26 Jan 2015

Use the Pain of Failure to Come Back Stronger Than Ever

Losers make excuses. Winners make adjustments. I remember reading an article in Flex Magazine that told the story of how the greatest bodybuilders of all-time used the pain of failure to come back bigger and better than ever before. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dorian Yates. Ronnie Coleman. All three individuals dealt with

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23 Jan 2015

Sonny’s Guide to Post-College Social Life: (Part II- Play the Networking Game)

Proximity is the key to networking. In Part I, we talked about the importance of personal branding. We talked about the fact that you are a brand competing in the business of people. In order to compete, you must first know who you are and how others see you. What

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21 Jan 2015

23 Facts About Sonny Arvado

These are just some random facts that will give you a better idea of who I am. Just me keeping it real and opening up. Who am I really? These are totally random and out of order. Here are 23 facts about Sonny Arvado. 1. The summer of 1995 was the

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18 Jan 2015

6 Must Read Books for Men

These are my top 6 book recommendations. I told you I had some killer book recommendations. And I told you I would not be recommending the generic self-help books that every guru and their brother plugs on their site. I will definitely make more recommendations in the future but these

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15 Jan 2015

One Simple Trick to Keep Your Money Longer

Where is all my money going? Most people (especially my generation) are foolish with money. Simply put: They buy things that they cannot afford. How can you tell if you can or cannot afford something? If you don’t have the cash, you can’t afford it. Again, very simple. The reason

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14 Jan 2015

Strength By Sonny Book Recommendations

Let’s talk about reading. Some of you have asked my opinion on books. “What books should I read?” “How often should I read?” “How important is reading?” Today, I will briefly explain my thoughts on reading and just how helpful it really is. In a way, this will serve as

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12 Jan 2015

Sonny’s Guide to Post-College Social Life: (Part I- Understanding Your Brand)

You are a brand competing in the business of people. This is going to be a massive project (I plan on doing a series for college and high school as well). I get tons of e-mails and comments from you guys asking me about “how to develop a social circle.”

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11 Jan 2015

10 Post-College Tips for Happiness (Part II)

Welcome to the League Rook… What’s up fellas? Things are really cooking now. Life is good since Strength By Sonny has now become a full-time job. I wanted to take the time to introduce your guys to Dave. Dave is the creator of HowToBeast.com. Dave reached out to me a few

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08 Jan 2015

Strength By Sonny Answers Your Questions

You guys had questions… I’ve got answers. Thank you guys for taking the time to send me your questions. I had a lot of fun answering them. It gives me good insight into what you guys want to know, which enables me to make adjustments. I’m pretty sure I answered

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06 Jan 2015

5 Songs That Will Motivate You

What’s good guys. I just wanted to throw up a quick post featuring 5 songs that I’ve been bumping non-stop. These joints are hot. More importantly, they motivate the hell out of me. You can say they put me in Montage Mode. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

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