Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VII (Minorities)


In this article, I will talk about the other non-white races. It will not be as in depth as the article on white chicks because white chicks are where I have my most experience.

Have no fear. I still have a lot of insight based off of what I have witnessed over the years.


Asian girls are a slam dunk for white guys.

Oddly enough, a lot of pick-up videos show a white guy “picking up” an Asian girl and then talk about how it was because of his super-duper game. Not really.

In reality, Asian girls are a slam dunk for white dudes. Asian girls are obsessed with white guys because they are so different from the Asian guys they are used to.

White guys are a status raiser for Asian women. Normal for them would be to get an Asian guy. In general, white guys are perceived to be an upgrade from their Asian brothers because in comparison, they are stereotyped as:





Probably having a bigger piece (more relevant when out partying)

Again, this is not absolute. Some Asian girls will absolutely not date outside their race. It depends on the chick.

In general, the more Americanized (Westernized) the Asian girl, the more likely she is to date/get with white dudes. Also, if she comes from a rich family, she is also more likely to date white guys, as that is what she most likely grew up around. That’s across the board for all races.

How much of a slam dunk are Asians for white guys?

Think LeBron James dunking on Jason Terry. Big time. So much that it’s not uncommon to see a smoking hot Asian chick dating a white dude who is significantly less attractive than her.

It’s not uncommon for white dudes who would be considered scrubs in the US to go to the Philippines or Thailand and be treated like royalty by absolute smoke shows.

White guys would definitely be putting the odds in their favor by screening for Asian chicks.

Don’t get too caught up in the fully Asian chicks that travel in packs of twenty together. Look for Americanized Asian chicks or even better, the naughty Tokyo drift type.

What about everyone else’s chances with Asians?

Asian guys obviously have a chance more so as boyfriend material though. You don’t see too many Asian dudes pulling Asians chicks from the clubs.

Everyone else has a chance as long as they are focusing on what matters. Look at Law 4 for a reminder.


Latina girls can be tricky to profile… but it can be done.

Latina girls are different than white girls because of the impact that their upbringing has on their “downness.” In general, Latina chicks are brought up to be much more family oriented with a greater emphasis on religion.

Obviously, those don’t necessarily put the odds in your favor for a fast bang. However, those are wonderful traits to have in a potential girlfriend.

That being said. These rules that I’m spittin’ out here are not absolute. Some Latina chicks such as Puerto Ricans and Colombians can be down within a short amount of time of meeting a dude (overall not as down as white chicks though). Others, not so much.

*** I would say that in general, MEXICAN chicks are not as down (if at all) right away. They take more time because they are absolutely brought up to keep FAMILY and GOD close to the heart. These are great characteristics for when you are looking for a loyal, dependable girlfriend.

White boys still be killin’ em.

Latina chicks are absolutely obsessed with white boys. Again, white boys are a status raiser. They are also much different (looks wise).

Good looking white boys, that are perceived to come from money, are pretty much fishing with dynamite.

In high school, I had one friend (blonde hair blue eyes all American look) that dated only bad ass Latina chicks. They all called him “blanci” or “Polo”.

*** RIGHT NOW: My main wing (when I happen to go out) is a very good looking white dude (classic handsome with that Robin Thicke smooth vibe). He is always well dressed. He also happens to be fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He goes up opening chicks in Spanish and its game over. Dude is an absolute LATIN ASSASSIN.

What about everyone else’s chances with Latinas?

Black guys have a decent shot with Latinas as well. It depends on their upbringing and family’s socio-economic standing. For example, a Puerto Rican growing up in the inner city might naturally feel more comfortable dating black guys because she probably grew up in a similar environment. Also if there are already black guys in her family, it’s not going to be perceived as a bad thing.

Beyond that, I still think black guys are at an advantage. It’s not as looked down upon for a Latina to be seen with a black man as it is for a white chick.

Latina chicks are very passionate and are absolute freaks in the bedroom. If a Latina chick is out and down for some fun, she’s gonna want to spend the night with a dude who can handle business in the bedroom. Due to stereotyping, black guys are perceived by women as being the best in bed.


Black chicks can get it.

Some might disagree with me but in general black chicks just do not get down as fast as white chicks.

They usually don’t grow up in an environment where they can get away with recklessness and a “nothing bad will ever happen to me outlook.” They don’t usually have that luxury. In all likeliness, they grow up in reality where bad things can and will happen if someone messes up.

As a result, they are not as likely to get drunk, do drugs, or engage in risky sexual behavior with multiple partners.

In high school and college, the black chicks never partied. And if they did they didn’t drink or do drugs. There were exceptions (I’ll explain one below).

For the most part, they were genuinely good girls who just focused on school and developing their careers.

I would not recommend hitting on blacks chicks if you are looking for a quick close. They are not as big of risk takers as white chicks. They tend to take the “hold myself to higher standards” and being “Miss Independent wannabe man” to the extreme.

They also don’t casually date or hook up as much. They tend to have the “I need to find me a man” thing going on.

*** Don’t even waste your time hitting on them when they are in groups. Black chicks guard their reputation with their life. The last thing they want to do is be seen going home with a random dude and forever be labeled a “hoe”.

This depends on the upbringing as well. If a black chick comes from money and grew up in a mostly white environment, she might be a bit more of a risk taker and also might be more interested in dating white guys.

One of the craziest chicks at my college was a light-skinned black chick who partied her ass off and dated only white guys. Actually, she only associated herself with white people in general. She very much grew up in an environment where the “nothing bad can ever happen to me” mindset was prevalent.

Who has the best chance with black chicks?

All things being equal, black guys have the best shot with black chicks. For many black chicks, their ideal situation is to find themselves a “good, strong black man.”

Sometimes it’s a bit of a problem though because those “good, strong black men” usually got a lot going for them and bring enough to the table to consistently date hot white chicks (big time status raiser).

I would say white guys with some hood in them come in at a close second. White guys with some hood in them don’t come across as “stuck up” or “lame” compared to the typical white guys that black chicks come across.

Also despite the hood vibe, the fact that they are still white helps (status raiser).

*** Tattoos, earrings, fitted hats, du-rags all give white boys that hood vibe

Any other race with dark features (Latino, Polynesian, Brazilian, Italian, and Greek) can also have a decent shot with black chicks.


The other races considered and closing thoughts…

I don’t think it’s necessary to get too much into detail. Just keep in mind that the more in touch they are with their native culture (tradition), the longer it will probably take to bang them.

We take things for granted in the Western Hemisphere. Most cultures DO NOT encourage casual dating because the emphasis is on serious, monogamous relationships and the importance of family.

The more Americanized or Westernized they are, the more likely they are to engage in risky white girl behavior such as having sex with a stranger they just met.

Again, these are just broad generalizations that are meant to save a little bit of time and help you avoid wasting time by treating all chicks as the same in terms of downness.

This is not a PUA site where I tell you to that I’m going to teach you the game necessary to get any girl you want.

This is a self-improvement site focused on getting the odds in your favor. My purpose in addressing racial screening was to inform readers that race absolutely impacts your odds in the dating game.

*** Regardless of race, everyone can increase their odds by following what is advocated on this site… Looking better, getting stronger (mentally and physically), and becoming a better communicator just to name a few.

The next section on screening will be the last in the series and will the most important in terms of your overall happiness.



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  1. […] Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part VII (Racial Screening- Asians, Latinas, Blacks… and everyone el… […]

  2. rad
    June 3, 2014 at 7:23 pm — Reply

    Looking forward to your next post. Conclusion got me excited.

  3. Morgan
    June 4, 2014 at 12:23 am — Reply

    Hey Sonny,

    Interesting article! I find this personal improvement stuff interesting. As you said, just your opinion anyways. Funny thing is, I have BRUTAL luck with Asian women and sick luck with black women. I’ve found Asian women tend to stick to their own race more and black women seem to see me as a novelty. Not gonna lie, I am 6’3, white and in fit shape….it definitely helps. Not to be racist by saying this but would you not say that white men are at an advantage with any race? White women def love white men and aside from so so luck with Asians, I’ve never found any race to not be into white guys?

    • June 4, 2014 at 3:44 am — Reply

      That’s odd I would expect you to absolutely kill it with Asian chicks… It depends though on how Asian they are. You’d probably have more luck with Americanized Asian chicks.

      Yes, overall white men are the most universally attractive race to women. Also being white is a status raiser, works both ways for males and females. If a minority chick can get a white man it raises her status. If a minority man can get a white chick it absolutely raises his status. It’s not really a stretch for women of all races to date a white guy. The threshold for consistently dating chicks of all races is a lot lower. Whereas if an Indian dude wants a chance at dating chicks of any race that he chooses, he really needs to be bringing a lot to the table.

      • WTFSonny
        May 8, 2015 at 12:35 am — Reply

        “Whereas if an Indian dude wants a chance at dating chicks of any race that he chooses, he really needs to be bringing a lot to the table.”

        You, a lot of the PUA and red pill community really have an axe to grind against Indian males for some reason. First of all, white guys that are sought after are not your typical overweight bald men, they are usually good looking white guys. Girls are not going crazy for Danny Devito, they are going crazy for Greg Bomer.

        As for the bringing a lot to the table part, white guys already bring a lot to the table man. White guys that get laid are socially connected, usually rich, and most of the times reasonably good looking. The white guys that don’t have that are commonly found on PUA and incel forums. Same can be said for Indian men, the problem is that they usually never bring a lot to the table. I am not Indian but I have been mistaken for it a lot (black and arab mix here). From my experience, women of minority groups are really easy for me. Black and Hispanic women absolutely can’t resist me, all I have to do is just stand there and let them do the work.

        I think your views on race come from some sort of a bias and are completely incorrect. You have lost almost all credibility in my eyes now, it is like you have some deep insecurity about your own race and take it out on other minorities. I think you should really stop doing race posts, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  4. Mitchel
    November 3, 2014 at 12:44 pm — Reply

    Really well written article Sonny.

    I have to say as being a tall. fit, white guy that it definitely puts you at an advantage out there in the dating world. (I don’t actually think I’m better than any race though)

    Asian chicks are super into white guys. I agree about black chicks too. I find them into white guys but a well rounded black guy is probably at a slight edge than a white guy.

    When say you Latina though? Do you mean Hispanic too? I find Hispanic women to be the hottest. Even hotter than white women. I find Hispanic women seem to love me too. I’ve just been around white women my whole life and a fit Hispanic women is way hotter in my opinion.

    I find white women to be trashier too. The black and Hispanic I’ve been with seem to have higher morals and values.

    • November 4, 2014 at 2:13 am — Reply

      Good points. If you’re a tall fit white guy, you pretty much got the golden ticket in the dating world (long term) haha.

      A lot of people probably find my opinions offensive but then again this site isn’t about sugarcoating reality.

      Keep running that John Smith game.

  5. DoubleLongDaddy
    November 25, 2014 at 2:21 am — Reply

    Whats funny is that white is both the easiest and hardest. Depending on if they are Western or Eastern European. Western chicks are for sure the easiest you could shoot for. But damn I though I new religious and faithfull until I tried fucking this Serbian chick. Jesus theit just as uppity as muslims. Iva had the same experience with Russians, Bellarussians, Slovaks and Lithuanians. Ukranian and Polish women are on par with Latinas on DTF status. Whats your take on this?

    • November 25, 2014 at 6:00 am — Reply

      Haha I’m in the states so I don’t have as much specialized experience with all the diff types of European chicks… But in my experience, Polish and Hungarian chicks def get down 😉

  6. Taylor
    January 7, 2015 at 1:50 am — Reply

    Why do you think Hispanic women like white men so much?

    I’m in the US as well and have a tough time getting Hispanic women. I am Hispanic myself, I kinda look similar to you (well when you’re tanned). The attractive Hispanic women I know all go crazy for white guys. I don’t understand why? I feel invisible to the gorgeous Hispanic women.

    • January 7, 2015 at 4:40 pm — Reply

      There’s a few reasons.

      1) White guys are the safest bet from a secure relationship standpoint (stereotypically speaking).
      2) White guys are at the top of the food chain pretty much (throughout history rich white men have been the most powerful in society).
      3) Because of these reasons white guys (all things being equal) have a higher perceived value.

      Hispanic girls, Asian girls, black girls (especially light-skinned ones) go crazy for white guys.

      Also, it’s very common for both guys and chicks to go crazy for dating partners of different races.

  7. mabby
    May 7, 2015 at 7:14 pm — Reply

    Ok. The only thing this article informed me is that I should have been born white. Where does an asian/ islander dude stand when it comes to dating women of different races?

    • May 7, 2015 at 7:56 pm — Reply

      Be the best version of yourself and look as best you can… It’s the same advice that applies to dudes of other races.

      On top of that, try to become integrated in to predominantly white social circles.

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