Sonny’s Guide to Screening: Part V (Blatant Physical Screening)

Chicks will either freak out or be VERY TURNED ON.

It can be argued that blatant physical screening is the most difficult. Not really… you just gotta have the balls to do what you want and express your sexuality. I understand this might be difficult. I get it. Society seems to shame masculinity nowadays. If you’ve found my site, you know this is true.

Blatant physical screening requires much more social competence on your part. You obviously SHOULD NOT open a chick by blatantly getting physical with her. You have to have some sort of rapport with the chick… the simplest being that you guys are very much attracted to one another.


Here are 5 things you MUST do when blatantly screening a chick:

 1. Have strong eye contact.

2. Block everything out (imagine it’s just the 2 of you in the room).

3. Sweet Talk (ex. In a sexy whisper calling her baby/babe/beautiful).

4. Dirty Talk (Look at the examples at the end of Part II).

5. Be right up on her body (proximity).

In Part IV, we concluded that kissing a chick is not enough to assume you are getting lucky. It’s not even enough to suggest that the chick is 100% down in the first place. It’s not enough because it does nothing to indicate that you are a closer… a guy who will take care of business when the time comes. “Kiss closing” means nada.

Make no mistake. Getting laid fast (such as a one night stand) is a business. This game is all about SALES. I don’t care what anyone says… you are making a sale. This is especially true for a chick you just met.


These are the only 2 things that matter (when trying to get laid):

 1. What are you bringing to the table? (Law 4) ** Everything matters **

2. Closing (Blatant screening proves you are a closer to the girl).

Kiss like a KLOSER.

If you’ve made it far enough to kiss/make out with a chick… the odds are probably in your favor. She digs you enough to do that. All you gotta do is show you mean business.

I mentioned that sometimes guys get in the habit of getting the kiss (or makeout) and just stopping there. They might think that they’ve reached some check point where sex will just magically happen (hoping the girl will make it happen). That’s how lot of normal guys (guys who don’t seek out this information) tend to think.

My suggestion is to show you are a closer by kissing like one. Don’t just kiss the chick on the mouth. Mix it up.

Pull her hair back and kiss her on the neck.

Again, this is SCREENING. If you’re making out with a chick and pull her hair back/kiss on her neck, she either likes it or she doesn’t. She’ll either get really turned on (eyes closed/maybe some moaning) or she will say STOP (or slow down).

Bottom line… If you are doing something as blatant as sneaking in some sensual kisses on the neck as you make out with a chick, you will know what her deal is sexually (at the moment). In reality, it also shows that you are a dude who is sexually aggressive. So it can actually be looked at as an effective “wheel greaser” if the chick is on the fence.

For the purposes of screening and trying to get laid… it’s better to be a little too aggressive versus too passive. *** Again, be smart and remember:

A down chick will become more turned on and will be just as eager to get out of there as you. A not down chick will either freak out/tell you STOP (not DTF in the first place) or tell you to slow down (might eventually be DTF).


Isolation is your best friend 🙂  



There isn’t much to say on this. It should be common sense. When you are locked in on a chick that you know you have a decent shot, with your main goal is ISOLATION…

How can I get this chick all alone?

That’s the million dollar question once you got a DTF chick. This is most relevant at night. Technically, you could have a DTF chick but a lot could mess it up… the obvious one being her friends or the one annoying friend who’s only goal is to make sure no one in the group gets any.

*** Personally, that’s why I think the daytime (day game) is severely underrated. You have a way better shot because you usually don’t have a pack of friends or loud club music to compete with. It’s just you and the chick. It does however require more social awareness on your part.

Ultimately, as the dude, you have to lead. Always be leading. You cannot bank on the fantasy that most dudes have of sex just happening. No. You must be leading. I can’t say it enough. YOU MUST BE LEADING!!!

If you are talking with a chick who is DTF and just standing there with her, your odds of sex decrease. A lot could go wrong:


Her friends could find her (and take her away).

You give her time to think (and she changes her mind).

You could say something off-putting.

She could run into an ex.

She could run into a coworker.

She could remember she actually has to get up early.

She could realize that you’re scared (and not going to make it happen).

There’s many more but hopefully you get the picture. When you sense that a chick is digging you, you must take the chick somewhere else. And by “somewhere else” I mean that you should be leading her someone that is ultimately CLOSER to your place/car/wherever you want to seal the deal.



 If you are on the second floor of a nightclub, you would want to lead the chick downstairs because it’s closer to the exit.

*** I was once helping a kid work on this stuffat a nightclub. He was talking to a chick that was clearly into him. We were on the second floor of a club and when I told him to take her somewhere else. He took her to the THIRD FLOOR and talked with her for an hour before she got bored and left.

Use your head. Don’t be that guy who makes the game harder on himself. While that kid had the right intention of isolating the chick. He did a number on his odds.


How to Lead a chick and get her in ISOLATION:

 You grab her hand like in this video and say…

 “Let’s go.”

“Follow me.”

“Come with me.”

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

“Let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“Let’s go somewhere so we can be ALONE.”

 Anything along those lines will get your point across and blatantly screen the chick out. She will either hold your hand/follow you or she will say no/freak out. If she let’s go of your hand she’s probably not down. Even if she doesn’t let go, it does not necessarily mean she is down. Chicks are naturally submissive/followers so they might just be going with the flow.



I saved the best for last. This is my personal favorite. Anytime I go out at night with the intent to get laid. This is how I know a chick is digging me enough to bounce wit me.

PUA’s will try to pull anything home. Some get very skilled at pulling because they are skilled liars and rely heavily on false pretenses. However, they often skip the attraction part or establishing that blatant understanding of going back to your/their place for sex.

Hence, why you see a bunch of Field Reports of dudes pulling chicks back to the crib and not putting out because of Last Minute Resistance. More times than not, the chick was just NOT DOWN in the first place. They just don’t know about screening.


At SBS, we SCREEN chicks and close the ones who are down.


That seems a lot simpler than spam approaching and “gaming” chicks. The most blatant way to screen a chick is to use your piece. Your johnson has 3 purposes:


 1) Sex

2) Peeing


How to Screen Using Your Piece

When flirting, you can refer/hint at it every now and then. I give examples in Part II in the section on Obvious Logistics.

Physically using your piece is much more powerful. You are essentially letting her know what you’re packing down there. You should have an erection to show her that you want some. Own it. Nothing shows more intent than when you’re in rocket mode. When she sees/feels that… she knows that you are trying to blast off. Hopefully, she is too…

You and the chick should be hot and heavy… making out/pulling her hair/kissing her neck/grabbing her ass etc.


Examples of using your stick (physically):

 Putting her hand on it.

Rubbing it up on her leg.

Having her grind up on it (when dancing).

Having her wrap her legs around you and grinding on it.

To be safe, you should absolutely know that the chick is really digging you. Ideally, she SHOULD NOT be sober and you guys should have been talking/flirting for a little bit.

*** If you open a chick using your piece as a screening tool, she will probably freak out and you will be probably get in trouble. So don’t do it!!!

I’m done talking about physical screening for now. We did three sections and talked about pretty much everything you need to know.

Always remember that none of this matters if you are not closing. You must be leading. You must be going for the close.

Next up is racial screening… Not all races are created equal (when trying to get laid).



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  1. Chris the Greek
    May 22, 2014 at 3:48 am — Reply

    Yea a little while back I did the same thing as your friend. I grabbed a chick’s hand and took her from the 1st floor to 2nd floor of the bar. Her friends up there stole her away. Stupid! I wasnt very good at screening when I was doing that shit. BTW do you screen using your cock mostly at night? Ever during the day?

    • May 22, 2014 at 4:16 am — Reply

      Yes, almost exclusively at night. It can be during the day depending on how alone you guys are and what you environment is.

      ex. At those Vegas pool parties… anything goes under water. Just make sure know one is lookin 😉

  2. May 22, 2014 at 5:30 am — Reply

    Hey bro,

    Great article man, screening with this type of technique e.g “cock screening”, you obviously have to calibrate with the environment right? This obviously works the best in a busy dance floor on the night club, where lights are flashing, and people are distracted, do you literally take a girls hand and put it on your cock? Either they get really fucking turned on or they freak out and leave?

    Also, I agree that day game is way underrated. You could do that anytime and usually the chick is alone. I actually like day game a lot better than night time since there aren’t that music/alcohol chaos and I get to walk around and stuff.

    • May 22, 2014 at 5:53 am — Reply

      Absolutely… Def gotta calibrate and be aware of your environment/surroundings.
      You would “cock screen” when you and the chick are completely isolated… Could be on a packed dancefloor where no one is paying attention to you guys… Could be just in a dark secluded spot in the bar/club

      Me personally, I’m always screening in/out with my dick either verbally or physically. When the opportunity comes up and I’m isolated with a chick who’s digging me, she’s def gonna be feelin it.

      If she’s down she’ll smile when you guys are kissing and rub it more. If she’s not down she’ll pull her hand back (when she realizes where you are guiding it).

  3. May 22, 2014 at 5:36 am — Reply

    Also, how physical are you when approaching chicks during the day?

    • May 22, 2014 at 5:57 am — Reply

      To be honest not that physical, I’m a big intimidating guy with a naturally angry brow ridge. I look like I can rip someone in half… so I’m not trying to scare these chicks.

      When I’ve done approaches during the day, at most I will hold their hand a little bit longer/make strong eye contact and smile.
      I’m not pickin up chicks and spinnin them around PUA style haha

  4. milun
    May 22, 2014 at 1:49 pm — Reply

    You’re absolutely right about the cock screening part. I’ve learnt that nothing turns a chick on more than your dick in her hand.

    I haven’t really got any questions just commenting to say the article was on point. Like you said it’s informative but also simple and to the point.

    PS You’re huge bro!

    • May 22, 2014 at 9:45 pm — Reply

      Thanks dude! Yea dieting now for summer.

  5. Johnny
    May 22, 2014 at 8:38 pm — Reply

    Yo Sonny, since getting bitches is like sales and you talked about looks personality etc…
    For looks I believe I am relatively good looking and also lift, but the problem is that Im balding
    How much does this shit matter, Im not completely bald but my hair is thinning badly and looks like shit. How do I temporarily fix this and how much does this shit matter. Obviously Im also trying to maximize everything else but I feel like this always brings me down a fuckton.
    (saving up for a transplant in the long term)

    • May 22, 2014 at 9:48 pm — Reply

      It can matter… If you’re really jacked/have tats it won’t matter as much.

      My best friend in college had thinning hair (was also jacked/covered in tats)… he always wore fitted hats/snapbacks.
      Hats are good to wear in general… they’re just cool.

    • baldur
      May 26, 2014 at 5:58 pm — Reply

      Baldness is not an advantage, but isn’t also that big issue. Some girls even prefer bald guys – as often these symbolyze more masucline traits, you are similar to her father… Many causes.

      Sonny you have so much point. Even if you don’t fuck the girl and you get her horny, she will be masturbating at home thinking about you. The stuff that is impossible with ‘take it slow’ game.

      I would add blaming her on your sexual agressivness. “You are turning me so on, I couldn’t stop myself”, “I don’t know what you are doing to me, you so sexy” etc. It’s not necessary, but it’s easier for me when the girl give some verbal resistance.

      • May 26, 2014 at 6:13 pm — Reply

        Definitely. I didn’t write that but that’s what I do…

        Put her hand on it and say shit like “Look what you did to me baby.”

        Good point.

  6. SM
    May 26, 2014 at 4:32 pm — Reply

    Love your post again. I remember when I was at XS in Vegas, there was no in and out. In that case I had to be 99% sure the girl was DTF before I tried to pull her out of the club. I was already making out with her on the dance floor. But since I want to be 100% I just stuck my hand up her skirt, up in her pussy, and fingered her. No resistance. I grabbed her hand and start walking. And yes, in a crowded dance floor you can finer a girl and no one cares.

    Your way is a lot smoother though. I could have put her hand on my cock too. Never done that in a public.

    • May 26, 2014 at 6:11 pm — Reply

      That works too.

      I personally like putting the chick’s hand on my cock. It screens them and I also see it as something the greases the wheels (works in my favor of convincing them due to size).

      Also it’s more “selfish” to put a chick’s hand on your cock vs. you fingering them… it’s good to be perceived as somewhat selfish (them pleasuring you vs. you pleasuring them) with this shit.

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