You guys had a lot of great suggestions when I first proposed this idea. I strongly considered all of them.

Enough time and brainstorming on my part has taken place where I feel I can make a reasonable decision that will benefit everyone.

Introducing the Strength By Sonny (Private) WhatsApp Group

[Note: I am in no way associated/affiliated with WhatsApp]

The one message that you guys hammered in to my head with your comments (and e-mails) was the fact that whatever I come up with… IT MUST BE DIFFERENT.

It must be something that no one else offers. Going further (from a business standpoint) it must be something that no one else can offer.

It must be something that only Strength By Sonny can offer you.

This is what you will get by joining the Strength By Sonny Private Community (and why you should join)…

– All topics covered on the site will be covered in the group.

– There will be a lot of focus on the business of people (overall social skills, brand building, networking, building social circles, reading people/situations, and more…)

-There will also be a lot of focus on bodybuilding.

– I will also be posting links to funny videos/pictures (Yes, humor is an important part of socializing).

*** I will be assigning challenges/drills related to the topics at hand. (These will be exercises that will make you more observant and overall, better with people).

*** I will also be assigning challenges/drills to strengthen your mind. (These will condition you to have that killer instinct to go after what you want instead of second guessing yourself).

– I will MOTIVATE you guys every day with some inspiring words/stories

… Most importantly, you guys will be getting ME on a much more personal level. I have a lot of valuable insight on all of these topics. In a lot of ways, my insight differs greatly from what others think/say. I don’t make a living by selling people false hope.

I’m realistic and I’m patient. Whatever you need help with, I am your guy to help you out.

The Rules of the Strength By Sonny Private Community

*** These rules are subject to change at any time that I (or those in the group) feel appropriate.

1) I run the show. Unless it is made apparent… I probably know the most in the group/have the best advice (Truthfully, I hope guys with more success/life experience join the group.)

2) RESPECT ABOVE ALL ELSE- You are all a part of the group for a reason. You all come from different backgrounds. You all have different life experiences. But… you are all united by the fact that you have made the decision to become a part of this group for the purposes of improving.

3) Keep it positive- No flame wars. No making fun of others. NO PUTTING OTHERS DOWN in the group. Consider yourself brothers.

4) Do not ask if “Guru” A, B, or C is legit or a fraud.

5) Do not post explicit sexual images or videos.

6) In addition to being a member you are also a moderator, if anything comes up that I am not aware of… it is your job to let me know IMMEDIATELY so that I can handle it.

7) This is a Private Community for a reason. There is absolutely an element of trust at play here. I give you my word that I will never screenshot/share anything ever discussed in our group. I expect the same from you… Really I do. I consider everybody who chooses to join the Private Group to be my brothers.

*** Failure to abide by these rules will be dealt with in a way that I deem appropriate. A severe offense will most likely result in you being removed from the group. A lesser offense will most likely result in some sort of physical challenge (ex. a certain number of pull-ups/pushups/sit-ups) that you will have to record on video and post for the group.

How to Join the Group (And Cost)

Joining the group is easy. You send me an e-mail expressing your interest in becoming a part of the Strength By Sonny Private Community.

In the e-mail I want you to include 3 things:

1) What your immediate goals are.

2) Your promise to keep everything between myself and the group.

3) Your mobile number.

I will respond with a PayPal invoice.

*** QUICK NOTE: If you have worked with me 1-on-1, you are automatically eligible to join the group whenever you want (no charge) just let me know. You will already have unlimited communication with me so this is just another way to interact with me (and others in the group).

I had previously suggested a sign-up fee and a monthly subscription. Based off of your guys’ comments/e-mails, this does not seem like a good option.

Therefore, the cost to join the group is a one-time payment of $30.00.

The way I see it is this… The price is not outrageous by any means (especially considering the information and sources you will get in the group). However, it does represent a commitment.

It represents a commitment to me. Most importantly, it represents a commitment to yourself.

$30.00 is $30.00. When you spend $30.00 on something 2 things will happen:

1) You will take this a lot more seriously than any Internet forum.

2) You will expect to get your money’s worth.

You will (and then some)… I PROMISE.

This group will require a significant commitment on my part. I will pretty much be glued to my phone at all times, answering questions, and coming up with solutions/challenges… But, I promise you will get my very best.

You will be getting advice/insight from a source that no one/no other blogger can replicate.

Especially when it comes to the challenges and drills…

You will become more comfortable with people.

You will break out of your shell and learn to be less self-conscious around people.

You will learn how to maximize your brand’s value.

And from a mindset (work ethic) standpoint, you will learn (in time) to become a fucking piece of iron.

That’s what’s on the table. You know how to contact me if you are interested.


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