27 Feb 2015

Becoming a Man with Pocket Treasures

Becoming a man is about one thing… RESPONSIBILITY. I know what you guys really want. In fact, I know what most readers within this realm really want deep down. You want to learn how to get girls. You want to learn how to improve your body. You want to learn

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16 Feb 2015

3 Lessons I Learned From a MLB Draft Bust

You can learn a lot from unfulfilled potential. Every draft bust exemplifies this. A draft bust occurs when a highly-touted prospect is drafted and fails to meet their potential. A superstar is great but a draft bust is interesting in their own right. They have all the potential in the world. They

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12 Feb 2015

AMA Answers February 2015

Here are the answers to your questions (and some updates). Hey guys. Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted. As you can see, my design team and I have been hard at work creating something special. Hopefully, you guys like what you see. I’ve got a ton of

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02 Feb 2015

Ask Me Anything- February 2015

You got a question? I had a lot of fun doing the AMA last month. In fact, I had so much fun that I have decided to make it a monthly ritual. From now on, the first post of every month will be an informal ask me anything where you

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