The 5 Friends Every Guy Needs in College

A big topic I want this website to cover is all aspects related to life in college. Again, the world is a messed up place nowadays. There are too many options and there is just so much conflicting information telling kids to do so many different things. It’s no wonder why so many kids go through life confused and constantly questioning themselves on whether they are doing the right thing.


If you are one of those kids, my advice for you coincides with every piece of advice I will give on my site:


Keep it simple.


The #1 thing everyone looks forward to in college is making new friends… both guys and girls. Everyone is anxious when they first get to college. There are 2 main reasons for this:


1)    They are hopeful that they will make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION and can easily make new friends.

2)    A part of them also fears failure. No one wants to come to college and become an untouchable by messing up their first week in college. No one ever forgets a bad first impression and this is so true in college.



This particular article is for the younger guys who are just starting off in college. Sorry ladies, but this advice just doesn’t apply to you. And for hot girls this advice really does not apply.


Sonny’s Advice to Hot Chicks in College: PLAY THE GAME. Congratulations, you hit the jackpot now be smart. Freshman and sophomore year do what you gotta do…. Do your schoolwork, party, and hook up with athletes/good looking guys. Around junior year, try to settle down and work on that Mrs. Degree. Find yourself a nerdy, rich kid who’s pops has a lot of dough. Make him fall in love with you and you’re set.


But this article is for the fellas. In most cases, you don’t have that luxury. You have to hustle your way through this world if you want to have it all. You have to be smart, especially when it comes to who you associate with. Your first real test comes when you first go away to college.


In my experience, these are the 5 friends every guy should have in college in order to have the most well-rounded, enjoyable college experience possible. Every guy wants the ULTIMATE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE…. The parties, the girls, the knowledge and better understanding of themselves, the sports…. If that’s what you seek, these 5 friends will help make that happen. These are the 5 friends every guy needs in college.



#1- The Grease Man


You need something… this guy can get it. You need a hookup or connection made… this guy can make it. When dudes first enter college, the best way to describe most of them it LOST. They need a map to get around campus. They don’t know which parties to go to. They can’t get alcohol (or other substances). They just don’t know how it works at that college. The grease man does. Everyone knows him because that’s his place in the college scene. People go to him if they can’t get alcohol (or other substances). People go to him if they need a connect to hit up the best frat parties. People go to him if they want to secure tickets to a game/concert. He’s also a valuable academic resource. He knows which classes to take and which professors are good. He also can help you get cheap textbooks.


Get the picture? This guy’s got sticky fingaz all over college. This is definitely a guy to know and become friends with in college. The sooner you are associated with him the better.


How to Find Him


This guy is all over campus. It’s hard to describe the look but this guy will usually have a little bit more of a hustler/go-getter vibe to him. He might even look a little shady or “sketch” according to some people. And he might be a kid who frequently wears fitted baseball caps.

This guy is usually an older guy, an upperclassman who has already established himself and his college network is already rock solid. Or he could also be a freshman. If that’s the case, this guys is already very sharp and is light years ahead of other freshman dudes. He already knows how it works on campus and is already very connected. In most instances, this particular dude has already been shown the ropes… he either has an older brother that is an upperclassman/a graduate or he is close friends with an upperclassman.



#2- Joe College


Some people might not like Joe College. Some people might find him annoying. But you should make it your business to know him. He is a highly skilled networker because that’s a requirement for his future profession (probably a politician). It’s good to know this guy early on because when you guys are both upperclassman and he’s running the student government that gives you a lot of options.


It’s good to know this guy because just by interacting with him, you will be kept informed on all of the upcoming events and important issues on campus. Everyone might not be concerned with all the issues, it’s just a bonus. This guy is also a potential hook up for events. It would be really good to be friends with Joe College if for some reason you didn’t know that your favorite rapper was coming to school to perform a concert. Maybe he can hook you up with some last minute tickets…


Most importantly, it’s good to have this guy on your side. God forbid something happens and you are in trouble with the University. If you are good friends with Joe College maybe he can go to bat for you and vouch for your character. Whatever the case may be, college is all about who you know and this guy might be the best guy to know.


How to Find Him


This guy is easy to find. He’s the guy that is really in to politics and makes it his business to try and get involved with student government as much as possible. He is a go getter and if you are trying to find a freshman Joe College, he is usually the kid who going to a wide variety of club and organization meetings early on. In most instances, his long term goal in college is to attain an executive position in the student government.



#3- The Frat Star


Here we go. This is what every kid looks forward to when they first get to college. College parties… the girls, the drinking, the music. Yea you may have gotten that in high school but this is different. You got your own dorm room and you really have the freedom to do whatever you want. *** Don’t be that guy who takes it too far and end up spending your first college weekend in cuffs.


But yea frat parties are central to having fun in college. It’s where everyone goes on the weekend. Free alcohol… girls… music… good times. But one thing a lot of kids don’t realize is that not all frat parties are created equal because not all frats are created equal. There are “the cool frats” and “the lame frats.”


The cool frats have the cool bros. Since hot girls are attracted to value and status, this is where the hot girls go to party on the weekends. The lame frats are usually not as well respected and typically have nerdy, lame kids in them. These frats don’t have as much respect in the Greek hierarchy and as a result the hot girls don’t go there as much.


As a college freshman, you need to find out which frats are the cool ones and go to those parties. That’s where Frat Star comes in. This guy is usually a popular dude who is already a brother in one of the popular fraternities. Become friends with this dude and you’re set. Ideally, you want to become good enough friends with him so that you can text/call him to send a pledge to pick you up (if the house is off campus).


During the beginning of freshman year, the kids who are able to secure rides/access to the top tier fraternities have a big time advantage when it comes to making friends. Girls will want to be associated with you because you can get into those parties and dudes will want to be friends with you because all the girls are hitting you up. And having access to those parties will enable you to become friends with all the brothers, which is huge in securing a bid once rush comes (if you want to join a fraternity).


This is all made possible by befriending the Frat Star. In fact, when you are first starting off, you will want to know several frat stars from different fraternities to spread out your options. It would really suck if you put all your eggs into one basket and then one of the brothers blackballs you because he doesn’t like you. Play it safe and spread your options out.


The worst situation you can put yourself in the beginning of freshman year is to not be friends with anyone in the top tier frats and find yourself either waiting outside your dorm for a ride that will never come or being turned away at the door because you don’t have the connect to get it.


How to Find Him (Them)


That’s easy. In many instances, they will be wearing shirts with their Greek symbols on it. You will know very quickly which frats are the ones to become associated with. You discover that during orientation week pretty much. The craziest parties with the hottest girls are the ones where you should become acquainted with some of the brothers. A lot of times you’ll run into these guys at the gym wearing they are sporting cut up tank tops with their Greek symbols on them. Just be social and say what’s up.



#4- The Cooze Hound


That’s right. I went there. The cooze hound… the playa… the pimp. The dude that gets hot girls and always seems to be with a new one. When he goes out he rarely goes home empty handed.


Why should you be friends with this dude? Because he is in total control of VALUE. He has the respect of women… that’s why a lot of them sleep with him. He has the respect of men because he gets the girls. But more importantly, this guy is a good guy to learn from.


Having that kind of confidence at a relatively young age is no easy task. If it was every 18 year old would be confident and not care about what anybody things. But it’s not like that, for most dudes, they are very much a blank slate early in their college career. The cooze hound is not. He’s has more confidence than his peers and that’s a hell of an advantage to have (beyond just the getting girls part). *** Confidence is everything and this guy can give a unique perspective on that.


This dude serves a lot of purposes actually and often makes a good friend to talk to because he is so cool. And he makes an awesome wingman if you want to go out and get girls. This is also the dude to hang out with after you break up with a girlfriend. You might be angry or upset. Whatever, this guy will help you get over that because in no time he’ll get you back out there to get another chick.



How to Find Him


It’s tough to point him out right away because it could be any one depending on that college’s scene. In general, I will say that these 3 dudes will always stand a good chance at being a cooze hound no matter what the college scene is like:


Athlete, Top Dog in top-tier fraternity, Very good looking/physically attractive (clique is irrelevant)


For freshman, there’s usually at least one in every dorm hall/floor and that should be easy to figure out. If the dudes brings back and bangs 3 different chicks his first 3 nights at college, that dude is a cooze hound.



#5- Richie Rich


It was tough to pick this last one. There are a lot of different friends a guy needs in college. However, college is also about networking. It’s about giving yourself the best chance to have a good career for when you graduate. Make no mistake, your most valuable professional contacts should be your peers…. Your fellow classmates that go through the college process with you.


When you go through the college process and grow up alongside someone, you have a special bond. You’re all alums of the same institution. The rich kid aka Richie Rich is the kid you want to be closely associated with and go through the college process alongside with. That’s right, be friends with the rich kid.


Money makes everything easier. As a result, you want to be as close to it as possible. Having a Richie Rich in your inner circle is so valuable in college. First, the obvious, he’s got dough. When kids first come to college, they tend to showcase their greatest asset. He’s got money so he might to try flash that by getting alcohol or whatever. Okay cool. This is also a kid to know because as you go through college, you get perks. For instance, he might get his father’s card and invite his closest friends to take a private jet to Iceland for the weekend… Wouldn’t you want to be one of those friends?


Just as a sidenote, imagine if you help this kid with something or help him combat an insecurity. For instance, say this kid is overweight and you invite him to work out with you at the gym. Imagine if you help him get in shape and become more confident in himself. That kid will be your friend for life… If that kid happens to be Richie Rich, you got a big time advantage.


Most importantly, this kid is an important professional resource. More than likely, he is already hooked up with a job at his father’s company. And you can bet it ain’t no scrub job at a scrub company neither. Imagine if your friends with kid all throughout college… Maybe during sophomore year he asks his father to help you in securing an awesome summer internship. Maybe he goes so far as to introduce you to his family when they come to visit and the father likes you. When graduation time comes, maybe he decides to extend you a job offer. These are all very real possibilities when you’re friends with the rich kid.


Again, it’s all about who you know today. If you want to eventually be rich and successful, your chances go up considerably when you have those types of people in your network. Start by befriending the rich kid.


How to Find Him


It depends on what type of school you go to. If you go to a rich, preppy school, there’s rich kids all over the place. If you go to a cheap state school, then he might be a little bit harder to find. Whatever the case, word spreads like wildfire at college. Before kids even show up for orientation week, they are Facebook stalking each other. It will become common knowledge pretty fast who the rich kids are.



*** BONUS ***


I know I said 5 friends. And I do believe that those the 5 most important friends every guy needs. But you shouldn’t only have 5 friends that serve a purpose. You should have a bunch. Here are 2 more that I would also consider to be important.



The RA


Especially during freshman year, you should have a solid relationship with your RA. He’s in charge of your hall and could be your best friend or worst enemy. You want him to be your best friend.


Look nobody follows all the rules in college. For most kids, it’s their first time living without any adult supervision around. When you break rules, there are consequences. And depending on what rules are broken, those consequences could be very serious. If your RA catches you with something or breaking the rules, you want him to be on your side meaning… you want to have enough pull with him to be able to convince him to look the other way and not report you. The only way you can do this is if you’re cool with him. If he hates your guts, you’re screwed.



Hot Girl Friend


Notice I didn’t say hot girlfriend. I said hot girl friend. Notice the difference. You should always try to have a hot girlfriend, a hot chick you date. That’s a given. But if you can you should also try to have a hot girl friend, a hot chick that you’re just cool with. A chick that you can just relate with and be cool with. She’s your go-to-chick to just chill with.


It’s important to be friends with this chick because she’s a hot chick. She’s got value. When people know you chill with her, they know you got value too. Also she’s got other hot friends she could hook you up with. In a lot of cases she is most likely in one of the top tier sororities or a lock to be given a bid. So she probably has a lot of guy friends she knows at the top tier fraternities and probably has some pull in which freshman get bids. So if you want to be a frat boy, this is definitely a chick to know.


Most importantly, this is your go-to-chick and you’re her go-to-guy. You guys are hook-up options for one another. You know it and she knows it. And in many cases, this will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Especially, if both of you are in long distance relationships. If you hang out all the time and establish a solid level of comfort, that’s money in the bank. You guys will probably hook up on the reg.


How to Find Her


This one is really by chance I would say. You could meet her at a party, the gym, the cafeteria, class… anywhere. If you’re lucky, she’ll live in the same building as you. My freshman year the hot chick I was friends with lived on my floor and we used to sit at the same table when we did our homework. We kicked it like that for a while and found out that we had a lot in common. Both from the Northeast, both in long distance relationships with our high school sweethearts, both liked going to the gym. Eventually we started hooking up on a pretty regular basis. Throughout college, she was my go-to-chick. It wasn’t some touchy feely stuff. We dated other people but the option was always there. We were just really cool with one another and occasionally hooked up. My advice would be to just be aware of those chicks you run into on a daily basis and become friends with them.



That was a lot. But I hope that you younger guys just starting off in college take the time to read it because I would definitely consider it to be solid guide on who you should associate with in college. A lot of guys don’t have that guide or mentor telling them the stuff they should know. A lot of guys are absolutely lost and are sort of just thrown in to college without a game plan. That’s wrong. You should always have a game plan. When it comes to knowing who to be friends with in college, this should be your game plan. Follow this plan and you will have a major advantage over your peers. You will have the 5 Friends Every Guy Needs in College.


I’ll say this real quick, if you are able to actually be one (or more) of the 5 individuals I listed above, you will never be lonely or lacking friends. And that’s important. Friends are what make everything great in this world.

Bottom line: Now you know who to become friends with. So go do it.


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