30 Oct 2014

Strength By Sonny 2014 Physical Transformation Guide (Part III: Prep Mode Training)

How can you experience a physical transformation? There’s a reason why I am able to get shredded on a whim. I follow the number one rule for bodybuilding success. I know myself. I know exactly what I need to do. I know what adjustments need to be made. I do

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21 Oct 2014

A Quick Lesson in Competition

Michael Jordan is the greatest competitor of all time. The reason is because he had (has) one of the strongest competitive spirits known to man. Everything was a competition for him. In fact there are several interesting stories that have popped up over the years confirming Jordan’s ridiculous competitive nature.

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20 Oct 2014

How to Keep Moving Forward

It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward. To keep moving forward is something deep seeded in your dreams. It requires a lot of energy, preparation, courage, optimism, determination. You need that to give it (life) everything you got. Pursue what you have your sights set on.

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17 Oct 2014

The Importance of Family

Eddie breaks down the importance of family in the Philippines vs. the U.S. The importance of family doesn’t really have differences from one country to another. Family is always important to anybody. As long as you exist in this world, you should have family. As you all know, traditional family

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14 Oct 2014

Important Decisions: How to Make Them

This is Eddie Arvado’s first article. I tell you guys about how important my father is to me. Everything I am is because of him. I’m big. I’m strong. I’m a vicious competitor. He had everything to do with it. He was my mentor. He raised me to have the

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07 Oct 2014

Strength By Sonny 2014 Physical Transformation Guide (Part II: Offseason Diet and Supplements)

We finna eat boi!! What’s up fellas? Sorry I’ve fallen a bit off track posting these articles. A lot has been going on behind the scenes. I’ve got a special treat(s) coming up for you all in the near future. For now let’s get crackin’ with Part II of our

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