24 Feb 2014

Sonny’s Guide on Game: The 10 Laws on How to Get Girls (Part II)

Before we get started, I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for all the positive feedback on Part I. I do think this area should be taught a certain way so that there is no confusion going forward. No tricks. No marketing scams where I am

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12 Feb 2014

Sonny’s Guide on Game: The 10 Laws on How to Get Girls (Part I)

Here we go. The hot topic. “How do you get girls?” How do you pick up chicks?” These are questions guys ask themselves all the time. Most dudes do not know how to get girls. Or they have an idea but they either don’t care (and will just settle for

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10 Feb 2014

Taking Right Action… How Too Much Information Has Ruined a Generation

This is a big problem that I constantly see in the self-improvement community and I’m proud that Strength by Sonny differs from the pack in this regard. A lot of guys become obsessed with obtaining as much information as possible on what they want to learn more about and become

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10 Feb 2014

Sonny’s Role Models: Dorian Yates

One thing that has helped me out a lot in my own journey towards success is the examples set by others in my particular areas of interest. So one of the things I will be doing for the “Success” section of this site is talking about examples of successful people

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04 Feb 2014

Improve Your Athletic Power with These Exercises

I’ll take this opportunity to make an important distinction that I feel is necessary. There is a big difference between bodybuilding and training for athletic competition. With bodybuilding, the main goal is to become as big/cut as possible in order to build the best physique. The main goal is not

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