals for anyone who has immersed themselves in the PUA culture.

In reality, it’s not something to flaunt. It’s something to hide. I’ll get to that at some other time…

What you need to know is this: PUA gurus/the people that make up PUA companies used to be just like you. Some of them still are. They just fake it.

They weren’t the cool guys in school. They didn’t have many friends. They didn’t have a concrete social circle. In most instances, it took them longer to get on the scoreboard.

Struggling to experience a healthy sex life in your early years can have several psychological effects on you. One of the most prominent ones I have seen among pick-up teachers and students alike is the notion of “chasing it and making up for your past.”

What does it mean to chase it and make up for your past? It means to constantly let yourself be haunted by your lacking dating life in your past. It twists your mind. It eats at you. Nothing can really compare to having a minimal sex life in high school and college. It can be torturous especially if you look around and see the love (and overall happiness) that your peers are experiencing. Social media has only magnified this.

This the reality that many authorities in the PUA industry experienced. Deep down, it eats away at them. It fuels them.

They become consumed with success with women. Becoming consumed with success can be a good thing… But as has been recently proven, this realm simply does not compare to any other area.

PUA industry authorities live for that validation of being an authority. They eat it up. They love have a following that looks up to them. They love being viewed as a “PUA Master”. They love being viewed as a “player.” They love having guys think that they are “badasses” that regularly go out and hook up with top-tier chicks on a nightly basis (Spoiler: Most of them are the furthest thing from this.) The validation… the love it all.

3. Their own identity change.

One of the biggest "hopes" sold by the PUA Industry is "identity change."

One of the biggest “hopes” sold by the PUA Industry is “identity change.”

The validation is great but it is nothing compared to the identity change (perceived). What you need to know is this: Deep down, many PUA authorities are disgusted by their past.

They will do anything within their power to erase the memories of past failures.

In the past, they were the guy that sat alone at lunch and did not enjoy much social success (dating included). So they do everything they can to bring themselves to the other side of the extreme.

The most common way the PUA authorities go about doing this is have the goal of trying to bang as many girls as possible. They are in it for the belt notches.

Many guys who study this stuff are in the same boat. They respect high lay counts. They are in it for high lay counts. Why? Because many guys that get in to this had similar past experiences.

Somewhere along the line PUA teachers/companies/students came to believe that the more girls you bang means the more you erase your past.

This is false. The truth is you can never completely change your past. It already happened. And you will always have those memories. The only thing you can do is learn from you past failures and come up with a game plan to create the best life possible.

4. Helping people.

Yes, there is an innate desire to help others within the PUA Industry. It's not simply just about making money.

Yes, there is an innate desire to help others within the PUA Industry. It’s not simply just about making money.

My apologies for not mentioning this in the video. Yes, there are some positive, selfless motives of PUA gurus and companies. Actually helping people is a motivating factor for them.

I know this because I have met (and personally know) many of them. Some of these guys are guys you may have heard of or watched on YouTube.

They do not bullshit me (I would know) when they light up and talk about how happy they are that they are helping people. That excitement/joy that they express is very real and sincere.

Why is helping people a motivating factor? I believe it’s because all people (good and bad) have at their core the desire to help people within their capabilities.

One of the most surefire ways to feel good about yourself is to help others. Try it out for yourself.

It did it for free long before I started charging people for it. Guess what? I got just as much enjoyment out of it in those early days as I do now.


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  1. adayzel
    September 19, 2015 at 7:59 am — Reply

    I actually admire guys that fuck a lot of girls for validation, what’s the other path anyways?

    Spend money on, be in a relationship, and marry some slut who was likely passed around in high school and college? The frat boys and athletes got her for little to no cost so I feel no anger at all towards guys who as adults use women for nothing but sex. I get if we were talking foreign women it would be another issue but American women as a whole are shallow and only good for sex. Exceptions exists for the really conservative religious girls but just look around, most of the girls you see are sluts looking for a free meal ticket man.

    I don’t know your beef with letting a guy use women for JUST sex. American women are not worth a relationship, LTR, or marriage, they are to be fucked and forgotten.

    • September 19, 2015 at 9:14 pm — Reply

      Have you given up hope?

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