23 Mar 2015

How to Pick Up a Waitress (Full Infield Video)

This is the definitive guide on how to pick up a waitress. Every woman comes with a game plan. A waitress is no different. This article is focused exclusively on how to pick up a waitress. That’s it. It will contain very specific actionable advice on what works and what

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15 Mar 2015

Get Your Pot of Gold

All the spotlight is not for me… I close my eyes and imagine I’m home. I miss the days when life was simple. But if I never tried to follow that rainbow … in search of the pot of gold. Powerful lyrics from one of the most influential songs in

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15 Mar 2015

AMA Answers March 2015

I’ve got the AMA Answers. Hey guys here are the answers to your questions for March 2015. These were some good questions. I especially liked the questions about dating and relationships since this is a topic I want to get more involved with in the near future. Let me know

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09 Mar 2015

Building Your Personal Brand: You are a brand competing in the business of people.

Building your personal brand is everything. How valuable is it? I am not in the “self-help” or “self-improvement” business. I thought I was. Most self-help gurus on the Internet are posers and wannabe alpha males. They peddle cookie cutter motivational advice that is nothing more than pure mental masturbation. They

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02 Mar 2015

Ask Me Anything- March 2015

You know the drill. It’s the first post of the month. You know what that means. Write your question in the comments below or e-mail it to me using the contact form with the subject line “SBS- Ask Me Anything.” You will have my answers in a podcast next week. Sonny

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